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It’s not so much about ejaculation, Choice, and abortion as it is about an ability to entertain a different perspective away from the current inculcation by patriarchal hierarchy. The exploitation by hierarchical patriarchy of placing responsibility on women along with denying action toward that responsibility seems criminal.  Add to that an economic system that worships money as a fetish in place of money as a tool of economics, and a system of tyranny seems complete.  That those who have risen to the top in this sadism make and enforce the rules isn’t surprising; but that some women have accepted their place in this system is surprising. read more


Capitalistic hierarchical Establishment has been deft in their sleight of hand of separating the topic of economics upon which capitalism is founded, away from so-labeled culture-wars topics in which portions of the public specified by hierarchy must act contrary to their own economic interests that in this system, is the basis for survival.  This implies the system is more fascist than organized crime.  Organized crime seems impervious to the behavior of its human resources (people), while fascism can institutionalize levels of behavior.  This brings up dictatorship as the end result of fascism.  This also implies that portions of the public must act contrary to their own interests, or break the law.  One could almost recognize indenturing in this system. read more