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Do we have to say it?  Codify natural rights.

Have we spent too much energy on economic interests and not enough on natural rights and the application in a democratic Constitutional Republic?  —  https://billofrightsinstitute.org/resources/principles-and-virtues –Drawn from an examination of human nature, these principles and virtues shape the American republic with ordered liberty and help form the conscience of the nation. Together, the principles and virtues bind a diverse, self-governing people together in communities and promote a healthy civil society. The continuation of the American experiment in self-government requires we know and understand these principles and practice these virtues.

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The need to codify natural rights seem to follow growing violations of natural rights by some.

Just a thought….conflict of interest is often predicated on greed and power.

We can consider different ways to view life.  —  https://thenaturalhistorymuseum.org/events/unfence-the-future/?link_id=0&can_id=193d62b237484a25dee2367907a4dd04&source=email-unfence-the-future-taking-down-fortress-conservation-and-its-enduring-legacy&email_referrer=email_1857901&email_subject=unfence-the-future-taking-down-fortress-conservation-and-its-enduring-legacy               –In the history of conservation, the logic of fencing was institutionalized in what critics call “fortress conservation,” a project of drawing boundaries between designated wilderness areas and their outsides, expelling perceived threats to ecological balance–from Indigenous Peoples, to predator species. In the process, habitats have been fragmented, and lifeworlds devastated.WEDNESDAY, APRIL 12
2:00 pm – 5:30 pm EST / 11:00 am – 2:30 pm PSTTHURSDAY, APRIL 13
2:00 pm- 6:45 pm EST / 11:00 am – 3:45 pm PST

This is a 2-day symposium taking place on Zoom–feel free to register for one or both days.

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C-Span hosted a discussion this morning about HR5, and a caller spoke of codifying parental rights.  Some people see parental rights as a natural right associated with liberty, to the same extent that some people hold as a natural right a woman’s control of her own body.

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America”…preamble to the US Constitution

That codification of actions of personal liberty seems to be the response to violations of human rights and natural rights.  The rights of children should be protected unassociated with political ideology.

Kelisa Wing is free to write books transparently expressing her thoughts, if she wishes.  Use of a taxpayer-funded position in promoting her personal work is the topic for question.   Would an educator sincere in intentions to ensure honesty in history curriculum use her position to self-promote?  Capitalistic hierarchical Establishment has accomplished too well it’s apparent intention of superimposing capitalism in place of democracy.  They are not the same and may be contradictory to each other.https://openthebooks.substack.com/p/military-stonewalling-on-controversial    –However, we filed a Freedom of Information Act request to obtain her contract, salary, job description, and any conflict-of-interest paperwork she’d completed. The government produced a heavily redacted offer letter and job description. For example, the agency even redacted her name from the offer letter out of “privacy.”

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The good points articulated by Ms. Wing are shadowed by conflict of interest.  But then the entire political body at this point is pretty much tainted by the corruption buoyed by Citizens United.

Teaching of the basics such as reading, writing, and rithmatic (sic) is actually less glorious but more useful in permitting each individual to learn how to think rather than what to think.  This gives the tools to support personal journeys.  

By the way, to partner with the Pentagon hearkens back to the notion of strange bedfellows.  If you want to be taken seriously on the topic of human and natural rights……..

The work of authority should be to ensure barriers are removed on that journey for everyone, not just for some.  

A governmental response would be to guard against violation of human rights and environmental rights, for a start.

The standard by which we measure ourselves needn’t be patriarchal.  —  https://mronline.org/2023/03/24/you-strike-the-women-you-strike-the-rock-you-will-be-crushed-the-twelfth-newsletter-2023/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=you-strike-the-women-you-strike-the-rock-you-will-be-crushed-the-twelfth-newsletter-2023&mc_cid=30b53ca844&mc_eid=2833cdb99b  — Within hours, Western governments and central banks secured billions of dollars to bail out the financial system. This crisis could not be allowed to escalate.

Other serious developments in the world might be called a crisis, but they do not elicit the kind of urgent response undertaken by Western governments to shore up their banking system. Three years ago, Oxfam released a report that found that the ‘world’s 22 richest men have more wealth than all the women in Africa’.–end of mronline info–

War crimes happen in military actions.  —

https://popularresistance.org/20-years-after-iraq-corporate-media-defends-us-war-crimes/     –United States troops began the invasion of Iraq on March 20, 2003 under the direction of president George W. Bush. The death toll estimates for Iraqi civilians vary between 275,000 and 654,000 as a direct result of warfare, with one study estimating as many as 1 million deaths . If even the lowest figure is correct, the U.S. committed a horrific war crime, a deliberate attack on a civilian population.

