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Fear more than reason may support the knee-jerk reaction of hyper funding the Pentagon in order to increase defense capabilities at the same time another recent reminder of inordinate danger looms over the public within the US borders as pertains to an obsolete and flimsy energy grid.  The pentagon is purported to have misplaced about $22,000,000,000,000, that’s with a “T”.
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Considering the happy profits captured by Pentagon contractors reported in the commondreams link below, a thoughtful person will weigh this good fortune against the resulting human deaths that are inevitable in war zones, lost opportunities for upgrading of lifestyle for American citizens rather than producing war machines, and use of the US military personnel as placeholders who have figuratively tread water for the length of time of their service when meaningful activities could have been supported instead.   read more


Capitalistic PR indoctrinates into prioritizing material possession as the height of human achievement.  That this possession comes with a contrasting decrease in principles of fairness and justice isn’t questioned.  A system of education that would be better used to teach self-reliance, autonomy, and ability to self-govern is instead used to train into compliance to hierarchical demands and consumerism.  We could explore the possibilities of a human life other than as a component in an economy that so dramatically buoys interests of hierarchy at the expense of everyone else.  Put plainly, what’s in it for everyone else? read more