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On a MSM Team Red/Blue “show” last night, one heard a “reporter” announce that among “democracies”, the USA was a baby.  Not having verified but remembering info from years ago, it seems the USA has the oldest continuous government in the world.  This is to the benefit of the USA, if only politicians and bureaucrats could act accordingly. read more


Conservatives are proposing a society that supports pregnant women to replace Choice.  The concept feels like another distraction away from cultural recognition of the humanity of women.  Intrinsic control of one’s own body is a human right of women as much as for men.  This control is of The Creator in whatever way each understands He/She/Cause-and-Effect.  This human right by women can be wielded surrepticiously or in dignified privacy. read more


It’s like oligarchs bear no responsibility in a society called open, where the 1% can “pocket $1.1 billion” and then express disdain for the “closed society” of other nations. read more