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One has shared stories from RT recently, and believes this is considered offensive from some quarters.  The presumption would be that said sharing represents affinity toward communism.  FACTually speaking the intention is more nearly as a comparison between communism and capitalism, which use tactics and seem to have hierarchical motivation that are alarmingly similar.  In other words, the purported fear of communism isn’t so much that people would jump on the communistic bandwagon but that currently-indoctrinated people on the capitalistic bandwagon would recognize themselves in the communist targets. read more


At about 1:20PM on 3/31 listening to npr (apologies for failing to get the name of the Russian professor who was assessing effect of sanctions on Russian oligarchs) she informed that the sanctions on Russian oligarchs were personally harming the oligarchs without effecting their influence on Putin.  This soundly reinforces the view from some people that Putin is challenging fascism (Western values) in Ukraine from a position of what may be ostensibly seen as the perspective of the concept of a Tsar. read more