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Some people see the origin of Creation less as a man with a beard and wearing a night gown, standing in the clouds, and more like cause and effect orchestrated by each individual.  A C-Span caller the other day said the hurricane was a judgment on Florida for shipping migrants to Martha’s Vineyard. read more


C-Span hosted a call-in discussion in which at 7:30AM a woman expressed a view (paraphrase) that we need a people’s counsel that approved or disapproved the laws and policies by politicians.  If principles in the US Constitution hadn’t been so defiled by institutionalized greed and corruption in the electoral process enforced through Citizens United, our system would be representative in which politicians had as their first concern, We The People. read more


One is under informed about the details of the following story about Brazil to analyze the contents.  But where one finds symptoms it is logical to look for a disease.  We know democracy is diminishing at an alarming rate around the globe ad most markedly in the supposed bastion of democracy called the USA.  Hierarchy are gaining wealth at the expense of the majority of humanity and this is explained by “running government like a business”.   Climate Change is too obvious to be denied by any other than the most dedicated environmental exploiters.  Climate Change is a price paid by Earth and humanity to promote hierarchical Establishment financial interests. read more


Democracy means each individual respect their own life, and says so. read more


Hierarchical Establishment types may have begun to notice the success when locally-supportive people work plans for lifestyle that are logical, effective, and fair.  Sensible would be a change away from the depravity of capitalistic process toward more people-friendly systems.  Instead it feels like Establishment is attempting to hitch their wagon to the stars of local community.  read more


A realistic look at ourselves needs a strong dose of comedy.  Views that are totally bogus are given too much credence without humor. read more


If manufacturing and industry is the goal, we’re possibly on the right track.  If the goal is viable life on Earth, a few changes are in order.  Natural rights encompass people and nature, because we are of The Creator, in whatever way each imagines Her/Him, It, or Cause-And-Effect. read more


Language matters especially from bureaucracy that can shape the lives of We The People.  This change in language in NYS reminds of a decades-old sit-com called Designing Women.  Included in the characters was a handyman who was imminently likable and dependable but wore a perpetually worried look on his face while often punctuating his conversation with reference to his “unfortunate incarceration”.    This seems to have been a subtle political statement about the times of such policies and laws as stop and frisk. read more


To set the stage logically, consider what the commons mean to humanity and nature; along with a presumption by hierarchy that they are the subject of life on Earth and that humanity and nature are the objects to be exploited as human resources and natural resources.  We also may wish to consider bribery and the use of the blanket explanation of “national security”. read more


As some of the public lose grip of reality by acceptance of indoctrination into capitalistic hierarchical Establishment definitions of life and economy, a good idea may be to remember that the media harangue as to what constitutes reality is only one facet of an incredible diamond of truth. read more


Many functioning women of 2022 lived the reality of 1969.  To express this FACT to young ladies of 2022 who may have taken their human rights for granted, seems to be futile.  But as one reads the real-time stories of women in 1969, the enormity of the time and place returns.  We are not currently in such a position after decades of protection of a woman’s human rights.  Many more people are aware of and working toward protection for half of the population, that should be a non-issue, but isn’t. read more


As toxic Supremacist patriarchy spreads in the USA, living conditions for women and perhaps the elderly seems to become dangerous.  One can’t help but recall that in Medieval Europe, elderly women were also ostracized and hunted down by toxic patriarchy. read more


Bernie Sanders has seen a few things.  Consider his views at www.berniesanders.com and listen to his thoughts about doom. read more


Human rights and indeed environmental rights supersede legislation.  This FACT appears to have fostered another euphemism which is “ordered liberty”.  “Ordered liberty” insinuates man-made laws in place of human rights.  FACTually speaking human rights are intrinsic to people as environmental rights are intrinsic to nature.  Hierarchy has as its mission, limiting these rights for exploitation by Establishment. read more


The reason the following is the dismal state of governance in the USA is best explained by understanding this follows the model of dictatorship as profiting capitalists who are in the ascendancy in what is best defined as fascism, in one person’s view.  Discuss this with your Representatives of The People, if you wish.  The topic could be about diminishing choice for We The People.

https://twitter.com/AndrewYang/status/1544334661416996864   –31 flavors of ice cream, hundreds of tv channels, 330 million people, 2 political parties.

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A reason some people support 3rd-Party participation in political campaigns is that both of the duopoly Democratic and Republican are mouthpieces for capitalistic hierarchical Establishment and with Citizens United it can be mentioned that money is more of a motivating factor to these political corporations than is policy.   

https://portside.org/2022-07-05/senate-urged-block-bidens-pro-privatization-nominee-social-security-board?utm_source=portside-general&utm_medium=email    ———

Defenders of Social Security on Tuesday urged the U.S. Senate to block President Joe Biden’s little-noticed nomination of Andrew Biggs—an American Enterprise Institute senior fellow with a history of supporting Social Security privatization—to serve on the independent and bipartisan Social Security Advisory Board.–end of portside info–

Appearances suggest money has been the motivating factor for each of the political corporate participants.  –https://moguldom.com/298458/cornel-west-takes-off-on-jim-clyburn-for-being-owned-and-pimped-by-big-pharma-industry/

Toward the end of this discussion you can read about the censorship that seems apparent from political Parties that have taken control of Presidential debates from The League of Women Voters that in the past provided diversity.  Not only is censorship a problem kept in place by efforts of the R&D duopoly, but ballot access is also nearly impossible for many 3rd-Party candidates.    

https://peoplesparty.org/were-suing-florida-for-ballot-access/ –The Democrats and Republicans together have hurled this country into crushing inflation, mass homelessness, endless war, and growing authoritarianism. Every American has the right to vote against the establishment parties and for third party candidates who don’t answer to their billionaire donors. But in state after state, the increasingly unpopular corporate parties are trying to entrench their advantage with laws meant to suppress third parties and deny millions of Americans the right to vote for them.

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From Gatewaygreens, we are buoyed by vision that is simply unavailable anywhere else, in one person’s view, as pertains to political Parties  —  https://mailchi.mp/0c71123ff7bc/green-party-of-st-louis-meeting-wed-april-19-2017-recent-and-future-elections-6096781?e=d624642c9f–

The Digital World’s Real World Impact on the Environment  read more