Month: December 2023


One is reading an odd and fascinating book that describes behind-the scenes actions by self-imagined world leaders that set the stage for spread of what can be labeled “Western values” that seem to have spread to the Middle East in the form of what is now euphemistically called the Israel-Hamas War. read more


C-Span hosted a discussion this morning with 2 Trump-Executive bureaucrats who said the goal was promotion of the financial status of under-served communities.   read more


How did Jesus transform into a politician useful for political Party bosses who have interjected as the arbiters of American elections in defiance of the US Constitution. read more


 C-Span interviewed today who is a pollster called Clifford Young.  The connection is that though skepticism toward things of the occult are universal, one wonders if this skepticism is the wall behind which megalomaniacs function. read more


To recognize the patriarchal tradition includes human and natural rights violations against women that has created the culture of capitalistic hierarchical Establishment that has resulted in the Hamas/Palestinian War, is the reason for the HUS Civil Rights protection of women’s rights at the expense of the hyperbole against the natural and civil rights of women from the right to life movement. read more


Politics make strange bedfellows.  Our bedfellows shouldn’t be Democratic and Republican Party bosses. read more


Having been surprised at MSNBC toleration of journalist of late, a cuup de gras occurred today when the fallacy of US liberty freedom, and autonomy was set straight by MSNBC journalist Ali Velshi. read more


First heard from Chris Hayes on MSNBC, a report from NYT’s suggests that Israel was aware of plans for an attack on Israeli local community for a year.
read more