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Need one bring up the “p” word?  And for the group of people subscribing to membership in that club of privilege, who seem still trying to grow up, the rest of us are becoming ever less willing to wait for your metamorphosis into the adult world. read more


The irresponsible and authoritarian refrain over several decades has been to “run government like a business”.  Aside from the obvious FACT that this is organized crime, this is a system that mirrors principles of communism and capitalism.   read more


The worry of inflation would feel more easily handled if it was addressed as price gouging or monopoly, for which laws are in place.  When it is labeled as inflation, the predatory behavior can be hidden behind the curtain of the wizard.  This is one reason one is charmed by the adorable presumption as discussed on C-Span this week, that ubiquitous monitoring of the US public for anxiety should become commonplace.  A better policy would be for competent governance that doesn’t undermine Americans and contribute to anxiety. read more


MSM have divided into right wing and left wing, presentations that have captured and isolated large portions of the public.  This coincides with the same surgical separation by the 2 branches of the Democratic/Republican duopoly that would most properly identify as the American Capitalist Party.  And then MSM refers to each group in language that refers to strange identification with sports teams that are nothing short of embarrassing.  And so indoctrination is inflicted painlessly.  In contrast, in the Former USSR, violence was used….how barbaric.  It’s good to be exceptional, but possibly not quite as awakened. read more