The C-Span call in is for Republicans only, on the question of whether Nikki Haley should stay in the race.  Apparent MAGA callers want her censored out of the race, according to their comments.

A caller at 7:15AM mentioned that while C-Span has hosted several Republican-only sessions, they have hosted only 1 Democrat-only call in.  While Trump is presumed to be the eventual Republican candidate for President pre-electoral votes, the same is FACTual, even more so, for Biden.

Democrats have not permitted an open and intellectually honest Primary with the voters practicing choice.

The media is instrumental in this suppression of a Free Press.

Nikki Haley has mentioned that choice would preclude a Russian-style 1 candidate election, toward which the USA is veering.

Meanwhile…..In the Southern Tier of NYS——

House Speaker Mike Johnson to travel to Binghamton for event with Rep. Molinaro


House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., will travel to Binghamton Thursday for an event with Republican U.S. Rep. Marc Molinaro focused on law enforcement funding and public safety. 

The Thursday meeting will be at the Broome County Sheriff’s Office and is said to feature sheriff’s deputies, neighboring law enforcement, other first responders and families. –end of spectrum info– Kraham blasts city council for floating constituent’s proposal to ‘dissolve’ Binghamton Police Department

–end of wbng info—

The Southern Tier of NYS is experiencing MAGA  assault, in one person’s view, by a power-heady hierarchy including a Broome County Sheriff who jumped from his role as Deputy Sheriff, endorsed as NYS Senator by then-Sheriff Harder, winning that position, changing laws at his whim, then jumping back into the Office of Sheriff upon the retirement of Sheriff Harder, winning against a long-experienced fellow female Deputy Sheriff, to then enforce the laws he put in place, which included sycophancy to out-of-town baseball owners and enthusiastic economic taxpayer support of an under-used stadium.  He then endorsed a crony as DA, who won this position, and is currently endorsing the Sheriff’s choice for NYS Senator (his old position), though Broome County currently has an excellent NYS Senator Leah Webb, who is an excellent diversity choice on 2 levels, in that position.

And now into this patriarchal stew, MAGA Molinari, Kraham, and Akshar, are meeting with MAGA Mike Johnson, to reinforce a system that upholds the aggression and societal violence that we would be better to eschew.    Is patriarchal hierarchy calling in patriarchal reinforcements to stream roll the apparently too vocal locals?

Without a personal view about the Maine rezoning topic, one was pleased to see the large number of local voices that were permitted at a town-hall meeting, unlike such local who was treated badly in Binghamton by our MAGA stalwarts and strong men.

Town of Maine public hearing has full house against potential corporate park

Town of Maine public hearing has full house against potential corporate …Tuesday’s public hearing addressed whether or not to pursue the rezoning of 305 East Maine Rd., 1577 Airport Rd….

–end of wbng info–

A thoughtful person can be justified to question MAGA characters if said person hadn’t imbibed the MAGA line by drinking the Kool-Aid.  Consider actual history from the USA.  The actions from government/business have been quite criminal and unlike democracy.  Some characters will remind that the US Constitution describes a Constitutional Republic and not a democracy, and others will share that the PRC is also a Constitutional Republic, and also defined as communistic…..tomato/tomoto……

In other words, democracy means action by We The People.  Neither capitalism or communism permits such…..

As shared on a Bill Moyers show, governments don’t do democracy, people do.  And so democracy is the expression of choice of human and natural rights.  MAGA feels like the violation of both.  Human and natural rights supersede violation of rights, regardless of the definition of the governance.

Britannica Money  – Also known as: Elk Hills Scandal, Oil Reserves Scandal

–end of Britannica info–

Teapot Dome Scandal – Definition, Dates & EffectsUnder President William Howard Taft, Congress began to set aside federal lands believed to contain oil as emergency reserves.

Teapot Dome Scandal – Definition, Dates & EffectsThe Teapot Dome Scandal of the 1920s shocked Americans by revealing an unprecedented level of greed and corrupti…–In 1920, Warren G. Harding, a senator and Ohio newspaper publisher, won a long-shot bid for the White House with the financial backing of oilmen who were promised oil-friendly cabinet picks in return. As Laton McCartney wrote in his book The Teapot Dome Scandal, How Big Oil Bought the Harding White House and Tried to Steal the Country, the back-slapping Harding was a consummate “go along to get along man.”–end of history info–

Washington Journal: Hannibal Johnson Discusses the Tulsa Race Massacre


Washington Journal

Hannibal Johnson on the Tulsa Race Massacre

Author Hannibal Johnson talked about the Tulsa Race Massacre and its impact on American history.

Hannibal Johnson |

–end of c-span info–

‘Killers of the Flower Moon’: Story of how greed led to murder

At the end of the 19th century, the Osage Nation was driven onto land seen as worthless, and that territory turned out to be on top of one of the largest oil deposits in the United States.—end of history info–

So MAGA may feel less inviting to some Americans than to those who rewrite history for consumption by innocent students wrung through a capitalistic-leaning educational system.

So when the same characters who enforce the laws, also make the laws, and also profit economically from said system, how far are we from organized crime, AKA “running government like a business”.

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