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C-Span hosted a call-in discussion in which at 7:30AM a woman expressed a view (paraphrase) that we need a people’s counsel that approved or disapproved the laws and policies by politicians.  If principles in the US Constitution hadn’t been so defiled by institutionalized greed and corruption in the electoral process enforced through Citizens United, our system would be representative in which politicians had as their first concern, We The People. read more


One is under informed about the details of the following story about Brazil to analyze the contents.  But where one finds symptoms it is logical to look for a disease.  We know democracy is diminishing at an alarming rate around the globe ad most markedly in the supposed bastion of democracy called the USA.  Hierarchy are gaining wealth at the expense of the majority of humanity and this is explained by “running government like a business”.   Climate Change is too obvious to be denied by any other than the most dedicated environmental exploiters.  Climate Change is a price paid by Earth and humanity to promote hierarchical Establishment financial interests. read more


Everyone gets to decide for themselves if activities filling their day have meaning.  This is an interesting topic and possibly not considered enough by many of us.  Awareness seems a component and slowing down may be one technique toward that end.

Another reason I love NYS—-https://bcpeaceaction.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/war-merchant-resistors-flyer-local.pdf        –September 9th at 11 AM Join Broome County Veterans for Peace and other peace groups to expose Lockheed Martin & BAE SystemsWeapons System

 Workers Demand Life-improving Jobs. There is No Dignity in War Work!

–end of bcpeaceaction info—–The Southern Tier of NYS has been a hotbed of citizen responsibility; often in spite of politicians and bureaucrats.  

From nativeorganizing.org —PETITIONS to sign if you wish  — 

These two pieces of legislation would advance the Tribal management of public lands and improve the protection of sacred and cultural sites. They are set to go into a congressional committee hearing this month.<link href=’https://actionnetwork.org/css/style-embed-v3.css’ rel=’stylesheet’ type=’text/css’ /><script —

Protect sacred places and our cultural ways of life.
‘https://actionnetwork.org/widgets/v4/petition/protect-native-places-petition?format=js&source=widget&referrer=[object Object]’></script><div id=’can-petition-area-protect-native-places-petition’ style=’width: 100%’><!– this div is the target for our HTML insertion –></div>Add your name in support of the Advancing Tribal Parity on Public Lands Act and the Tribal Cultural Areas System Act!

—-end of nativeorganizing—–

The carousel of absurdity includes governmental negligence in ignoring the plight of US citizens such as exist in Jackson, Mississippi while so-called protecting democracy in Ukraine, and pro-capitalist D&R duopoly promotion of imperialism against local communities in foreign nations.  To begin to raise voices against this tyranny, one may sign the petitions below, if one is so inclined—–

From RAN.org  —  The Consumer Goods Forum exists to help corporations like Procter & Gamble, Mondelēz and Nestlé reduce their negative environmental and human rights impacts. Sounds good, right?

What’s not good is when the Consumer Goods Forum turns a blind eye to corporate members who engage in violence against Indigenous peoples. We plan to corner the Consumer Goods Forum at NYC Climate Week later this month and demand accountability for violence against Indigenous peoples — please lend us your signature.

Consumer Goods Forum member Asia Pulp and Paper has used physical violence, intimidation and food crop destruction to displace several Indigenous and traditional communities like the Sakai People and Lubuk Mandarsah from their land  in Indonesia. This company has one of the worst human rights track records.

When we told the Consumer Goods Forum about Asia Pulp and Paper’s acts of violence, they ignored us — help us shout it this time.

It’s simply inexcusable for the Consumer Goods Forum to allow its members to use the forum in bad faith, as a way to greenwash serious environmental and human rights violations.

Help us demand at NYC Climate Week that the Consumer Goods Forum adopt a policy of zero-tolerance toward corporate members who use violence.—end of RAN.org info—

From gatewaygreens—–https://mailchi.mp/6ba354a3a4d1/green-party-of-st-louis-meeting-wed-april-19-2017-recent-and-future-elections-6160777?e=d624642c9f   —

Webinar at 7:30 pm CT, Wed, Sept 14, 2022
Please take a look at the Green Social Thought website: http://www.greensocialthought.org/

Its focus is: “Produce less. Distribute it fairly. Create a greener world for all   read more


Transfer of the wealth of the nation has proceeded over decades under the guise of democracy that is the current euphemism for capitalism. read more


In a nation where the life expectancy continues to drop and water is unavailable to growing numbers of people, we might question funding of foreign wars that seems beneficial to American oligarchs but at the cost of US citizens. read more


Democracy means each individual respect their own life, and says so. read more


Heard on a Bill Moyers discussion years ago—paraphrase—–governments don’t do democracy, people do democracy.
read more


C-Span hosted a discussion this morning on the topic of ranked choice voting.  The benefits of choice using ranked choice are entering the thought process of more voters, and may one suggest due to efforts by 3rd-Party voices.  The D&R duopoly haven’t spread information about ranked choice voting benefits to voters for obvious reasons of control that underwrites the authoritarian character of the duopoly.  This also raises the topic of the influence of 3rd-Party voices that may have been censored by regulations from the  R&D duopoly, that have still managed to censor said voices off of ballots and away from debates, but but which 3rd- Parties nonetheless have broken through to some of the electorate by nothing more than moral authority. read more


Liz Cheney has acted as a supporter of democracy to an extent that caused personal harm to her, and she is anti-Choice and possibly pro-capitalist.  This seems to imply that a politician who is probably pro-capitalist, has valued democracy over hierarchical privilege. read more


Lee Camp speaks of the delicacy with which capitalistic hierarchical Establishment avoids using the word capitalism, as the public begins to awaken to the reality that capitalism isn’t synonymous with democracy.  Capitalism is an economy theory.  Monetary systems are useful when We The People feel encumbered with hauling around a cow to trade for a barrel of apples, for example.  Capitalism is a perfectly valid system of economy.  In contrast, capitalism as a governing principle, in other places and times, were more honestly called fascism, communism, or perhaps dictatorship. read more


The US media is commercial with an overriding mission of selling product, not journalism.  read more


Language matters especially from bureaucracy that can shape the lives of We The People.  This change in language in NYS reminds of a decades-old sit-com called Designing Women.  Included in the characters was a handyman who was imminently likable and dependable but wore a perpetually worried look on his face while often punctuating his conversation with reference to his “unfortunate incarceration”.    This seems to have been a subtle political statement about the times of such policies and laws as stop and frisk. read more


To set the stage logically, consider what the commons mean to humanity and nature; along with a presumption by hierarchy that they are the subject of life on Earth and that humanity and nature are the objects to be exploited as human resources and natural resources.  We also may wish to consider bribery and the use of the blanket explanation of “national security”. read more


Some people call it gouging while some people call it inflation.  Hoodwinked is the result. read more


Many functioning women of 2022 lived the reality of 1969.  To express this FACT to young ladies of 2022 who may have taken their human rights for granted, seems to be futile.  But as one reads the real-time stories of women in 1969, the enormity of the time and place returns.  We are not currently in such a position after decades of protection of a woman’s human rights.  Many more people are aware of and working toward protection for half of the population, that should be a non-issue, but isn’t. read more