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Some people have called for a definition of progress in terms of peace, good health, and equality rather than a progress defined in terms of aggression, exploitation and greed.  It is incomprehensible when hearing policies and actions to make work, a progress that uses finite resources in pursuit of infinite growth.  How obvious can it be that “trickle down” promotes exactly that definition of progress.  In other words, those who follow this line of propaganda are simply whistling past the graveyard. read more


C-Span hosted a call-in discussion in which at 7:30AM a woman expressed a view (paraphrase) that we need a people’s counsel that approved or disapproved the laws and policies by politicians.  If principles in the US Constitution hadn’t been so defiled by institutionalized greed and corruption in the electoral process enforced through Citizens United, our system would be representative in which politicians had as their first concern, We The People. read more


The more diversity in perspective, the more accurate can be final conclusions.  MSM sound-bite reporting, however, is excellent for indoctrination. The public should act accordingly.  Media doesn’t necessarily imply a Free Press. read more


Ideas and tools for local-community solidarity and strength as relates to lifestyle including financial issues read more


The US media is commercial with an overriding mission of selling product, not journalism.  read more


Or in carefree and endearing terms of commercial governance, fun with words.   read more


While some people might prefer a free-market and democratically supporting system over a blanket-defined socialism, to insinuate that fascism fits the bill over either is cynical and dangerous indoctrination into acceptance of dictatorship by moneyed interests of We The People.  Imperialism by this dictatorship is outside of the auspices of the US Constitution.

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Wise would be serious consideration of who are the enemies of We The People, when oligarchs make that determination for us.    https://portside.org/2022-08-06/pro-israel-lobby-drops-millions-influence-us-congressional-elections?utm_source=portside-general&utm_medium=email                   –According to AIPAC spokesperson Marshall Whittmann their mission is simple: “We are engaged in the democratic process to elect candidates who will support the U.S.-Israel relationship and oppose those who will not.” In other words, they won’t be looking at candidates’ views on the economy, race relations, guns, abortion, the environment, or any other issue important to American voters. Only Israel. This could be devastating for progressives running for office.

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This seems an odd but typical qualification for a politician.  This coincides with the endorsement of Joe Biden who won the Democratic Primary with little to no mention of policies or platform, including Choice and women’s rights, but seemed to receive votes based upon the curious Jim Clyburn influence, who himself seems inordinately influenced by personal interests, based upon publicly available reports.

Concern by some people over the topic of misogyny and Choice, have appeared prophetic as Choice is attacked and Biden’s solution now that he is in power is “vote Democratic”.   Meanwhile the challenge to Choice and women’s rights are being labeled as especially racist.  Huh?….So what was the impetus for a vote for Biden?

But it wasn’t only about Clyburn.  To speak plainly, how many of institutionalized clergy joined the ego train to endorse a candidate devoid of expressed policy or ideas?  Institutionalized clergy seem particularly hierarchical and ready to self promote within a safe enclave.  Organizing is crucial but a reason to do so might be based on interests of voters rather than the ego of the self-defined leaders.

From MRonline  —          https://us2.campaign-archive.com/?e=2833cdb99b&u=36ce609ae68971b4f060ad9c7&id=d2ddae50d7      —

Inside the Democrats’ climate deal with the devilCuban vaccine against lung cancer makes its way in the United StatesHow the Pentagon dictates Hollywood storylines

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From gateway-greens.org—               https://mailchi.mp/2180913bea20/green-party-of-st-louis-meeting-wed-april-19-2017-recent-and-future-elections-6157049?e=d624642c9f

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Onslaught of the Oily Authoritarians

World Drought Gets Worse, Cities Ration

Mapping U.S. Imperialism

“Serbia Is (Not) for Sale”: On Lithium, Hunger and Other Betrayals
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C-Span hosted discussions from the general public that are more pertinent to reality than most of anything heard from our so-called leaders.   read more


One wonders if it is supposed to be impolite, discussion about politics or religion, the better for hierarchical Establishment to use both to control We The People.  Perhaps this also keeps the public in the dark about ideas other than those in each particular cubicle of thinking. read more


The following principles in the Oneida Nation link feels similar to those from 100-years ago in the Southern Tier of NYS, in which employers provided a support system for workers.  The provided really livable local neighborhoods; until Establishment ran national highways through said neighborhoods.  The result has not been enviable. read more


When we can face the abnormalities, maybe we can find answers. read more


On 5/26/2022 and aired on The PBS NewsHour was an interview about the shooting in Texas, between a PBS host and a mental health “professional”.  The question from the host related to a query as to the reason that predominantly the shooters are young males.  The professional answered in typical psycho babble but without touching on an answer to the question.   read more


We could recognize the strength and integrity of local communities.  This is the reality that must be challenged by hierarchy in order for hierarchical Establishment to mount supremacy and promote their own interests. read more


Anyone who has been a consumer for 50 years or more is aware of the reality of planned obsolescence.  We surely have a throw-away society with consumers indoctrinated into expectations of products that are cheap, superficial, often useless, and manufactured for short-term use in order to encourage repurchase on an ongoing treadmill.  Our landfills are testimonies to progress based on greed, exploitation and privilege rather than progress based on good health, equality, and peace.   read more


The capitalistic hierarchical Establishment political sound bite that “we must protect American interests overseas and spread democracy around the world”,  could be taken seriously if the US-citizen interests were first protected at home, and if Americans enjoyed democratic liberty.  In FACT, US foreign policy feels to be protection of oligarch interests around the globe with disregard to global local communities.  Imperialism seems to be a fascist proclivity.  We The People are left in the dust. read more