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Some people notice globalism isn’t about local communities as much as it is about upper echelon world oligarchs.    This feels like dictatorship on a whole new level. read more


Some people are perplexed with the left-wing reproach toward Conservatives on the topic of misogyny when the soft misogyny during the 2020 Democratic Party campaign seemed acceptable…….to use the Dem-strategist phrase “especially toward white women”…… the same time the topic of Choice was missing.  Misogyny appears to be so indoctrinated as to be like wall paper. read more


As toxic Supremacist patriarchy spreads in the USA, living conditions for women and perhaps the elderly seems to become dangerous.  One can’t help but recall that in Medieval Europe, elderly women were also ostracized and hunted down by toxic patriarchy. read more


Bernie Sanders has seen a few things.  Consider his views at and listen to his thoughts about doom. read more


News reports suggest that Obamacare/ACA must be addressed, speaking to subsidies for increasing premiums for the public.  This is universal health care but inclusive of retaining and rewarding middlemen.  That we are frightened of universal health care because it is socialism, seems a definition of inanity.  ACA/Obamacare appears to be a desultory and complicated type of disease care that retains privatization and pays off middlemen as the health care for people deteriorates and becomes un-affordable. read more


Some people find positivity in speaking FACTS to power.  Systems for patriarchal hierarchical supremacy could stand to be examined. read more


C-Span touched on several topics today, one being welfare as we know it.  Hierarchical rhetoric is taking on a tediously nonsensical tone, some people think. read more


Human rights and indeed environmental rights supersede legislation.  This FACT appears to have fostered another euphemism which is “ordered liberty”.  “Ordered liberty” insinuates man-made laws in place of human rights.  FACTually speaking human rights are intrinsic to people as environmental rights are intrinsic to nature.  Hierarchy has as its mission, limiting these rights for exploitation by Establishment. read more


In other words, should the US public underwrite joyriders? read more


Most students in civics classes noticed a paragraph in government-approved textbooks about a scandal in the Warren Harding Administration called the Teapot Dome.  One doesn’t remember anything about this scandal other than it was about kickbacks.  FACTually speaking, that this scandal was included in textbooks seems to assuage any notion that this system continued unabated, but the insinuation was that this scandal was an anomaly.  One’s eyes popped open after reading the following about which one recently commented—–

This book reminds that the past can warn those who have the awakening to notice..

Incidentally reading the following—-—In the 1920s, the richest people per capita in the world were members of the Osage Indian nation in Oklahoma. After oil was discovered beneath their land, they rode in chauffeured automobiles, built mansions, and sent their children to study in Europe.

Then, one by one, the Osage began to be killed off. 

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Librarians are said to be under attack from bureaucrats.  No wonder.  

The infamous Teapot Dome Scandal may have reached over decades unabated and hushed into a system known as “running government like a business”.      –In 1920, Warren G. Harding, a senator and Ohio newspaper publisher, won a long-shot bid for the White House with the financial backing of oilmen who were promised oil-friendly cabinet picks in return. As Laton McCartney wrote in his book The Teapot Dome Scandal, How Big Oil Bought the Harding White House and Tried to Steal the Country, the back-slapping Harding was a consummate “go along to get along man.”

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An argument can be made that the bribing of government officials was dealt with after the Teapot Dome Scandal, not by challenging corruption legislatively and judicially, but by legalizing without legitimizing corruption in the government by such determinations as Citizens United.  In other words, laws were passed to legalize “running government like a business”, which may be defined as either fascism or organized crime.    —

So THIS Is Why US Wants War In Ukraine——- Jul 17, 2022 This week I spoke with investigative journalist with the Grayzone, Aaron Maté, about efforts by the US proxy war in Ukraine and its efforts to weaken and destabilise Russia. #ukraine #russia #US

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Can these governmental anomalies add to Climate Change?  Perhaps…..    –But while Manchin has sabotaged federal efforts at combating climate change, he has used federal dollars to preserve his own corner of the world. Public records reviewed by The Intercept show that even after Manchin’s decadeslong efforts to upend environmental policy that would undercut the fossil fuel companies funding his political campaigns (and the waste coal industry generating his personal fortune), he and his wife, Gayle Manchin, have directed millions of federal dollars to a small, pristine valley in West Virginia where the couple owns a condo. Hundreds of miles north of the coal communities decimated by the mountaintop removal mining that Manchin fostered in the state, the Manchins’ Canaan Valley residence sits in an unadulterated watershed, surrounded by the Dolly Sods Wilderness, the Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge, and Blackwater Falls State Park.

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But don’t blame Joe Manchin for acting true to his character.  He won’t be the first.  –Two-hundred and thirty-five years later and the United States Senate still works to stymie and stifle the “pernicious innovations” that might help ordinary Americans, or preserve the planet for their children and grandchildren.

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As one who is fairly informed and curious, still I was shocked to hear Howie Hawkins inform that the Senate is not a requirement and is not a part of the 3 branches of government.  And so if it feels like the function of the Senate is to maintain supremacy by a certain group of people, it may be a FACT.

If the Senate isn’t a requirement, maybe this should be discussed.

One has watched a concept of American exceptionalism that to some people seem like hubris, pretend to supremacy by being woke, to an extent that has blinded Americans to real-time democratic (small d) actions that predominate just South of the borders of North America.  Could this be a type of racism?  Could Northern chauvinism be another excuse for imperialism inflicted under the excuse of “spreading democracy around the world” that promises privilege to those who support this system?  Could the North learn anything from the South, as pertains to the Americas?—      —

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  8. Ecuador: Indigenous Protests Against Austerity
  9. Antigua: Same-Sex Marriage Victory
  10. Cuba: Referendum on Family Plan

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New ideas and perspectives seem appropriate as we watch the chaos from Establishment—-     —

Wood Pellet Manufacturing in a Rainforest

The true scale of the global North’s economic   read more


Disingenuous Conservatives who hypocritically attack Choice which is an innate human right of women as apparent by biology from The Creator (you can’t challenge FACTS) would better build a society that enhances the life of women and children, if said Conservatives wish to cut down on abortions, rather than forcing women through a filter of patriarchal control that implies human rights violations, with said violations based on the mechanics as preordained by The Creator. read more


Conservatives are proposing a society that supports pregnant women to replace Choice.  The concept feels like another distraction away from cultural recognition of the humanity of women.  Intrinsic control of one’s own body is a human right of women as much as for men.  This control is of The Creator in whatever way each understands He/She/Cause-and-Effect.  This human right by women can be wielded surrepticiously or in dignified privacy. read more


A definition of insanity is to continue to do the same thing while expecting different results.  C-Span  hosted a discussion about electoral reform, while basing the discussion on reliance to corporate political Party duopoly control, rather than on control by We The People. read more


American exceptionalism may be a political strategy to promote either branch of the Democratic/Republican duopoly in a system that therefore creates psychological imprisonment that deters excellence as manifesting in other local communities around the globe.  As near as South America, extraordinary local-community democratic (small d) actions abound under suspicious imperialistic barriers.  This may be a reason environmental racism is so different in each of North America and South America, for example. read more


As one who thought Kaepernick was a hero before it became a fad, this will happily be retweeted.  Is it inappropriate to say the following about this fad?
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