Month: November 2021


A recent Democratic Party campaign strategy used misogyny to the extent to condemn a woman who called for law enforcement when she was accosted by a man on a wooded jogging trail.  That women are specifically schooled about “how to act” when she is alone in public as a part of routine parental care, and that there is no place a woman can feel safe, and that her attackers are seldom women, is a topic that has been ignored.  Those women are condemned who take upon themselves their own protection, that includes calling law enforcement when in peril, is an added insult from a patriarchal political system.  The reality of women’s lives includes protecting themselves in a violent culture.  To suggest women should carry guns for their own protection is an added absurdity.  Women must feel safe even on nighttime streets and/or wooded areas.  Further harm is inflicted by political patriarchy that from time to time raise the question of misogyny in foreign nations where the excuse for US imperialism is to protect women’s rights, when said rights are politically and in reality abused in the USA  And so goes patriarchy. read more


…may not be as noticeable if not for the hilarious 2020 Presidential campaign in which, as James Carville suggests, anything goes, and having emerged from the fugue (the psychiatric kind) of the Trump Administration.  People may be peaking out from under that sheep’s cover that has been irreverently placed upon We The People using a tormented type of governance style, as said people wonder where they are and the reason they are accepting the absurd. read more


We choose our reality moment to moment.  Currently a big question is whether democracy will continue.  That is entirely in the hands of We The People, if we are capable of choosing our own reality.  Over the last decades, a climb up the ladder of success as described by hierarchy has been the carrot to motivate We The People away from democracy and into the welcoming arms of capitalism.  The problem is the trap of hierarchy that doesn’t include equality and justice.  If the reward in dollars is sufficiently high, some people make the trade.   read more


Before reading this, perhaps we could all go out and buy something at a local business.  The need for a small business Saturday seems a response to black Friday.  We would all be the better for recognizing patterns rather than specifics.  What is the connection or lack thereof with small businesses, multi-national corporations, The Military-Industrial Complex, and Climate Change? read more


Capitalistic PR indoctrinates into prioritizing material possession as the height of human achievement.  That this possession comes with a contrasting decrease in principles of fairness and justice isn’t questioned.  A system of education that would be better used to teach self-reliance, autonomy, and ability to self-govern is instead used to train into compliance to hierarchical demands and consumerism.  We could explore the possibilities of a human life other than as a component in an economy that so dramatically buoys interests of hierarchy at the expense of everyone else.  Put plainly, what’s in it for everyone else? read more


On this cherished Thanksgiving Day, diverse views of the celebration and/or day of mourning, as the case may be, have floated through the world of media.  Most people possibly acknowledge this day in which we pause to give thanks for what we have, as a peaceful remembrance of grace.  To consider the many facets of acknowledgment of reality is one way to celebrate Thanksgiving.  We must be aware that history is written by the winners and more currently by the profiteers.  Those who mention a Utopian society or the necessity of maintaining a clean and healthy environment, or who advocate for respect for animals, are often labeled as being Pollyanna-ish. In FACT the indoctrination that the current system of capitalism is the best for the most people has been proven to be false; so perhaps capitalistic hierarchical Establishment needs to acknowledge their views are Pollyanna-ish.  Why must one view be labeled as Pollyanna-ish, that hasn’t been tried, and so hasn’t failed, while the system that was tried and has failed is projected as valid? read more


Have we as yet embraced the reality that we are at risk of harming our environment to the extent of no return, as the price for maintaining capitalism?  We seem not to have embraced the FACT that capitalism is not democracy.  We haven’t accepted that we are not “a 2-Party system”, even with the specific warning from a founder President George Washington to beware of political Parties due to conflict of interest.  So unsurprising parallel path of deteriorating environment due to exploitation with the path of capitalism, that will eventually intersect.   read more


The world and especially the USA have so many issues that have risen to the forefront that need to be handled.  Years of peremptory assumption of superiority of motive or importance by people in power in one way or another, may have violated human rights and environmental rights for so many people.  Issues that elevate hierarchy seem to have received inordinate attention and glorification to the undermining of other issues that uplift so many of us.  A discussion seems appropriate as to these topics. read more


Full circle closure from the days of Radio Free Europe to get FACTS to those living under Communism can be identified in what could be called Radio Free America to do the same in Capitalist USA.  Why are Russian hackers uncovering info ignored by state-influenced-corporate-owned MSM that supports the American Capitalist system?  A Free Press promotes democracy.   read more


Information has surfaced in local-community news reports about attempts from bureaucrats to down-play the legitimacy of citizens attempting to speak to issues of democratic (small d) action as would be expected in our democracy.  Law enforcement has called for a “crack-down” on “activists” that seems uniquely contrary to principles of our democratic (small d) Constitutional republic.  Along with this FACT is an increasing promotion of gun use with diminishing norms about responsible gun use.  Included in this mix is the incorrect assertion that our system is capitalism.  Capitalism is hierarchical with a pervasive goal of profiteering.  This seems to be a recipe for corruption.  We need a discussion about whether we still embrace democracy, which is action by individual people, not by government.  We need to discuss whether gun use should be accompanied by responsibility.  We need to agree whether corruption should be legalized, when the lawmakers are bought into public office via Citizens United.  We have traveled far from logic. read more


Freedom without responsibility is tyranny.  The USA as  a government could benefit by remembering this.  For those who love to remind thinking adults that ours isn’t a democracy, but is a Constitutional republic, one could remind that government doesn’t do democracy, people do democracy.  This is the same reason human rights and enviornmental rights cannot be violated legitimately using bureaucratic lawmaking. read more


As hierarchical Establishment pose as arbiters of life on Earth, and perhaps beyond, local common community go about the business of reality.  The longer the fantasy land of hierarchical Establishment is imposed upon the public (indoctrination), the longer will take actualization of life was will comply with sanity.  A growing cadre of local-community members are working toward the goal of integrity. read more


Did anyone seriously expect good governance for We The People from either branch of the Republican/Democratic duopoly (American Capitalist Party)?    If so, denial is evident as has been the ire directed to those who remind wokesters that to go hat-in-hand to big-money campaign donors to beg voting rights from those responsible for putting in place the deleterious electoral process to begin with.  But what about the MSM that encouraged said delusion?  Indoctrination into capitalism seems the reason for said naivete.   read more


An argument heard from too many politicians seems to reflect a fear of change.  Away from what comes with change?  So far we have wealth inequality protected by law rather than free market principles, political Parties that protect themselves rather than principles of the US Constitution, a judicial system that ensures it is better to be rich and guilty than poor and innocent, Climate Change, and imperialism, to name a few of the changes politicians fear to challenge.  We also have the propaganda that capitalism is synonymous with democracy, which it is not.  Voices other than supporters of this system are censored.  Censorship is associated more with hierarchy than with democracy.  So let’s consider change. read more


We are told the USA has a 2-tier economic system with a small minority of people controlling most the of wealth of the nation with the majority drifting down into poverty.  This is predictable in a Pyramic Scheme economy controlled by a capitalistic hierarchical Establishment.  More disturbingly than abject poverty for most Americans is the 2-tier expectations of survival caused by Climate Change in which the wealthy will be able to buy into safety for a longer period of time than the majority of people.  Giddy excitement over progress defined in terms of privilege, competition, and greed needs denial about the effect of Climate Change.  A growing number of people are realizing denial won’t stop Climate Change, but capitalistic hierarchical Establishment seems reluctant to slow profiteering in order to match reality with actions….in other words they promote denial. read more