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C-Span hosted conversations about Memorial Day.

8:40AM–caller–paraphrase–The military is good at transitioning citizens into soldiers but not the transition from a soldier into a citizen. read more


A point can be made that lawfare has been perfected against the US public over decades, as laws are passed that support transfer of the wealth of the nation from the 100% to the 1%.  read more


Laws seem to be the impetus for maintaining and supporting a privileged class of people that in 2023 can be called oligarchs.  In a nation that pretends to equality and justice in the law, we all know it is better to be rich and guilty than poor and innocent in our justice system. read more


American foreign policy seems to have devolved into military promotion and action.  This is in compliance to benefits for The Military-Industrial Complex.  The Military-Industrial Complex is the engine for world-wide oligarchy.  Military action has replaced declared war, giving unspecified bureaucrats and politicians ability to wage war according to personal whim (The Bush/Cheney “War in Iraq” is an example), and relieves Congress of its responsibilities the better to pretend to outrage and innocence.  Our bureaucratically-labeled “Proxy War with Russia in Ukraine” is an insult to intelligence. read more


C-Span is illuminating as usual.  A caller spoke of the wealth of military equipment the USA has left around the globe, free for the taking by others.  She implied this is a bad idea.  read more


Is it only a war if the destruction is against foreign governments, or does it include humanity and nature as the targets? read more


The following Organic Consumers link highlights several disturbing realities, not the least of which is masks for cows. read more


Open interest by politicians of the Poverty Draft emphasizes the reality.

This seems a response to those who notice anti-war protesters siding with Kiev without noticing ani-war protesters also have different views.  Ultimately to stop military action is primary.  War is a dust-up between groups of oligarchs with the pain inflicted upon humanity and nature.  Some people believe systems that are hierarchical la the foundation for such competition that escalates into military action.https://mronline.org/2023/03/27/anti-war-protests-in-deutschland-and-the-need-to-change-course-on-kiev/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=anti-war-protests-in-deutschland-and-the-need-to-change-course-on-kiev&mc_cid=242fdb6a0b&mc_eid=2833cdb99b      —

The protests are being spearheaded by figureheads such as Sahra Wagenknecht and veteran feminist campaigner, Alice Schwarzer, who are sending a clear signal that peace, amity, absence of hostilities and eschewing Cold War mentalities needs to take hold for a stable continent and world order. In a speech at the protest, Wagenknecht stated that a citizen’s initiative was the need of the hour as well as a new, strong and impactful peace movement across Germany. She also pointed out how demonstrators were united over grievances such as isolation and lack of representation by the Olaf Scholz administration. On the foreign policy front, the German public is also disillusioned by Foreign Minister Anna Baerbock’s doctrine of providing unfettered access to weapons.

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American chauvinism seems a reason for attempting to insinuate NATO wherever possible.  That the following fossil gas lobby was in Austria seems routine to those who understand the history of the region the USA is, in 2023, attempting to “dominate”.  

https://popularresistance.org/hundreds-of-people-disrupt-fossil-gas-lobby-conference-in-austria/   —

Vienna, Austria – More than four hundred people protested against the European Gas Conference (EGC), blocking streets around the Mariott Hotel Vienna, the conference venue. The European Gas Conference is a three-day ‘high-level’ event where representatives of fossil fuel companies such as Shell, Total and BP meet with financial investors and political representatives to take decisions on major energy projects. Despite massive police presence trying to keep the conference behind closed doors, hundreds of people blocked the streets. The protesters demand an end to the fossil exploitation being planned behind closed doors at the EGC and call for comprehensive changes in order to create a just energy system.

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What does it mean when Rachel Maddow and Lee Camp air views that are similar?   Are they collaborating in Conspiracy Theories?  Last night Maddow aired clips of protesters in Georgia (the nation) and also one believes Israel.  Maddow seemed to suggest somnolent Americans might wish to take heed and follow suit due to authoritarian actions in

 Georgia the state.

  So why is Mr. Camp censored but not Maddow espousing similar sentiments.  Could it be power and money?  Actually Camp/Maddow are a fetching team.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-aeBkjgJek          —

France Burns! Is The US Next?

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Maddow’s point seemed to be admiration for the Georgian (the nation) citizens who were challenging authoritarian attempts by the legislature and questions about the same in Georgia the state where the same is happening.

https://apnews.com/article/georgia-prosecutor-district-attorney-remove-discipline-dd06c56d0d0672e38ef11f4c63dda468     —

ATLANTA (AP) — A new Georgia commission to discipline and remove wayward prosecutors would be the latest move nationwide to ratchet up oversight on what Republicans see as “woke prosecutors” who aren’t doing enough to fight crime.–end of apnews info–

Meanwhile wokesters have been given the responsibility by Establishment (meritocracy) to help to reform the Pentagon.  Be careful what you wish for….

The awakened character of information by Sabby Sabs is encouraging.  —

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdgb2iPUKg0      —

Bronx Green Party DEMANDS An Apology From AOC (clip)

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Anyone with more info for AOC can email bxantiwar@gmail.com

A caller to C-Span asked the question of he reason for ongoing US funding to Israel for defense when Israel enjoys a booming defense industry.  That’s a good question that was answered by mumbled nonsense from the guest.  (One person’s interpretation)

From gatewaygreens  —  https://mailchi.mp/362fd367c521/green-party-of-st-louis-meeting-wed-april-19-2017-recent-and-future-elections-6231837?e=d624642c9f      —

Were you at the showing of “A Sewer Runs Through It: A History of the River des Peres” or did you miss it? If you came, please send the message below to your friends and urge them to register for the REPEAT SHOWING at 7 pm, Tuesday, March 28. If you missed it you can reserve your spot with a NO COST Eventbrite ticket (see below). We anticipated 40 – 60 people registering for the first event but had vastly more interest than expected. Space limitations caused us to shut off registration at 160. Please notice that the March 28 repeat event is at the University City High School Library. Since the second event might also “sell out,” you should reserve your spot as soon as you get this. All panelists will speak at the second showing. The event is NO COST but you need an EVENTBRITE ticket ($0.00).   read more


Congress has concerns about abuse of the US public by the commercial entity known as TikTok, that is affiliated with China.  Hmm….concern for the US public; better late than never. read more


The simplicity of trust in nature could be the key. read more


Pesky genetic memory reminds that we are human and nature is our home. May genetics suggest spirituality?  Ancestor worship may be a quai-derogatory description of that which is too complex to explain in a few words. read more


Apparently this is the 20th anniversary of the “War in Iraq”.  Many callers to C-Span expressed belated regrets for this anomaly of a military action by the USA.  Better late than never.  Many people were vehement in condemnation of this ill-fated military self-indulgence in the time and place.  We also remember the media frenzy over “freedom fries” and “supporting our President”.  Too bad our Presidents don’t support We The People. read more


Either work well in capitalism.

They say time is money.  It’s also your life. read more


Some people see value in each of patriarchy and matriarchy when they are in balance and cooperative.  Currently and over many centuries, the globe has experienced wildly out-of-balance patriarchy.  We can envision better.
  — read more


The irresponsible and authoritarian refrain over several decades has been to “run government like a business”.  Aside from the obvious FACT that this is organized crime, this is a system that mirrors principles of communism and capitalism.   read more