We need to remember to look behind the curtain at the mechanics of Establishment.  This is where the control and privilege grows.    –A Yahoo News review of campaign finance filings shows that the Georgia Republican Party paid $35,419 last July to two lawyers who are representing 11 of 16 party operatives and activists who declared themselves on Dec. 14, 2020, “the duly elected and qualified” electors from the state pledged to Donald Trump despite the fact that Joe Biden had won the popular vote there.

–end of aol info–

The point is accepted that the death of Jina Amini could have been supported due to her Kurdish identity as much as due to her status as a woman.  But it wasn’t a Kurdish man who attracted the concern of the Iranian “morality police”.  Inordinate attention from political characters due to status as a woman is not isolated to Iran.  The notions discussed in this article are worthy of consideration.    –But regardless of whether or not her Kurdish identity played a significant role in the detention and brutal violence that led to Amini’s death, understating or concealing her ethnic origin represents a reproduction of colonial politics of the Iranian regime towards the Kurdish people. This attitude is a distillation of the power and suppression of the majority nation – even when expressed by well-meaning Persian feminists.

–end of novaramedia info–

The appearances are subtle but inescapable in the Southern Tier of NYS, as one watches campaign ads on local media with phalanxes of men politicking for male candidates, some of which have interestingly creepy misogynistic information in their backgrounds.  An example is a local television news so-called report of a candidate running for Congress without a complimentary so-called report about his opposition.  The said Congressional candidate has reportedly in the past expressed interest in prosecution of women who choose an abortion.  This is only one among several thumb-on-the-scale of patriarchy that can be mentioned.  These are of course, personal opinions based on news reports aired locally.

Undisputed news reports in the Southern Tier about the interaction around misogyny of a few candidates go unaddressed, with promotion of candidates as family friendly continue.  Domestic violence and predatory behavior are, by the way, offensive to some women.  And so the reported meanderings of Walker is another ho-hum story.     —
Walker was interviewed by Fox News’ Sean Hannity later on Monday to respond to the allegation. He called it “a flat-out lie” but was circumspect about key aspects of the story. 

–end of popularinformation info–

Some people who received traditional enabling from parents, may have transferred the job to patriarchal Establishment.   —  —

BREAKING: Trump Asks Supreme Court to BLOCK DOJ on Classified Docs, More Flint Charges DROPPED

–end of statuscoup info–

Continued pandering to such apparently self-dependent enabling by patriarchy can be offensive to some people.

From a self-defined 2nd-wave Feminist who attracted comments from young ladies over the last 25 years, after warning that hubris would be followed by the rejection by law of a woman’s right to control her own body, especially on the topic of Choice, one again will attract  derision by warning that what once was acceptable behavior, known as domestic violence, can again become so defined and excluded from prosecution.  

Politicking by those who support family values while working insult behind closed doors, so to speak, (it can also occur in public) should be a warning to women.  Paranoia may have origins in experience.

In the perception of some people, this isn’t about male vs female, it is about a sideshow that deflects from predatory, exploiting, and violent behavior in the pursuit of wealth and power.   This is harmful to everyone outside of the patriarchal circle.  —   —We discuss the destabilizing effects of such uneven development, the parallels between rural and urban landscapes of decline, and the political choices that sacrificed rural prosperity to urban agglomeration

 The term isn’t used only one way. I think of it as referring to sites where capital came in, extracted wealth, and then left people worse off than they were before. This describes lots of places in the rural and small-town United States and in poor neighborhoods of big cities.–end of portside info–

From popularresistance  —              —

The DNC Secretly Changed Its Rules To Help The Elite Establishment

Belgian Left Launches ‘Fridays Of Rage’ Against Cost Of Living Crisis

Free Stores Offer An Alternative To The Exploitative Capitalist Economy

A Dazzlingly Precious Gift From The Future

–end of popularresistance info–

From MRonline —                  —

How Wall Street profits off of the sick and elderly

British Trade unions and leftist organizations hold massive mobilizations over cost of living crisisIdeology and dogma ensure policy disaster

Trickle down economics

–end of mronline info–

Laws against use of MJ herds the public into commercial anti depressants, some people opine .  —

–end of leecamp info–

Ah, the homey scent of commercialism….. —

Get Out the Vote With Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin

Oct 4, 2022 Actor and activist Jane Fonda teams up with her friend – actor and comedian Lily Tomlin – to show the importance of voting in midterm elections. Lily appears as her iconic character Mrs. Judith Beasley, who needs some convincing from her local canvasser, who just happens to be Jane Fonda.

Our democracy should be our best tool for advancing climate solutions. Every vote counts. YOU count. And YOU should have an equal say in the decisions that shape the future. Being a hero for our democracy is as easy as 1-2-3. 

  1. Watch and share this short video today.
  2. Make sure you are registered and ready to vote.
  3. Find volunteer opportunities to get out the vote near you.

Let’s return power to the people and strengthen our collective path towards a more green, just, and equitable planet.

–end of janefonda/lilytomlin info–

From  —  This past month, we’ve seen more of the terrible realities fueled by climate chaos. In Pakistan, months of torrential flooding has displaced over 30 million people; in Puerto Rico, Hurricane Fiona caused an island-wide outage for its 3.3 million people; and just last week, Hurricane Ian became the deadliest storm to hit Florida since 1935. The inaction and delay of governments is deadly, and our hearts are with global communities who are experiencing the onslaught of climate disasters.

We know that as the climate crisis escalates we too must escalate our efforts to call for just and urgent climate action and to expand our on-the-ground solution projects. 