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From Remaloeb and included in appreciation for acknowledgement of real value.  —  https://www.facebook.com/rema.loeb/posts/pfbid02k3tCCwffHJZrvtFop2iDdW1twkN3Rjf9VbHqrwR9ZayeV1tUWWtCSJFpasDty8cMl     —

Bristlecone Pine.

These trees are the oldest living thing on earth. The information that scientists learned from studying them led to adjustment of carbon dating procedures. –end of tweet  —

From gatewaygreens  —  https://mailchi.mp/730ddc72bab7/green-party-of-st-louis-meeting-wed-april-19-2017-recent-and-future-elections-6231429?e=d624642c9f   —

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C-Span hosted Fairplay guest Josh Golin.  Mr. Golin expressed interest in supporting online use by children that is free of advertising (paraphrase). read more


Can the Family and Medical Leave Act (FLMA) function, as said by guest Rachel Greszler,  as”a get out of jail free card”.  Ms. Greszler spoke truth more than FACTS when she said that.  In a nation that is number 1 in human incarceration, a point can be suggested that the work world for many employees isn’t far different.  While corporations decry regulations applied to them, the regulations imposed upon employees seem often in conflict with human rights, not to mention rights of nature as pertains to environment. read more


Bait-and-switch may be a reason some people have labeled as war crimes (remembering that war crime is an oxymoron) Russian targeting of civilian infrastructure in Ukraine that denies to local community members the civil and human right of the dignity of a functional energy grid while accepting a dysfunctional US energy grid by labeling this as free enterprise. read more


Is the working class trying to send the message to the ruling class, “don’t push any harder”? read more


Fear more than reason may support the knee-jerk reaction of hyper funding the Pentagon in order to increase defense capabilities at the same time another recent reminder of inordinate danger looms over the public within the US borders as pertains to an obsolete and flimsy energy grid.  The pentagon is purported to have misplaced about $22,000,000,000,000, that’s with a “T”.
read more


C-Span is a real hoot sometimes; well worth accessing. read more


Political Parties aren’t intended to run the nation.  Neither branch of the Duopoly, D&R, seem to have placed this principle over self interest. read more


Few of the public are aware of the decade-long struggle against human rights violations and natural rights violations in the Northeast, and most notably along the border of NYS and Pa..  A reason is censorship by corporate-owned government-influenced MSM.  During the decade-long anti-fracking struggle, little to nothing was reported on local news about local-community advocacy to uphold human and natural rights.  One doesn’t recall in the last week ore so, a news report that as Shapiro says, the penalties against corporate harm are historic.  Perhaps I missed the local news report that could have encouraged local community members that incidentally, justice happens.  Devoid of a Free Press, one appreciates social media, which is denigrated by corporate-owned government-run MSM read more


When you say what the rest of us should be able to figure out for ourselves anyway, you get censored read more


On this small-business Saturday, free market concepts should be important.  In the USA, corporate-owned politicians have put into place laws and policies that significantly undermine local sole proprietorship in favor of chain store privilege. read more


Today C-Span at around 2:30PM, is airing a Congressional Q&A on the topic of US Drone Strikes.  This is an eyeopener on a topic about which most people have a passing awareness and little more.  Transparency is stressed by such groups as the ACLU, and defended against by some politicians.  That drones are used by one nation against the citizens of another seems to be beyond the pale. read more


Too often freedom for one person comes at the liability of another.  Socialism could be a label to suggest balancing away from exploitation of this type, if it must be labeled.  Another phrase could be respect for natural, human, and civil rights.  Either way, everyone should have a voice in defining freedom, not only the hierarchy. read more


A reality-show President seems slowly to lose his polish to reality-show constituents.  If the Republican Party could regain the sense of humor that is grounded in self confidence, perhaps they would elect Liz Cheney as Speaker of The House. read more


Breathtaking is any presumption that attack on nature can be perpetrated without an accompanying attack on humanity.  This is emblematic of hierarchical Establishment indoctrination that has urged humanity to identify with corporations rather than nature.   read more