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Capitalism is promoted as the best system by those profiteering from the model.  Capitalism is all about the middleman and the profit he can secure while manipulating worker and consumer. read more


Conversations about tariffs are long overdue.  Tariffs that support sale of US products are sensible.  When the products add to Climate Change as compared to products from foreign nations, an obvious problem has arisen.  While the Trump tariffs seem to have been imposed on only a targeted group of products, it is of interest that after imposition prices of many products manufactured in foreign nations automatically rose, even if the Trump tariff wasn’t imposed upon those particular products. read more


Complexity is built into the system to enable control.  Meanwhile, a few dedicated high-value principles are all that is really needed.  But where would corruption hide? read more


We needn’t ignore reality and then accept indoctrination.
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C-Span hosted a call-in on the topic of swing voters and independent voters and how they would vote on Tuesday. read more


While one doesn’t understand German, one comes away with the notion that journalism in Germany has transformed since the pre-WWII days, while a Free Press in the USA seems to have transformed into a pre-WWII-Germany vibe. read more


C-Span asked the question this morning, “can the government get inflation under control”.   A better question could be the reason the Trump Administration began the trajectory of snow-balling inflation.  read more


C-Span asked the question this morning, “can the government get inflation under control”.   A better question could be the reason the Trump Administration began the trajectory of snow-balling inflation.  read more


Some fragments of institutionalized religion seem to be about the business of diminishing the position of women.  One has long been impressed with the story of Hildegard von Bingen and the legacy she has left the world.  One has considered it fortunate that she was never challenged by institutionalized hierarchy as a witch, which was the fate of so many women throughout history. read more


We The People, so far, do not have an educational system that promotes ability to self-govern, a 1-payer comprehensive public health care system, or a reliable supply chain when FACTually speaking we need local production rather than supply chains.  Congress hasn’t addressed these topics but seem preoccupied with funding foreign military conflicts.                       —
“The Squad” just voted to send another $40 Billion of weapons to the Ukraine proxy war, some of which will end up in the hands of Nazis. So what exactly is “The Squad” a squad of? Because it’s clearly not left-wingers or anti-imperialists.–end of leecamp info–        –Imagine having the power to make over $50 billion appear out of nowhere to buy weapons to send to Ukraine after spending years watching families suffer and entire cities crumble in your own country while doing nothing.–end of blackintheempire info–
C-Span call in at 7:00AM on 5/13/2022 highlighted the Native boarding school catastrophe imposed by the US government.
7:28AM–Caller called CJ–paraphrase—spoke of the ongoing Native protests against pipelines built through local communities, as much but more insidiously through Native land as through lands of all citizens.  ( This is particularly egregious due to original residency of Native Americans on the entirety of North America.)
Host of C-Span–paraphrase–quickly deflected the conversation back to the history of boarding schools effectively ignoring ongoing and current exploitation toward Native Americans.
One views the ongoing expression of “Western values” that cannot escape the filter of capitalism to the extent that censorship results as suggested in the 7:28AM call with the follow up from the host to steer the caller into the path permitted.        —
Some callers mentioned the European origin of said “Western values” with the implication that this is about race.  It is too simplistic and in FACT racist to imply this imposition of capitalism didn’t first happen against white people.  

In FACT, some people see the Russia/Ukraine War to have resulted from the ongoing infliction of “Western values” against local communities. The “Western” media has ignored and censored the war against ethnic Russians in Ukraine since 2014.  Beginning with the Obama Administration including under-investigated participation by the Bidens, the Trump Administration meddling, and now the Biden Administration aggression in that military action, can be imagined as imposition of “Western values”  as much in those regions as is FACTual in North America.
American ideas about foreign nations can be fuzzy at best, and therefore easily manipulated by capitalists selling “Western values”.  This can be easy when people are not interested about others.  That is a reason The Military-Industrial Complex can so easily impose “Western views” about other people onto the American public.  But as is typically in many instances, it’s complicated—–       –I mean, in fact, you go to Crimea and Southeast Ukraine, you get people that they look the same, they have the same accent, they’ve got very similar cultural background, they see each other as very similar from an ethnic perspective.—end of gzeromedia info—
One believes many Eastern Europeans with a middling understanding of their own family background, can pin down precisely the nation from which they spring.  So a self-interested Military-Industrial Complex defining foreign nations for political and military expediency should be considered with suspicion.

