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Human rights and indeed environmental rights supersede legislation.  This FACT appears to have fostered another euphemism which is “ordered liberty”.  “Ordered liberty” insinuates man-made laws in place of human rights.  FACTually speaking human rights are intrinsic to people as environmental rights are intrinsic to nature.  Hierarchy has as its mission, limiting these rights for exploitation by Establishment. read more



As above so below.  So far we haven’t tried it but we could attempt an experiment in improving lifestyle pertaining to infrastructure which may uplift attention to humanity that may incidentally address the insanity that is expressed in the violence and aggression on our streets. Not only is gun safety an issue that needs attention, but so is vehicular safety.  One notion sees the promotion of both guns and vehicles by commercial interests as filling a deficiency in the characters of some people who have not received the validation that could otherwise do so by society based upon principles of humanity rather than hierarchy.   read more


Ongoing emails from an organization that says it is working for voting rights calls into question the anomaly of reasoning that voters must approach big-money interests and commercial interests in order to secure the voting rights that seem fundamental to our democratic (small d) Constitutional republic.  This begs the question as to whether said voting-rights organizations are simply ignorant on the topic of civil rights, or are they a front group for fascism. read more


C-Span hosts public discussion about recent events.  One such topic was a mass shooting in Buffalo, NY that has been called by authorities as racially motivated.  The presumed perpetrator seems to have lived in the Southern Tier of NYS. read more


What is the message that is sent either accidentally or intentionally sent by John Lennon as he mimics the stance of our Lady Liberty?  Can we manifest both liberty and peace? read more


As one who, like the majority of people went along to get along, the ego-busting reality of Climate Change was the catalyst to speak up regardless of consequences.  When fracking came to town in Upstate NY and local bureaucrats and politicians bought and paid for by big-money interests began to run so-called news reports over local news channels that were more nearly sales seminars and said individuals shouted their battle cry of “drill baby drill”, the consequences seemed so dire as to eliminate reticence. read more


Establishment has long used the notion of NIMBY to shame and silence local-community members.  In FACT, NIMBY seems to be survival and thriving.  Local-community members seem to have this right this idea is intrinsic and backed up by the US Constitution. read more


One may worry that the standing of Jane Fonda may be sullied among the oligarchs of the globe due to her position on exploitation; but then one recalls that Jane Fonda never held an honored position among those with predatory character read more


Similar to the history of Jesus, the Establishment interpretation of the ideas of The Founders are quite different from what can be understood by reading their words.  Not only The Founders had a diverse and sophisticated view of government, but also what in 2022 could be called “influencers” also could be eye-opening.  For example, having heard but never read the ideas of Thomas Paine, who is said to have influenced views for liberty, to read his ideas is fascinating and heartening.   read more


First, universal perspective

https://twitter.com/ThornCoyle/status/1502660476202741761    –When you meet the Buddha on the road, scratch its little head.—end of twitter info–
From popularresistance info–https://mailchi.mp/popularresistance/152k2cy4yo?e=1b0a9c0541     — read more


Capitalism thrives in India as arrogantly as it does in the USA, along with Establishment assertions that both are democracies, but where both are controlled by a collaboration between commercial interests and government politicians and bureaucrats in a fashion that feels exposed to fascism.  The result is a system in which hierarchical authority grows and the wealth of the nation transfer from the 100% to the 1% in a way that isn’t similar to democratic (small d). read more


,,,,,or who was Ross Perot.  But before we get to that, we would do well to remember that where we were in 1992, was far different from where we are in 2022.  The politicians who had been in power in between have much to answer for.  The deepest tragedy is that youngsters of 2022 don’t know they live in a far different world as pertains to economic opportunity and in FACT freedom and liberty.  For those who remember, the difference is dismal.  Even counting in the inflation of bygone days, anyone with any self-motivation was able to secure with dignity, a respectable lifestyle.  In 2022, that is much harder. read more


In a nation where democracy is explained away as “our system” because we are a Constitutional republic, we could remember that democracy is practiced by people, not by government.  This may be the difference between principles of equality and liberty as compared to a dictatorship.  If government functions for the benefit of the public rather than to support hierarchy, democracy sees required. read more


Before reading this, perhaps we could all go out and buy something at a local business.  The need for a small business Saturday seems a response to black Friday.  We would all be the better for recognizing patterns rather than specifics.  What is the connection or lack thereof with small businesses, multi-national corporations, The Military-Industrial Complex, and Climate Change? read more


One could consider principles stated in The Preamble to the Constitution and The Preamble to The Declaration of Independence in place of reference to communism, capitalism, or socialism.  These principles don’t seem particularly commercial and seem to suggest a society in which the human rights of people are important.  A high minded attitude is suggested that doesn’t imply greed, privilege, or injustice.  Along with these ideas seem to be included avoidance of perceptions of depravity.   read more