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Need one bring up the “p” word?  And for the group of people subscribing to membership in that club of privilege, who seem still trying to grow up, the rest of us are becoming ever less willing to wait for your metamorphosis into the adult world. read more


On this small-business Saturday, free market concepts should be important.  In the USA, corporate-owned politicians have put into place laws and policies that significantly undermine local sole proprietorship in favor of chain store privilege. read more


The topic of the awkward Trump tariff has roiled in one’s mind for some time, and it is mystifying that few others notice this albatross around the neck of the US public.  Typically a tariff is imposed in order to balance American imports and exports to enhance exports over imports to accomplish the end of cash flowing into the USA  rather than out of the USA.  The US governing body duopoly of Democrats and Republicans have collaborated over years to send manufacturing and jobs overseas.  And so to place a tax upon imports accomplishes nothing other than further taxing the US consumer.  One has heard bureaucrats ‘splain away the Trump tariff by saying it was implemented for geo-political reasons.  This charmingly snarky ‘splanation is typical of the jargon that passes for news these days.  And too many of the public smiles and nods and says “oh, okay”. read more


Some people attempted to warn young ladies that patriarchy would attack personal Choice, and were labeled as radical Feminists for so warning.  Another warning is that capitalism isn’t a free market.  Patriarchal Establishment continues to use labels appropriate to free markets in our capitalistic system; one such definition being inflation when a better definition is price gouging.  On a continuum and particularly with Citizens United-purchased lawmakers, capitalism becomes organized crime. The target is the US public. read more


So many ways to do better

https://www.ecowatch.com/pollinator-gardens-bus-stop-roofs-europe.html –Across Europe, more and more bus stops are sporting a new look — with lush green roofs designed to support pollinators. The number of bus stops topped with pollinator gardens is expected to increase another 50% in the UK alone by the end of this year. read more


C-Span hosted a discussion about immigrants at the Southern Border, and within these discussions one will hear the phrase “people fleeing communism”.   As one who recognizes communism and capitalism to be opposite sides of the coin of hierarchical privilege, we could look at both sides of this topic.  Otherwise indoctrination seems to be the point.

https://popularresistance.org/decolonizing-the-mind/       –Yet anyone who questions the monarchy’s role as part of the western axis of domination is rarely given access to media, making it difficult to be free of propaganda that is used to elicit fealty to monarchs, presidents and the people and institutions who empower them. From childhood we are taught that invaders of other nations, enslavers, and colonizers are worthy of respect and admiration. Centuries of criminality are passed off as benign and we are admonished to remember that the criminals in question were “products of their time” and are to be thought of with fond reverence.

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From popularreistance  —  https://popularresistance.org/sanctions-wont-stop-latin-american-leaders-from-dialoguing-with-us-workers/   —

Participants in the activity include movement leaders from labor and tenant unions, progressive and religious organizations, intellectuals, and native New Yorkers who are looking to learn from leaders in socialist nations. 

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From popularresistance info–https://popularresistance.org/a-socialist-take-on-the-womens-march-convention/   —  The form of “intersectionality” promoted by non-profits conveniently forgets that we live in a capitalist system that profits from all forms of oppression. While rhetorically they claim to unite our struggles, in reality they’ve kept these struggles separate in the streets; the unity of our struggles is manifested for them at the polls and in the Democratic Party.

A feminism that wants to grasp our problems at the root should understand that all systems of oppression are currently inscribed within capitalism — and capitalism is a system that profits from all of our oppression. It’s a system that can only run due to the exploitation of workers — with the most exploited sectors being workers who are Black, Brown, and from the global South — for the profit of the very few.

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From popularesistance  —  https://popularresistance.org/mining-mafias-ruin-livelihoods-of-farmers-and-pastorals-spread-terror/   –Hence as much of the mining involves illegality, criminals and gangsters have come to the fore, earning millions in a short time and securing the collusion of politicians and police as well. –end of popularresistance info–

From earthjustice  —  https://earthjustice.org/features/nepa?utm_source=crm&utm_medium=email&utm_term=newsletter&utm_campaign=220918_ForTheRecord_September2022&utm_content=ReadMore&curation=newsletter&emci=4848454d-b633-ed11-ae83-281878b83d8a&emdi=14c3d1e8-5937-ed11-ae83-281878b83d8a&ceid=1816532  –But backroom negotiations involving Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia could gut NEPA on behalf of oil and gas companies that find community voice inconvenient. The “dirty permitting side-deal” would allow industry to fast-track fossil fuel projects while sidelining communities, producing more pollution, and ignoring the reality of the climate crisis.

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A railroad strike would promote an immediate spike in inflation.  Here’s a thought…..reports recently suggest the social security COLA won’t be as respectable as was once assumed because “inflation is moderating”.  One has always been a bit ambivalent about unions because they seem to be another set-up for just another hierarchical cronyism.  If we really supported a free market, unions would be irrelevant.  All of these details aren’t lost on politicians, industry and union leaders.  A cynical person might believe the darling railroad-strike aversion put into place in the last hours, was kicking the can down the road long enough to sneak through a lower COLA for social security for elder Americans.

https://mronline.org/2022/09/17/while-rail-unions-meet-with-biden-to-avert-strike-500-railroaders-attend-meeting-to-organize-rank-and-file-opposition/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=while-rail-unions-meet-with-biden-to-avert-strike-500-railroaders-attend-meeting-to-organize-rank-and-file-opposition&mc_cid=e724f61cb4&mc_eid=2833cdb99b    —The White House was determined to reach a deal before the deadline to spare congressional Democrats the optics of passing legislation to try to crush a strike only weeks before critical midterm elections.

