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One is reading an odd and fascinating book that describes behind-the scenes actions by self-imagined world leaders that set the stage for spread of what can be labeled “Western values” that seem to have spread to the Middle East in the form of what is now euphemistically called the Israel-Hamas War. read more


C-Span hosted a call-in discussion in which at 7:30AM a woman expressed a view (paraphrase) that we need a people’s counsel that approved or disapproved the laws and policies by politicians.  If principles in the US Constitution hadn’t been so defiled by institutionalized greed and corruption in the electoral process enforced through Citizens United, our system would be representative in which politicians had as their first concern, We The People. read more


Direction and control by hierarchy are supported by homogenizing culture into a malleable and sterile unit.  read more


King Charles may be sufficiently aware to “feel the weight of history”.  This is good news. read more


The fascinating reality of abuse is that after the perpetrator has indoctrinated the target into acceptance, the abuser no longer needs to commit abuse while the target carries on the persona alone.  Another perspective is that we can each be our own worst enemy.  And that may be the reason the characters displaying as leaders gain power.  Fascinating is the FACT of a 2020 Presidential campaign in which candidates elected into power had not touched upon the topic of rights of a woman to control her own body.  Allegations brought by women about harassment, in FACT, were ignored.  So in 2022 we shouldn’t be surprised at the lip service from said leaders, with absolutely no action to protect intrinsic rights of women. read more


One would think harm inflicted upon people and nature would be a topic of interests as relates to the roll out of the 5G network, but not until airline concerns were raised has a top been put to enactment of a system that hasn’t as yet been sufficiently investigated for health concerns. read more


Colonization is the reason Indigenous People are denied human and environmental rights with the excuse from occupiers that they bring progress and profit that generally is a diluted lifestyle for local-community members
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