On this small-business Saturday, free market concepts should be important.  In the USA, corporate-owned politicians have put into place laws and policies that significantly undermine local sole proprietorship in favor of chain store privilege.    —


Washington Journal

Shaundell Newsome on Challenges Facing America’s Small Businesses

Shaundell Newsome, co-chair of the group Small Business for America’s Future, discussed the state of small businesses in the U.S.

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It seems pertinent as Establishment MSM promotes small-business Saturday,  to be aware of the roadblocks Establishment has built around free markets.  Consider actions promulgated by elected leaders over several decades and in recent years that make small-business Saturday as travesty toward free markets.

On the topic of an economy that functions in a democratic (small d) Constitutional republic, Establishment seems to have superimposed capitalism over free market principles.  Reasons supporting this view—

*Trade agreements promoted by politicians bought into positions of power byway of Citizens United have sent jobs and manufacturing to foreign nations

*Family income has been reduced dramatically due to trade agreements

*Said trade agreements have included language that prioritizes interests of multi-national corporations over local-community human rights and rights of nature

*When manufacturing is predominantly foreign, US consumers are at the mercy of foreign nations and a questionable supply chain

*The Trump tariff was imposed when tariffs are traditionally used to balance import/export ratios to ensure money isn’t flowing out of the US but instead is flowing into the US

*To impose a tariff on imports when manufacturing has been legislatively forced to foreign nations is predatory toward US consumers and supports inflation

*Previous to current Pyramid-Scheme economics, sole-proprietorship business which is the core of free markets, were undermined legislatively in favor of corporate chains

*Recently sole props have used the internet to purchase low-cost products from overseas in order to maintain local-community store fronts

*The Trump tariff short-circuited this ability for sole props to so participate in such global free market activity because a sole prop is taxed personally to the owner and so imposes the tariff directly upon said sole proprietor, while corporations are legislatively taxed more favorably to their business interest

*And so precision predatory behavior toward We The People by corporate/politician collaboration is US economic policy

These are reasons that indoctrination of the US public that capitalism is democracy and free markets, needs to be discussed, made clear to a somnolent public, and explained by bureaucrats who have justified the Trump tariff by calling it a geopolitical advantage without specifying the beneficiary, who may be the ‘splainer.  Recently many of the ‘splainers and lawmakers are also the retailers and profiteers.

The hypocrisy of celebrating small business in a culture that has actively worked against them is cynical.

Image is important and a system of privilege and control has emanated over centuries to steer what the public believes.  One has been especially interested in a view of established religion called gnostic that has been labeled as heretical.  –An extensive examination of the history of gnosticism and how its philosophy has influenced the Western esoteric tradition

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This book brings out important points, but seems laughably in synchronization with the institutionalized religion that has labeled gnostic as heretical in the following ways.—*Gnostic literature seems to ‘splain the dark/light, male/female that goes ignored in institutionalized religion, while using throughout explanations, words such as brotherhood and brethren*Logical explanations that balance is discovered within, seem to justify actions that suggest imbalance*Aleister Crowley is held up as an example of which one speaks, as described in Gnostic Philosopy*Aleister Crowley was apparently married to one Mary*Mary was institutionalized due to alcoholism, in a “lunatic asylum”This is interesting because the Crowley events seemed to have happened in the early 1900’s.  This was a period when women could indeed be “put away”, if they became uncontrollable.  This seems relevant as women in 2022 are losing legal control of their own bodies, seem dismayed that this could happen, but over 50 years of freedom have lost the memory of what came before to the extant of disrespecting women who do retain actual memory.  Some girls raised in the 1950’s remember conversations between older women of that time, with terror in the eyes of the tellers, discussing possibilities of “being put away” after menopause.  This is a period in a woman’s life when hormones change and a woman may become less docile and less inclined to people pleasing.One mentions this to reinforce permission for the public to think for itself.And by the way, a 1-payer comprehensive public health care policy would be less costly, more efficient, and healthier for humanity than our current patriarchal-compliant pay-to-play system.  On the topic of thinking for ourselves, let’s give it a try.

One also heard an actor promoting a movie, and warning “white women” that if “they come after us, they’ll come after white women”.  Sweetie, that ship has sailed.*  Historical amnesia is a US phenomenon and especially on the topic of women.      —

“Suffering Will Awaken Us” Eckhart Tolle

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Because we’re all relations—

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Native Americans React to Asian/Latino/Polynesian TikTok

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