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Indoctrination begins very early in life.

From Ralph Nader—https://mailchi.mp/nader/liberating-tweens-from-corporate-tentacles-5o9o9d3keo?e=cfd1bea9b5  —

In recent decades, the open floodgates of direct marketing of anything and everything to kids has become a half-trillion-dollar annual business. Every mode of seduction, manufactured peer group pressure and minute psychological profiling is delivered by highly-paid promoters, packagers and influencers.

Claire has long believed that if you have low expectations for Tweens, they will oblige you, but if you have high expectations, they will surprise you. Her book offers suggestions that encourage communing with nature, enrich family discussions, appreciate the wisdom of the ancients, and to use proverbs to extend the ability of children to concentrate.

To obtain You Are Your Own Best Teacher! go to inspiringtweens.com. It makes an important gift, for Tweens, parents and local libraries

.–end of ralphnader info–CLAIRE NADER is a political scientist and author recognized for her work on the impact of science on society.

PETITION to sign if you wish   —    https://civicshout.com/p/overturn-citizens-united-and-pass-the-disclose-act?link_id=2&can_id=193d62b237484a25dee2367907a4dd04&source=email-petition-overturn-citizens-united-7&email_referrer=email_1667285&email_subject=petition-overturn-citizens-united                       —NO ONE should have an outsized say in our democracy due to the size of their wallet – and political spending should be transparent.

  That is why I'm calling on Congress to pass the DISCLOSE Act -- and also to overturn the Supreme Court’s disastrous Citizens United decision – to fight back against this country's Big Money problem. read more


To provide relief to targets of predatory debt and educational institutions, mirrors similar approaches by government to the disease-care industry.  In both scenarios the middleman is protected at the expense of the targets and byway of politicians bought into public “service” via Citizens United who are deft at maintaining the structure which is capitalistic hierarchical Establishment that in another place and time could be called dictatorship, and that has little to do with free market principles. read more


It’s almost as though global oligarchs regardless of nation of origin have found an excellent distraction for the transfer of wealth from the 100% to the 1% read more


The bait-and-switch heard in the USA that capitalism is anti-state is used along with lies that capitalism uses free-market concepts.  But the most dangerous lie from capitalistic hierarchy is that US-current ideoogy about anti-state-ness is unshackled from imperialism and colonialism.  The blatant FACT of requirement of The Military-Industrial Complex to maintain global supremacy by American oligarchs should be a topic of discussion. read more


Indoctrination that a so-called free market is the best system by which to provide opportunity for the most people can be questioned.  This has been the co-option by capitalistic hierarchical Establishment that has taken this concept and twisted it into a Pyramid  Scheme economy.  Now would be a great time to reconsider control by those who may have tendencies toward self-promotion rather than to maintaining a livable planet including human rights and rights of nature. read more


Fiscal policy that encourages if not mandates that both Mom and Dad must compete in the so-called workforce also supports use of our educational system as babysitters funded by property taxes imposed upon homeowners.  Globalism that sent jobs overseas ensured poverty-level wages that enrich capitalistic hierarchical Establishment.  Who knew our school systems seem responsible for feeding children, too?  This was once the responsibility of parents who in 2021 are funneled away from family life and into that purported workforce.  In other words, the priority in our capitalistic system is using We The People in a corporate framework rather than as respected citizens for which a free market functions.  Extraordinary property taxes to fund the educational system as babysitters encourages Mom and Dad to maintain workforce lifestyle in place of family life, due to simple economic desperation.
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Before reading this, perhaps we could all go out and buy something at a local business.  The need for a small business Saturday seems a response to black Friday.  We would all be the better for recognizing patterns rather than specifics.  What is the connection or lack thereof with small businesses, multi-national corporations, The Military-Industrial Complex, and Climate Change? read more


Tyranny hasn’t historically been expressed, debated and then voted into reality.  Tyranny more typically is a slow immersion byway of propaganda, lies, persuasion and control by hierarchical greed and privilege.  Often tyrants pose as saviors.  The public doesn’t need a savior.  The public needs human and environmental rights. read more


The story of local small businesses that have been destroyed by chain stores is a bygone conclusion and has changed the USA away from free markets into hierarchical capitalism.  The result hasn’t been good for the majority of the public.  A reason for this transformation of life in the USA may be privilege bestowed by bureaucrats toward wealthy and enabled entities and people.  This reality seems to continue and to suppose a better outcome now than was the case 30 years ago is a fools game. read more


Capitalism like communism is hierarchical and requires subservience from the public.  A Free Press is uncomfortable to hierarchy.
chi·can·er·y— the use of trickery to achieve a political, financial, or legal purpose.     — Corporate-owned-state-influenced MSM talking heads giggle when they hear this word they seem to believe is archaic.  The word is still relevant, but has been white-washed away by capitalistic hierarchical Establishment. read more