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Quoted From Martin Luther King, Jr:

“For in the true nature of things, if we rightly consider, every green tree is far more glorious than if it were made of gold and silver.” read more


Some people have called for a definition of progress in terms of peace, good health, and equality rather than a progress defined in terms of aggression, exploitation and greed.  It is incomprehensible when hearing policies and actions to make work, a progress that uses finite resources in pursuit of infinite growth.  How obvious can it be that “trickle down” promotes exactly that definition of progress.  In other words, those who follow this line of propaganda are simply whistling past the graveyard. read more


As one who, like the majority of people went along to get along, the ego-busting reality of Climate Change was the catalyst to speak up regardless of consequences.  When fracking came to town in Upstate NY and local bureaucrats and politicians bought and paid for by big-money interests began to run so-called news reports over local news channels that were more nearly sales seminars and said individuals shouted their battle cry of “drill baby drill”, the consequences seemed so dire as to eliminate reticence. read more


That a particular gender and physiognomy presumes to display as the most capable in leadership to the extent of authoritarianism is belied by the state of our society in the USA including loss of democracy, equality, and justice, and held in place by the system of patriarchy that is compatible with capitalism. read more


We choose our reality moment to moment.  Currently a big question is whether democracy will continue.  That is entirely in the hands of We The People, if we are capable of choosing our own reality.  Over the last decades, a climb up the ladder of success as described by hierarchy has been the carrot to motivate We The People away from democracy and into the welcoming arms of capitalism.  The problem is the trap of hierarchy that doesn’t include equality and justice.  If the reward in dollars is sufficiently high, some people make the trade.   read more


We in the USA have the unique opportunity to self-govern.  We’re loosing that right and we won’t be better off for doing so.  Hierarchical Establishment is quite willing to inform the public of reasons to “leave it to the experts”.  Experts are too often afflicted with conflict of interest.   read more