Russia has historically represented “non-Western values”.  This frightens Americans at the same time that “Western values” are investigated for the atrocities listed above.  The logic of the US could stand to be questioned.
7:50AM–guest Buddy Carter–paraphrase—Warns against funding to promote the health and welfare of Americans after having voted to fund the War in Ukraine to the tune of $40,000,000,000….that’s with a  “B”…….               –The House passed a roughly $40 billion supplemental package of military, economic and humanitarian aid for Ukraine on Tuesday night just hours after Democratic leaders introduced the bill.–end of rollcall info–
8:55AM–caller–paraphrase—-We need money to protect America.
Many paths exist to protect America, but don’t include the bait-and-switch of protecting “American interests overseas” that is about spreading “Western values”, which in FACT aren’t about democracy.  The “Western values” seem to be about oligarchical welfare.
A skeptical person could view the military protection of “American interests overseas” as protecting US oligarchical interests at the expense of foreign local communities.  This may be a reason the US has been singular in funding NATO.  Meanwhile defense of the USA within our borders seems lax, and the health and welfare of local US communities is a nonstarter.
It is reported that Covid-related US deaths have reached 1,000,000, and some people see this as a national security risk.  In other words, the lack of a 1-payer comprehensive public health policy is a danger to Americans that has gone unaddressed, while the Republican/Democratic duopoly enthusiastically supports military action in the Ukraine/Russia conflict.
Near-comic attitude from politicians on the topic of Climate Change ignores the reality of national and global security issues—-        –Extreme weather accounted for 9.4% of all deaths globally between 2000 and 2019, according to researchers who on Wednesday published the first study linking changes in temperatures to annual increases in mortality. While most deaths have been caused by exposure to the cold, the trend is likely to reverse as the planet warms, they said. –end of bloomberg info–

The misinformation that white people were not the first target for the aggression and violence of capitalism is buoyed by the FACT that misunderstanding may be the mindset of too many people toward too many “others”—–        –Some people mistakenly assume possums are dirty, diseased, and aggressive. In reality, possums prefer to keep clean (they wash themselves frequently, like cats) and their body temperature is too low to effectively carry viruses like rabies, parvo, and distemper. And while they may appear mean, their snarling and teeth baring is simply a desperate attempt to appear frightening in hopes they’ll be left alone. Possums are the ultimate introverts!–end of teehugger info–
Some people can empathize with the plight of the introvert.
From popularresistance  —                 —

The Hawai’i State Legislature Calls For A Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty        –(Because it isn’t nation against nation, it’s hierarchy against local community)

It’s Time To Challenge The Corporate University

Off-Duty Police Pushed Out Of Atlanta Forest By Land Defenders

Land Defender Sentenced To Jail For Breaching Trans Mountain Injunction

US Boarding School Investigative Report Released
–end of popularresistance info–

Interesting is the electorate disdain for socialism at the same time so many of the electorate whines about the capitalism that is curtailing life and liberty.  Go figure—-     –“As we speak, there are millions of people who would like to go to a doctor but cannot afford to do so,” said the Vermont senator. “This is an outrage.”–end of berniesanders info–

Regardless of votes cast via group enthusiasm rather than analytical reasoning, it is never too late to raise a voice for good governance—–PETITION—-Sign if you wish—–    
Now more than ever, we must do away with our cruel and dysfunctional health care system and join every other major country on earth in guaranteeing health care as a basic human right. Please add your name to Bernie’s petition if you agree.
—end of Medicareforall health care—
The same electorate voting into office the sycophants of the health profiteering industry were aghast over Bernie Sanders.  Please explain your rationale.
Good people are attempting good governance in a nation that seems to prefer capitalistic authoritarianism.  Let’s get more views from the good governance crowd—   —