WECAN is just returning from an inspiring and productive week in New York City advocating for climate justice during the UN General Assembly and Climate Week. Along with many movement leaders on the ground and joining us virtually, we were successful in amplifying the solutions and leadership of women and gender-diverse leaders fighting for an equitable and healthy planet during events, high-level meetings, report releases, strategy sessions, and street actions:

African Feminist Perspectives on COP27 and Beyond

Women Land Defenders on the Frontlines of Biodiversity Protection and Climate Action

Women Leading Fossil Fuel Divestment and Resistance

REPORT RELEASE: Gendered and Racial Impacts of the Fossil Fuel Industry and Complicit Financial Institutions, Second Edition

Protect Communities and Our Climate: Rally to Demand BlackRock Stop Investing in Climate Chaos

–end of wecaninternational info–

From lakotaman  —                     –Some Native communities must travel 200 miles round trip just to vote. It’s time to bring polling sites to the reservation — wouldn’t you agree?

–end of tweet–

One sees patriarchy as a system of Establishment based on male presumption, and not about female vs male.  We do have strong female enablers.  As a NYS District 22 voter who suspects we didn’t have a fair and free election, the result was Tenney, who is again stirring the pot.  You go girl.         —

Press Releases

Congresswoman Tenney’s Statement on Report That 3.1 Million NY Voter Registrations Are Missing Critical Information

–end of tenney info–

As to the natural right of Choice for women, Dem’s say we must vote Democratic as the only path to retaining said right, after the Dem’s failed to codify Roe v Wade.  Why would they solve a problem when they will better use fear for women as a campaign strategy, cloaked as a predominant issue for black woman, as they stress, after ignoring this crucial right in the 2020 Presidential campaign, in order to vilify women, and to use the phrase coined by Democratic campaign strategists, “especially white women”.  —

Oct 4, 2022 As Hillary Clinton compares Trump supporters to Nazis, she also praises, what the left are declaring, “fascist” Giorgia Meloni’s Italian election victory. So, much like the Nazis in Ukraine, are some fascists OK, or are all these terms just manufactured for political gain? –end of russellbrand info–
And the predatory and exploiting behavior for a few fortunate characters leads to wealth and privilege, for the rest of us we have Climate Change.

****As one who would be perfectly contented to retain the Senate if they adhered to Oaths of Office more than to Citizens United campaign donations, one is interested in a topic raised as to the reason we maintain the US Senate—-

 This is a reminder of how much we don’t know.  This brings one around to Howie Hawkins, who continues to impress with original thought.  We also could acknowledge Hawkins often speaks to censored information.
One such topic about which one would never have even considered, is whether the USA needs The Senate.  Apparently The Senate is little other than expensive window dressing, promoting hierarchical interests, and too often placed in positions of power by big-money via Citizens United.  But the public gets to fund this curiosity of pompous supremacy.  Who knew?
The Democratic Branch of the Republican/Democratic Duopoly are especially functional in voter suppression—–          —#GreenSocialist Notes #76
Howie Hawkins brings up the concept of whether the USA needs the Senate.  Apparently according to some people, the Senate isn’t necessary.  This brings up the blockage from the Senate of many bills that would benefit We The People.  Combined with Citizens United that promotes big-money interest choice of Senators, in which laws are passed that benefit big-money interest rather than We The People, and that We The People support economically, the members of the Senate, this seems a good topic for discussion.
The US Constitution doesn’t seem to sanction elections run by political Parties, and to permit control of political debates by political Parties seems equally corrupt.       —

Ross Perot in 1992 on NAFTA and the “Giant Sucking Sound”

Centralization is the lifeblood of the R&D duopoly.  It’s the way to enforce capitalism onto workers in 2022.———————–We can do better———-

That “we are a 2-Party system” is a fabrication of the Republican/Democratic duopoly and spread by MSM.  In FACT the majority of voters aren’t either registered Democratic or Republican.  The censorship about this info must be envied by bureaucrats of the Former USSR and their simplistic style of 1-Party elections.  

Regardless of which character sits in the Oval Office, We The People have work to do to maintain principles of our democratic (small d) Constitutional republic.  Several items to challenge—*We need the integrity of ranked-choice voting so voters won’t feel compelled to “hold your nose and vote”*Censored debates must be stopped.  The Democratic/Republican duopoly pretends to legitimate debates in what is nothing other than another campaign show.  Independent debates run by uninterested sponsors such as The League of Women Voters, must be restored.  (Access to understand the extent of duopoly control).  The so-called Debate Commission is a corporation to promote the Democratic corporation and Republican corporation, not to inform We The People*Challenge and stop gerrymandering that is a trick especially of the Republican branch of the duopoly.*Stop voter suppression by political Parties, and especially confront and stop Party suppression, which is the over-arching approach to voter suppression.  Party suppression seems to have been the responsibility of the Democratic corporation*Promote by law ranked-choice voting, so we won’t be told again, by D&R duopoly, to “hold your nose and vote”
If these issues are handled, our next elections can be honorable. 
*******************************************************************—-Political Party affiliation of voters.–LEAGUE REFUSES TO “HELP PERPETRATE A FRAUD”

WITHDRAWS SUPPORT FROM FINAL PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE–end of lwv info–Murray Bookchin, who founded social ecology, a theory that strongly influenced early Green Socialist thought, strongly advocated the discussion and study group as the first step of any revolutionary movement. A group of individuals meets to expand their knowledge of radical thought and form a radical intellectual community; through the give and take of discussion, can eventually form ideas for next steps in organizing and political activity. According to Bookchin, study groups help create solidarity and a shared language — with a shared coherent vision — for building a mass, organizing, political movement!

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