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The best explanation of passive/aggressive behavior I’ve seen is the following——It’s a large dog with his front paws on your shoulders, licking your face, and peeing on your shoes.   read more


C-Span is illuminating as usual.  A caller spoke of the wealth of military equipment the USA has left around the globe, free for the taking by others.  She implied this is a bad idea.  read more


Having quasi-quoted this socialist in the past, it’s better to be aware of the author.  If you don’t know who Eugene Debs is, inform yourself.  It’s a relevant story. read more


On involvement in Ukraine, US leaders have warned the US public that pain could be felt at home.  How is this supportive of the USA and We The People?…..And to what end?– read more


On this election day when so many US citizens cast their vote for representatives for our republic, which is a decidedly positive act of democracy, we might remember purported origins of principles of the US Constitution.   read more


The rhetoric from Establishment is often to pray for peace.  Would we be more in tune with reality to vote for peace? read more


C-Span presented a political campaign commercial at about 7:21 AM in which the politician said he supported the CHIPS Act that brings manufacturing back to the USA.    So many politicians are jumping on the bandwagon of returning manufacturing to the USA without explaining the reason they desecrated manufacturing in the USA in the first place.  By the way these same politicians are still receiving big-donor campaign contributions byway of Citizens United that casts shadow on veracity and honesty. read more


As one who supported Kaepernick for months before it became popular, and by the way simultaneously objected to the “b” word due to self respect, one was amused when the tipping point in favor of Kaepernick happened when the “b” word was used by Trump, that garnered attention because suddenly-awakened people said it was a negative reflection on mothers, from groups who previously used the “b” word as a commonplace. read more


A reason I love NYS is that it is a hotbed of responsible citizens.  This is curious alongside a propensity to vote into positions of power, patriarchal Establishment types who seem to disregard local community wishes.  Authoritarianism conflicts with democracy.   read more


C-Span presented the following discussion and well worth hearing.  As for Liz Cheney, I hold her in high regard for integrity but in low esteem for policy.  Trickle Down has worked well for the Cheney’s, but is a corrupt economic policy as regards free markets, in one person’s opinion. Especially partnered with Citizens United and www.alec.org, it is a system to transfer the wealth of the nation from to the top of the Pyramid Scheme.  But that’s as applies to the economy and the Reagan notions.  As applies to the integrity of Liz Cheney, this seems to pertain to democracy, and is a system, if voters are awake, that can challenge Trickle Down Theories even while those supporting democracy are proponents for Trickle Down..  And so one can imagine voting for Liz Cheney as compared to, for example, voting for a Duopoly-owned President mouthing admirable policies but lacking integrity. read more


Imagination…..the true home of reality.   As quoted by Tobias Churton. In other words, departures from reality as suggested by Establishment may too often be another style of indoctrination.  To build a reality it first may need to be imagined. read more


Considering the happy profits captured by Pentagon contractors reported in the commondreams link below, a thoughtful person will weigh this good fortune against the resulting human deaths that are inevitable in war zones, lost opportunities for upgrading of lifestyle for American citizens rather than producing war machines, and use of the US military personnel as placeholders who have figuratively tread water for the length of time of their service when meaningful activities could have been supported instead.   read more


Or in carefree and endearing terms of commercial governance, fun with words.   read more


While some people might prefer a free-market and democratically supporting system over a blanket-defined socialism, to insinuate that fascism fits the bill over either is cynical and dangerous indoctrination into acceptance of dictatorship by moneyed interests of We The People.  Imperialism by this dictatorship is outside of the auspices of the US Constitution.

https://mailchi.mp/popularresistance/nfbfzjimg8?e=1b0a9c0541      —

Chris Hedges: Soldiers Speak Out Against America’s Misguided Wars

Amnesty International On Ukraine’s Violations Of International Law

What Has ‘Champion Of Democracy’ Wrought?Big Chip In US-China Crisis

Fighting For Healthcare Means Fighting For Socialism

The Rise Of The Monster DAFs

Climate Protesters Delay Congressional Baseball Game

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Wise would be serious consideration of who are the enemies of We The People, when oligarchs make that determination for us.    https://portside.org/2022-08-06/pro-israel-lobby-drops-millions-influence-us-congressional-elections?utm_source=portside-general&utm_medium=email                   –According to AIPAC spokesperson Marshall Whittmann their mission is simple: “We are engaged in the democratic process to elect candidates who will support the U.S.-Israel relationship and oppose those who will not.” In other words, they won’t be looking at candidates’ views on the economy, race relations, guns, abortion, the environment, or any other issue important to American voters. Only Israel. This could be devastating for progressives running for office.

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This seems an odd but typical qualification for a politician.  This coincides with the endorsement of Joe Biden who won the Democratic Primary with little to no mention of policies or platform, including Choice and women’s rights, but seemed to receive votes based upon the curious Jim Clyburn influence, who himself seems inordinately influenced by personal interests, based upon publicly available reports.

Concern by some people over the topic of misogyny and Choice, have appeared prophetic as Choice is attacked and Biden’s solution now that he is in power is “vote Democratic”.   Meanwhile the challenge to Choice and women’s rights are being labeled as especially racist.  Huh?….So what was the impetus for a vote for Biden?

But it wasn’t only about Clyburn.  To speak plainly, how many of institutionalized clergy joined the ego train to endorse a candidate devoid of expressed policy or ideas?  Institutionalized clergy seem particularly hierarchical and ready to self promote within a safe enclave.  Organizing is crucial but a reason to do so might be based on interests of voters rather than the ego of the self-defined leaders.

From MRonline  —          https://us2.campaign-archive.com/?e=2833cdb99b&u=36ce609ae68971b4f060ad9c7&id=d2ddae50d7      —

Inside the Democrats’ climate deal with the devilCuban vaccine against lung cancer makes its way in the United StatesHow the Pentagon dictates Hollywood storylines

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From gateway-greens.org—               https://mailchi.mp/2180913bea20/green-party-of-st-louis-meeting-wed-april-19-2017-recent-and-future-elections-6157049?e=d624642c9f

Decriminalized Marijuana Reinvents Racism and Poisoning

Contribution to the Development of an Ecosocialist Program

Onslaught of the Oily Authoritarians

World Drought Gets Worse, Cities Ration

Mapping U.S. Imperialism

“Serbia Is (Not) for Sale”: On Lithium, Hunger and Other Betrayals
read more


You would be informed by listening to the following hearing on health care.  One notes the typically precious comments from who seems to be a snarky Graham, as he asks who in the health care system produces the tomatoes.  If you listen to this hearing, it will make sense. read more