There will be a Hearing of the Committee on the Budget 

On:  Thursday, May 12, 2022, 11:00 AMIn:  Room SH-216. Members of the Committee may participate in person or by video conference technology.To consider: Medicare for All: Protecting Health, Saving Lives, Saving Money
—end pnhp info–
From——Mother’s Day is internationally celebrated throughout the month of May, and at this special time, the Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network invites you to join us in honoring, celebrating and standing in solidarity with matriarchs around the world rising for our communities and the sacred Mother Earth!
We also honor our collective home, Mother Earth, this beautiful planet that provides us all with deep love and care. A place to call home. The waters, prairies, deserts, mountain tops, forests that nourish us individually and as a community. We are Nature, and we are committed to working together diligently across movements and continents to build a just, thriving and liberated world.
Please continue on in this newsletter, to learn more about our recent campaigns, events, and actions to support frontline movements and organizing!
For Mother Earth and for each other, we continue to rise.
–end of—-From wecaninternational—–           —USA, April 27, 2022 — Today, Indigenous women leaders, joined by over 200 organizations, representing millions nationwide, submitted a letter to the Army Corps of Engineers urging the department to deny necessary permits for the expansion of Enbridge’s Line 5 pipeline, and to conduct a federal Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the entire pipeline within the Army Corps of Engineers’ jurisdiction.
Enbridge’s Line 5 pipeline was originally built in 1953, and continues to operate nearly 20 years past its engineered lifespan, transporting 22 million gallons of crude oil each day through northern Wisconsin, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and under the Straits of Mackinac. Currently, Enbridge is proposing to expand the Line 5 pipeline, despite the strong opposition of the Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa and other Tribes.
Enbridge proposes to route Line 5 through hundreds of waterways that flow into the Bad River Reservation, their extensive fisheries, and the navigable waters of Lake Superior. The letter sent today delivers key information detailing the impacts the Line 5 tar sands pipeline expansion project would have in the region, and clarifies how it directly undermines Indigenous rights and perpetuates the climate crisis:–end of wecaninternational info–
From Gatewaygreens   —-      —
It’s ready now!  
To see the VIDEO of the May 4, 2022 webinar “Ukraine, Fossil Fuels and
Unanswered Questions
” click HERE or copy this link into your browser:

Many folks commented during the webinar about the perspectives they had
not heard from corporate media.

People registered from these state in the US:
In addition, folks tuned in from Canada and Ukraine.Please take a look at the Green Social Thought website:

Its focus is: “Produce less. Distribute it fairly. Create a greener world for all For more info, call 314-727-8554 read more


Is anyone else feeling the embarrassment of threats by the USA of sanctioning other nations?  Joe Biden asked the Middle East to ramp up oil production to ease the upward spiral of gasoline costs in the USA and they said no.  Is this a sanction?  China possesses American jobs used to manufacture products needed by the American public and with China in control of the amount if any of the products getting to the USA.  Is this a sanction?   read more


Colonization is the reason Indigenous People are denied human and environmental rights with the excuse from occupiers that they bring progress and profit that generally is a diluted lifestyle for local-community members
—- read more


,,,,,or who was Ross Perot.  But before we get to that, we would do well to remember that where we were in 1992, was far different from where we are in 2022.  The politicians who had been in power in between have much to answer for.  The deepest tragedy is that youngsters of 2022 don’t know they live in a far different world as pertains to economic opportunity and in FACT freedom and liberty.  For those who remember, the difference is dismal.  Even counting in the inflation of bygone days, anyone with any self-motivation was able to secure with dignity, a respectable lifestyle.  In 2022, that is much harder. read more


PR for political parties Democratic and Republican seem to groom their clients to maintain a sorority/fraternity persona, that harms most people attempting real life.   It’s also not a good look for a leader.  Maturity and interest seem better. read more


The Democratic/Republican duopoly seems to use political Parties in a way that presupposes democracy in action at the same time interests of the public, both in the USA and in foreign nations, are ignored.  Warnings from President George Washington are also ignored by politicians, commercial interests, and corporate-owned-politically-influenced MSM on the topic of political Parties read more