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We look for and demand equal justice under the law.  We do not have equal justice. It is safer to be guilty and wealthy than innocent and common.  This feels Medieval.

https://mronline.org/2023/10/04/press-release-the-red-nation-account-of-thursdays-shooting/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=press-release-t   – We are incredibly alarmed that pretrial services have recommended the agitator be released without cash bail. We know from first-hand experience that politically—and racially—motivated shootings like this embolden other like-minded vigilantes who hold the same contempt for Indigenous people and organizers. The agitator and his sympathizers pose a very real and serious threat to all Indigenous people, and to Indigenous women activists specifically. The establishment, which Alex Naranjo himself lauded as “a system that we’ve lived with for 400 years,” circles its wagons to protect Indian killers who are colonialism’s foot soldiers. This means there is virtually no formal protection or justice for Indigenous people, women, and activists in these times of heightened danger. We call upon all national, tribal, state, county, and city officials, and movement allies, to condemn this racist attack and demand safety and protection for Indigenous people, women, organizations, and communities. We call upon everyone to contact your officials and apply pressure.

Demand the following:

  1. Do not release the shooter!!
  2. This must be recognized as the racially-motivated hate crime it is at all levels of government.
  3. Protect Native women!!

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Pretense of Democratic support for certain groups is campaign-strategy rhetoric.  The D&R duopoly play good cop, bad cop, in order to herd voters.  Think for yourself and dare to consider ideas outside of group-think.

https://mailchi.mp/362e44984176/green-party-of-st-louis-meeting-wed-april-19-2017-recent-and-future-elections-6255469?e=d624642c9f  –

--“There's No Freedom in Silence!”

Green Party Webinar

5:30 PT/ 6:30 MT/ 7:30 pm CT/ 8:30 ET, Wed, Oct 4, 2023


Friends and freedom-loving people, Join the Missouri Green Party for a program calling for solidarity with the African People’s Socialist Party against the military-style FBI attacks, economic sanctions, and bogus charges of being “Russian agents.” Hear how the Uhuru Movement is being targeted by the U.S. government, why it is imperative that the Green Party and other freedom-loving people defend the right to free speech of all those persecuted – from the "Uhuru 3" to Cop-City protesters and Julian Assange – and how we can take action in this historic fight. read more


Sore thumbs of hierarchical patriarchy that seem to stick out energized by lack of awareness of personal ego are the perfect deflection byway of negative attention generated by said unawareness, for hierarchical patriarchy that undermines human rights and natural rights for profit. read more


CEO’s per capita absorb more wealth from a company than do workers per capita.  Logically AI should replace upper management rather than workers. read more


Almost like child trafficking, one might say.   Nonpartisan involvement is noted.
—  read more


Define dictatorship.  The hierarchical character of styles of bureaucracy such as capitalism and communism seem to lend themselves to authoritarian abuse. read more


One has noticed that Openthebooks appear to lean Conservative.  The militarization of local law enforcement appears to promote hierarchical interests both Democratic and Republican.  Similar to foreign military involvement of the US, nation against nation hurts all local community members for the benefit of oligarchs who use patriotism as the reason for war when it is more about personal oligarchical wealth retention. read more


Some people have pointed out that “we are not a democracy”, we are a Constitutional republic.  Neither are we a dictatorship, but our Constitutional republic feels currently to function as a dictatorship based on bribes.   read more


Definitely indicative of dictatorship.  This is what “running government like a business” looks like. read more


On the topic of whether the USA is a democracy, neither is it capitalistic.  The republic will be what we make of it; and when the public is treated as irrelevant, democracy will not result.  read more


Is dictatorship when open reporting and citizen communication is stifled?  Money isn’t Speech but can stifle Free Speech.  Why aren’t more people talking about Citizens United? read more


A Free Press is necessary for democracy.  Differing views are important.  Sophisticated analysis is possible when opposing ideas are considered.   read more


The US public has been hearing endless descriptions of life in our nation, and the exceptional supremacy over lives of other people around the globe.  In FACT, the rest of the globe is often so informed of US exceptionalism.  MSM that represents the D&R duopoly are the mouthpiece for this information.  But more and more we begin to hear alternative views that seem legitimate when we consider there must be more than one view.  Consider a few other perspectives… read more