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May Day is an American holiday.  Who knew?     –May 1 became International Labor Day after the tragedy at Haymarket Square in Chicago, Illinois, USA. In early May 1886, demonstrations were held in Chicago and other US cities demanding an eight-hour working day. It might seem a no-brainer today, but in the late 19th century many tycoons did not believe that workers had the right to sleep. read more


Puritanical America is functioning predictably.  Sexual preoccupation seems mirrored in political characteristics as one watches a reclusive Biden who says he won’t debate and hasn’t been accessible to questions directly from the general public who is expected according to dictation from the Democratic/Republican duopoly, to run against an exhibitionist-style Trump on the topic of campaigning.  Suggestive is the same exhibition/repression as applies, for example, to Trans matters.   read more


Separation first of each other and then labeling each other as “competition” supports authoritarian presumption and control.  Our educational system may be dedicated to this delusion to promote hierarchy.  A more nuanced approach to understanding can dramatically expand understanding. read more


Snide insincerity may be a hallmark of politicians in general, and the Democratic Party aren’t to be outdone in that capacity.  It is Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown as the symbol of the topic of abortion, from the Democratic Party that failed to codify Roe v. Wade when they had ample opportunity to do so.  Instead, the Democratic Party, like the Republican Party, prefer to block action demanded by We The People, in order to have campaign promises to pull out of their bag of tricks at election time. read more


With the Biden announcement about running for the Presidency in 2024, several thoughts come to mind. read more


American foreign policy seems to have devolved into military promotion and action.  This is in compliance to benefits for The Military-Industrial Complex.  The Military-Industrial Complex is the engine for world-wide oligarchy.  Military action has replaced declared war, giving unspecified bureaucrats and politicians ability to wage war according to personal whim (The Bush/Cheney “War in Iraq” is an example), and relieves Congress of its responsibilities the better to pretend to outrage and innocence.  Our bureaucratically-labeled “Proxy War with Russia in Ukraine” is an insult to intelligence. read more


Gentrification doesn’t impact only black communities, but is significant in rural regions where industrialization-for-energy-products have undermined long-standing and well-established communities.  In FACT, the process isn’t only about industrialization, but has catered to campaign-donor interests who are often located outside of the region, over the interests of local communities.  But the black community is an excellent place to start in rectification. read more


This phrase is attributed to Ron Finley who (paraphrase) says growing your own food is like printing your own money. read more


One is grateful for reminders of the reality of the era of the ’70’s that can be characterized by involvement in social issues by young people.  The issues eventually were captured into political camps for campaign purposes, as subtly as the young people were strained off to the service of those who could be suspected as being the perpetrators of the problems in he first place.  Earth Day seems a great time to consider the underlying malevolence beneath the entirety. read more


Is Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. choosing a new Presidential-candidate campaign message? read more


C-Span generally hosts public call-in sessions in which people can speak to their personal topics of interests.  These are the most interesting call-in sessions, in one person’s opinion. This morning a caller at about 9:20AM, on the topic of Trans sports people in women’s sports events, suggested Trans men’s teams and Trans women’s teams as being most fair.  Another type of sports event could be a blended Trans men and Trans Women teams as being appropriate, if it is presumed that it is appropriate for women’s teams to be mandated to host Trans participants. read more


C-Span is a resource that is as good as it gets on the topic of transparency.  Without information a democracy doesn’t function.  And by the way, as heard on a Bill Moyers Show, government don’t do democracy, people do.   read more


Analytical thinking may be nothing more than common sense.       —
APRIL 17, 2023

House Speaker McCarthy at the N.Y. Stock Exchange

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) gave remarks at the New York Stock Exchange on the U.S. economy and negotiations to raise the federal debt limit. This event experienced technical difficulties.–end of McCarthy stock exchange info–

A big-money interest-financed politician (byway of Citizens United) speaks to the NY Stock Exchange on the topic of the Reagan inspiration of Trickle Down Economics to presumably some of the same players who were bailed out by the US taxpayer after said players engineered the 2008 Financial Meltdown.  McCarthy seems to imply (paraphrase)…”We couldn’t have done it without ya”.

And how are corporations, devoid of Corporate Character Revocation abilities by local community members, functioning in the new normal of lack of government regulation?  Please consider thoughts from Status Coup.     —

Erin Brockovich ACCUSES Norfolk Southern of Lying About East Palestine Ohio “Controlled Burn”

–end of statuscoup info–

MSM didn’t report on the decade-long NYS anti-fracking advocacy in which local citizens learned much more than they wanted about corruption.  A few personal and untutored views.  One welcomes correction where warranted—

*Fracking uses proprietary chemicals that are secret from local communities

*Proprietary seems to mean the chemicals used on people and nature are none of our business

*Pollution of several types are found in areas that are subjected to this industrialization

*Many local communities are protected by volunteer fire departments that understand common brush and house fires, but not so much industrial chemical fires

*Some local politicians seem more intent on courting big-money interests into local communities with the excuse of economic advancement than supporting local volunteer groups

*One may suppose a part of the draw may be big-money campaign donations to politicians

*The NYSEG Stadium absorbed curious amounts of local taxpayer funding for renovations when perhaps volunteer fire departments could have benefited from said funding

*NYSEG Stadium is now Mirabito Stadium


*Local municipalities also needed to fend off LG fueling stations, one locally proposed next to a neighborhood school

Capitalism surely benefits from the Trickle-Down Economic system, but that either are beneficial to local communities is highly questionable.  

We The People need to short-circuit reliance on marketing speech from hierarchy and remember common sense.      —

Florida Might Be Done For

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From popularresistance  —            —

New Brunswick, N.J. — Here are some of the senior administrators I did not see joining us on the picket lines set up by striking teachers and staff at Rutgers University. Brian Strom, the chancellor of Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences, whose salary is $925,932 a year. Steven Libutti, the vice chancellor for Cancer Programs for Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences, who makes $929,411 a year. Patrick Hobbs, the director of athletics, who receives $999,688 a year. The president of the university, Jonathan Holloway, who is paid $1.2 million a year. Stephen Pikiell, the university’s head basketball coach, who has received a 445 percent pay raise since 2020 and currently gets $3 million a year. Gregory Schiano, the university’s head football coach, who pulls in $4 million a year.

Here is who I did see. Leslieann Hobayan, a poet and single mother with three teenage daughters who makes $28,000 a year teaching creative writing as an adjunct professor and could not afford health insurance last year. Hank Kalet, who, by teaching seven courses a semester at Rutgers, Brookdale Community College and Middlesex College as an adjunct professor (a full course load for a semester is normally four courses) as well as teaching summer courses, can sometimes make $50,000 a year. But even he only has health insurance through his wife’s employer. Josh Anthony and Yazmin Gomez, graduate workers in the history department who serve as teaching assistants, and who each struggle to survive on $25,000 a year, $1,300 of which is deducted by the university for library, gym and computer fees.

–end of popularresistance info–

One is seriously interested in those who have degrees from institutions of high learning and pose as educated, who also carry un-payable levels of debt to finagle said degree.

Common sense would be better.

From Gateway Greens——–

Please take a look at the Green Social Thought website:

Its focus is: “Produce less. Distribute it fairly. Create a greener world for all For more info, call 314-727-8554 read more


C-Span is illuminating as usual.  A caller spoke of the wealth of military equipment the USA has left around the globe, free for the taking by others.  She implied this is a bad idea.  read more


Anyone ready to rethink the excuse that “boys will be boys” long enough to consider it simple psychosis? read more