Month: February 2022


Putin may or may not be insane, but what about the rest of us?  Or at least honesty. read more


Is it a wonder that some of the elite are planning for a future away from Mother Earth? read more


Oligarchs are the winner in war, local communities are not and neither is nature.  The winners write the narrative to promote their interests for history.  War is on the side of Climate Change.  Industry profits exceptionally.  Economic globalism without communal globalism is a travesty. read more


Collaboration between politicians, commercial interests, and corporate-owned-state-run MSM crowd out the reality of the majority of humanity and of nature.  This is a good time to stop such travesty by hearing diverse voices. read more


We have the ability to build out a renewable and sustainable energy grid but choose to retain obsolete and harmful types of energy production in abeyance to oligarchical wishes.  How much of US military action around the globe that includes Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, to name a few, is to “spread democracy around the world” that is a euphemism for protecting oligarchical interests.  Use of military action rather than good governance seems to have promoted movement to the brink of war.  Too many nations have nuclear arms, including the USA.  Climate Change is still the existential crisis of our lifetime.  How ironic if a nuclear war was the remedy to Climate Change caused by over-industrialization.   read more


Wonder never ceases as nature unfolds, and people pay attention.  This raises questions about the evolution of human brains, that may be developing contrary to the wisdom of nature, and more through the chauvinism of technology.  Ability to indoctrinate human beings raises a few questions. read more


Having first heard of pausing of highway construction projects in Iceland to consider the interests of the elves, one has noticed these stories popping up occasionally.  The same may happen in many Indigenous communities with less success, probably because cash has bought into positions of power, so many politicians with larceny in their hearts.  Apparently in Iceland this hasn’t happened as yet. read more


Capitalism thrives in India as arrogantly as it does in the USA, along with Establishment assertions that both are democracies, but where both are controlled by a collaboration between commercial interests and government politicians and bureaucrats in a fashion that feels exposed to fascism.  The result is a system in which hierarchical authority grows and the wealth of the nation transfer from the 100% to the 1% in a way that isn’t similar to democratic (small d). read more


US incursions around the globe are explained by saying it is “spreading democracy around the world”.  Which nation in the last 50 years subjected to US benevolence by military action, is better off?  In FACT, the USA is not better off and in FACT has incredible problems that need attention yesterday.  These problems are ignored by US oligarchs/politicians.  And why are oligarchs and politicians so often one and the same? read more


Is anyone else feeling the embarrassment of threats by the USA of sanctioning other nations?  Joe Biden asked the Middle East to ramp up oil production to ease the upward spiral of gasoline costs in the USA and they said no.  Is this a sanction?  China possesses American jobs used to manufacture products needed by the American public and with China in control of the amount if any of the products getting to the USA.  Is this a sanction?   read more


Someone asked a completely relevant question which was “what will replace capitalism”?  The answer was entirely too glib but deeply truthful which was “soul”.  Surely preoccupation was the cause of this reply, combined with dismay that over years of discussion as to the universe of possibilities of replacement of capitalism, this question was asked.  In FACT it is a timely question as we are beginning to recognize that capitalism is a Pyramid Scheme.  Capitalism like communism thrives when a Free Press is replaced by corporate-owned-state-influenced MSM that has given us news blackouts whenever anyone mentions what will replace capitalism.  But once again, the possibilities are endless.
read more


A war posture is the fall-back stance for too many politicians and the USA is not an exception.  To be a functioning part of the problem takes no effort or imagination.  In a nation wrapped in the mantle of exceptionalism, we should be capable of better.  Can we recognize our own weak areas?  Or like schoolyard bullies will we use threats and intimidation when we could use our intellect to promote peace?  Currently heard on MSM is so-called tension between the USA and Russia over the Ukraine with little to nothing mentioned about the ideas from European nations.  Do they not have ideas?  Or are the battling capitalists in Russia and the USA drowning out other views? read more


Hyperbole is typical in a political campaign but should have become undignified in a leader by the time political office has been reached.   read more


Remembering that the Haudenosaunee are said to be the origin of principles included in the US Constitution that don’t appear to rest on a foundation of capitalism but rather on a foundation of free enterprise as pertains to but are not limited to financial matters, hope continues that culture as lived pre-colonization can triumph.  Time will tell.  Meanwhile, Upstate NY is benefiting, so far, from said leadership.  The hope builds that we remember nature and the wilderness. read more


As pointed out by a particular Establishment character commenting negatively about the grammar and language of Lee Camp, a person could look beyond the window dressing to hear truth.  As one who finds FACTS to be useful while attempting to avoid truthfulness of any opinion one offers because that is subjective, we can recognize truth in the views of others.  Lee Camp may make Establishment uncomfortable.  Others may receive his comments less as a grammar tutorial and more as shining light in dark corners read more