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C-Span hosted a discussion about the US history of wire taps.  Also mentioned seemed to be the view that such surveillance as used by tyrannical government in modern times, originated and were perfected in the USA.  That’s an interesting notion if FACTual. read more


The money to run government must come from somewhere.  Citizens United seems an apt system in which Pyramid Schemes thrive. read more


Biden ‘splains “core inflation” to America, in which the inflation rate is 0%, considering the price of somethings went up while the price of other things went down.  For example, cheaper are diamonds, yachts, foreign boarding schools, and high-end vehicles.  Unfortunately food, gasoline, day care, housing, health care  and family vehicles are priced out of availability for the average consumer.   (This isn’t necessarily a quote but more nearly a paraphrase dripping with sarcasm…and yes the use of sarcasm implies derision) read more


Privacy seems to be a value that straddles legislation and human rights.  We could benefit from a public discussion of these topics.  Laws are governmental and human rights are intrinsic. read more


Human rights and indeed environmental rights supersede legislation.  This FACT appears to have fostered another euphemism which is “ordered liberty”.  “Ordered liberty” insinuates man-made laws in place of human rights.  FACTually speaking human rights are intrinsic to people as environmental rights are intrinsic to nature.  Hierarchy has as its mission, limiting these rights for exploitation by Establishment. read more


Disingenuous Conservatives who hypocritically attack Choice which is an innate human right of women as apparent by biology from The Creator (you can’t challenge FACTS) would better build a society that enhances the life of women and children, if said Conservatives wish to cut down on abortions, rather than forcing women through a filter of patriarchal control that implies human rights violations, with said violations based on the mechanics as preordained by The Creator. read more


Conservatives are proposing a society that supports pregnant women to replace Choice.  The concept feels like another distraction away from cultural recognition of the humanity of women.  Intrinsic control of one’s own body is a human right of women as much as for men.  This control is of The Creator in whatever way each understands He/She/Cause-and-Effect.  This human right by women can be wielded surrepticiously or in dignified privacy. read more


Misinformation on social media is conceivably displaced by misinformation reported on state-influenced/corporate-owned media.  This is a reason the responsibility of each person is to investigate information personally rather than to take ideas of others as FACTual.
https://www.nrdc.org/stories/climate-misinformation-social-media-undermining-climate-action?source=EMOCT11INF&utm_source=alert&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=email           —Researchers at Indiana University have identified three separate but interrelated kinds of bias that, in their words, “make the social media ecosystem vulnerable to both intentional and accidental misinformation.”–end of nrdc info—-
Commercial interests and their political minions ask We The People, on the topic of Climate Change, not to believe our own lying eyes. read more


Politics has used misogyny for campaign promotion, especially among Democratic strategists, and particularly against “especially white women”.  One has refused to be shamed into silence by said misogyny campaigns, and continues to speak the FACTS of danger to women in general from patriarchy. read more


Indoctrination seems to mean people reject if each even understood one’s personal humanity.  To be human seems to imply the connection between each and The Creator in whatever way one sees He/She/It?Cause and Effect.  A deep connection of this type may interfere with advertising and business concerns.  One has recently mentioned a frightening concept spoken of perhaps 35 years ago, pre-globalism and pre-fascism.  That was an idea of what was called subliminal advertising in which indoctrination would occur without the individual being aware.  One idea of what was meant was that words would be flashed on screens of media without the individual being aware, but that the idea would be internalized.  This sounds as nonsensical now as it did then.  But a point can be made that media take-over of culture and news is less subversive than that notion suggests, but much more aggressive and openly arrogant in transmission of indoctrination.  And the public doesn’t even challenge the ethics of this indoctrination as it did 35 years ago. read more


The Democratic/Republican duopoly seems to use political Parties in a way that presupposes democracy in action at the same time interests of the public, both in the USA and in foreign nations, are ignored.  Warnings from President George Washington are also ignored by politicians, commercial interests, and corporate-owned-politically-influenced MSM on the topic of political Parties read more


In one person’s view, the same oligarchy that thrives by dividing Americans does the same around the globe.  The US Constitution doesn’t include requirement that the USA police foreign nations, nor that we support an oligarchy.  Who can say in the USA of 2022, that we are not an oligarchy?  A symptom is the deep division that surely is promoted by a Democratic/Republican duopoly that has been buoyed into power byway of big-money campaign donations legalized without being legitimized by the Citizens United decision by a highly questionable Supreme Court. read more


Indoctrination that a so-called free market is the best system by which to provide opportunity for the most people can be questioned.  This has been the co-option by capitalistic hierarchical Establishment that has taken this concept and twisted it into a Pyramid  Scheme economy.  Now would be a great time to reconsider control by those who may have tendencies toward self-promotion rather than to maintaining a livable planet including human rights and rights of nature. read more


A recent Democratic Party campaign strategy used misogyny to the extent to condemn a woman who called for law enforcement when she was accosted by a man on a wooded jogging trail.  That women are specifically schooled about “how to act” when she is alone in public as a part of routine parental care, and that there is no place a woman can feel safe, and that her attackers are seldom women, is a topic that has been ignored.  Those women are condemned who take upon themselves their own protection, that includes calling law enforcement when in peril, is an added insult from a patriarchal political system.  The reality of women’s lives includes protecting themselves in a violent culture.  To suggest women should carry guns for their own protection is an added absurdity.  Women must feel safe even on nighttime streets and/or wooded areas.  Further harm is inflicted by political patriarchy that from time to time raise the question of misogyny in foreign nations where the excuse for US imperialism is to protect women’s rights, when said rights are politically and in reality abused in the USA  And so goes patriarchy. read more


Freedom without responsibility is tyranny.  The USA as  a government could benefit by remembering this.  For those who love to remind thinking adults that ours isn’t a democracy, but is a Constitutional republic, one could remind that government doesn’t do democracy, people do democracy.  This is the same reason human rights and enviornmental rights cannot be violated legitimately using bureaucratic lawmaking. read more