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So patriarchy held up a mirror to itself and were shocked…SHOCKED…to watch what the rest of us are forced to tolerate everyday as they inflict their version of who we should be in utter authoritarian presumption and self-indulgence. read more


The topic of the awkward Trump tariff has roiled in one’s mind for some time, and it is mystifying that few others notice this albatross around the neck of the US public.  Typically a tariff is imposed in order to balance American imports and exports to enhance exports over imports to accomplish the end of cash flowing into the USA  rather than out of the USA.  The US governing body duopoly of Democrats and Republicans have collaborated over years to send manufacturing and jobs overseas.  And so to place a tax upon imports accomplishes nothing other than further taxing the US consumer.  One has heard bureaucrats ‘splain away the Trump tariff by saying it was implemented for geo-political reasons.  This charmingly snarky ‘splanation is typical of the jargon that passes for news these days.  And too many of the public smiles and nods and says “oh, okay”. read more