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Some people attempted to warn young ladies that patriarchy would attack personal Choice, and were labeled as radical Feminists for so warning.  Another warning is that capitalism isn’t a free market.  Patriarchal Establishment continues to use labels appropriate to free markets in our capitalistic system; one such definition being inflation when a better definition is price gouging.  On a continuum and particularly with Citizens United-purchased lawmakers, capitalism becomes organized crime. The target is the US public. read more


It’s not so much about ejaculation, Choice, and abortion as it is about an ability to entertain a different perspective away from the current inculcation by patriarchal hierarchy. The exploitation by hierarchical patriarchy of placing responsibility on women along with denying action toward that responsibility seems criminal.  Add to that an economic system that worships money as a fetish in place of money as a tool of economics, and a system of tyranny seems complete.  That those who have risen to the top in this sadism make and enforce the rules isn’t surprising; but that some women have accepted their place in this system is surprising. read more


We must understand the depravity of health of species that must be suggested by a 70% decrease in wild animals since 1970.  Diversity is precisely that which maintains the best possibility for health in animals and plants, and unencumbered by interference by humanity, which is the definition of wild, seems to suggest support from natural sources such as, for example, The Creator in any way one imagines She/It/He/Cause-And-Effect. read more


We need to remember to look behind the curtain at the mechanics of Establishment.  This is where the control and privilege grows. read more


What do MAGA voters and the Democratic Base have in common?  Some people could guess, the commonality is being hoodwinked by separate branches of the Republican/Democratic Duopoly. read more


Or in carefree and endearing terms of commercial governance, fun with words.   read more


Some people are perplexed with the left-wing reproach toward Conservatives on the topic of misogyny when the soft misogyny during the 2020 Democratic Party campaign seemed acceptable…….to use the Dem-strategist phrase “especially toward white women”……..at the same time the topic of Choice was missing.  Misogyny appears to be so indoctrinated as to be like wall paper. read more


C-Span touched on several topics today, one being welfare as we know it.  Hierarchical rhetoric is taking on a tediously nonsensical tone, some people think. read more


Disingenuous Conservatives who hypocritically attack Choice which is an innate human right of women as apparent by biology from The Creator (you can’t challenge FACTS) would better build a society that enhances the life of women and children, if said Conservatives wish to cut down on abortions, rather than forcing women through a filter of patriarchal control that implies human rights violations, with said violations based on the mechanics as preordained by The Creator. read more


Conservatives are proposing a society that supports pregnant women to replace Choice.  The concept feels like another distraction away from cultural recognition of the humanity of women.  Intrinsic control of one’s own body is a human right of women as much as for men.  This control is of The Creator in whatever way each understands He/She/Cause-and-Effect.  This human right by women can be wielded surrepticiously or in dignified privacy. read more


The reason the following is the dismal state of governance in the USA is best explained by understanding this follows the model of dictatorship as profiting capitalists who are in the ascendancy in what is best defined as fascism, in one person’s view.  Discuss this with your Representatives of The People, if you wish.  The topic could be about diminishing choice for We The People.

https://twitter.com/AndrewYang/status/1544334661416996864   –31 flavors of ice cream, hundreds of tv channels, 330 million people, 2 political parties.

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A reason some people support 3rd-Party participation in political campaigns is that both of the duopoly Democratic and Republican are mouthpieces for capitalistic hierarchical Establishment and with Citizens United it can be mentioned that money is more of a motivating factor to these political corporations than is policy.   

https://portside.org/2022-07-05/senate-urged-block-bidens-pro-privatization-nominee-social-security-board?utm_source=portside-general&utm_medium=email    ———

Defenders of Social Security on Tuesday urged the U.S. Senate to block President Joe Biden’s little-noticed nomination of Andrew Biggs—an American Enterprise Institute senior fellow with a history of supporting Social Security privatization—to serve on the independent and bipartisan Social Security Advisory Board.–end of portside info–

Appearances suggest money has been the motivating factor for each of the political corporate participants.  –https://moguldom.com/298458/cornel-west-takes-off-on-jim-clyburn-for-being-owned-and-pimped-by-big-pharma-industry/

Toward the end of this discussion you can read about the censorship that seems apparent from political Parties that have taken control of Presidential debates from The League of Women Voters that in the past provided diversity.  Not only is censorship a problem kept in place by efforts of the R&D duopoly, but ballot access is also nearly impossible for many 3rd-Party candidates.    

https://peoplesparty.org/were-suing-florida-for-ballot-access/ –The Democrats and Republicans together have hurled this country into crushing inflation, mass homelessness, endless war, and growing authoritarianism. Every American has the right to vote against the establishment parties and for third party candidates who don’t answer to their billionaire donors. But in state after state, the increasingly unpopular corporate parties are trying to entrench their advantage with laws meant to suppress third parties and deny millions of Americans the right to vote for them.

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From Gatewaygreens, we are buoyed by vision that is simply unavailable anywhere else, in one person’s view, as pertains to political Parties  —  https://mailchi.mp/0c71123ff7bc/green-party-of-st-louis-meeting-wed-april-19-2017-recent-and-future-elections-6096781?e=d624642c9f–

The Digital World’s Real World Impact on the Environment  read more


Reading a book recently about a days-long meeting with scientists, psychoanalysts, and the Dalai Lama, one learned that the human brain is more active during sleep than when awake.  Watching my dog dream, one supposes the same is true of some animals.  One seems to recall that only 1 animal doesn’t dream, and it seems that was an armadillo, anteater, or some such easy sleeper.  Don’t quote on that bit of trivia. read more


Patriarchy and hierarchy endorse Shontel Brown.  Think long and deep, voters.   Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice……… read more


Over the last several decades, and on the wave of Citizens United tyranny and greed, many politicians in the US Capitalist Party (Democratic/Republican duopoly) have passed laws that support trade agreements that are good for hierarchical commercial interests but not for We The People.  American jobs were sent overseas and products required by the US public are controlled by foreign interests.  One doesn’t understand the reason this isn’t the “government run like a business” that on a continuum becomes organized crime.
In desperation to cover their tracks, politicians have exchanged policy for racism and sexism in campaigns in order to control a deluded electorate.  Local small business is replaced by national chain retailers that retain workers at poverty wages.  Said poverty wages qualifies workers for government aid when it should be the responsibility of the employer to pay living wages and provide benefits to workers.  The shift of cost from the employer to the public seems fraudulent.  The poverty wages cuts down on income taxes and social security payments from workers’ paychecks that should support the government that is drained of resources in order to transfer the wealth of the nation from the 100% to the 1%.
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Apparently government has devolved into a political-Party demolition team that is more about institution of dictatorship than upholding the US Constitution. At the same time the public can appreciate questioning from Republicans of the abuse of the CIA and FBI by the DOJ under Garland and the Biden Administration, the embarrassment can be recalled, that they upheld powers that simply aren’t permitted in the US Constitution for a comedic DOJ under the Trump Administration. What they do, not what they say….. read more