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On this cherished Thanksgiving Day, diverse views of the celebration and/or day of mourning, as the case may be, have floated through the world of media.  Most people possibly acknowledge this day in which we pause to give thanks for what we have, as a peaceful remembrance of grace.  To consider the many facets of acknowledgment of reality is one way to celebrate Thanksgiving.  We must be aware that history is written by the winners and more currently by the profiteers.  Those who mention a Utopian society or the necessity of maintaining a clean and healthy environment, or who advocate for respect for animals, are often labeled as being Pollyanna-ish. In FACT the indoctrination that the current system of capitalism is the best for the most people has been proven to be false; so perhaps capitalistic hierarchical Establishment needs to acknowledge their views are Pollyanna-ish.  Why must one view be labeled as Pollyanna-ish, that hasn’t been tried, and so hasn’t failed, while the system that was tried and has failed is projected as valid? read more