Not to nit-pick every misstatement when unintentional, but Trump has built a political Presidential campaign on attributing to others the failings of others while he rides his own wave of lies to an untenable extent.

  This may originate in his preparatory experiences in life such as being a talk show host.  Perhaps our next Presidential GOP candidate will be Jerry Springer.  Perhaps Trump will choose Jerry Springer as his V-P.

Trump challenges Biden to a cognitive test but confuses the name of the doctor who tested him—-Trump, who turned 78 on Friday, has made questioning whether the 81-year-old Biden is up for a second term a centerpeice of his campaign. But online critics quickly seized on his Saturday night gaffe, with the Biden campaign — which has long fought off criticism about the Democratic president’s verbal missteps — posting a clip of the moment minutes later.

–end of aol info–

A purported leader who doesn’t have the internal fortitude to face his personal demons but is fanatical about sniffing them out in others, is a man-child.

Former White House staffer says Trump called for leaker to be executed

Griffin’s claim, which she made in a podcast recording with Mediaite released on Friday, is likely to add to concerns that a return for Trump to the Oval Office could be characterized primarily by political retribution.

The former communications director for the Trump administration told the outlet she had been at a meeting at which he “straight up said a staffer who leaked … should be executed”, referring to an anonymously sourced report that the former president had gone into a secure bunker at the White House at the height of the racial justice protests prompted by a Minneapolis police officer’s murder of George Floyd.–end of aol info–

Totalitarianism originates from corrupt individuals and this is the reason character matters.  Mr. Trump has exhibited characteristics that are totalitarian, and following the bread crumbs one will find the corruption.  This is the way critical thinking can be better for those who have been suckled on reality shows,  boys and girls, that is not reality.  Abuse of our public airwaves and MSM . corporate-owned propaganda, has infiltrated a public devoid of a non=capitalistic educational system, is totalitarianism.   One can see the culmination of the installation the system of “running government like a business”, which has become organized crime.

Missouri woman’s murder conviction tossed after 43 years. Her lawyers say a police officer did it—-But police also were starting to look at another suspect — one of their own. About a month after the killing, Holman was arrested for falsely reporting that his pickup truck had been stolen and collecting an insurance payout. It was the same truck spotted near the crime scene, and the officer’s alibi that he spent the night with a woman at a nearby motel couldn’t be confirmed.

—–end of aol info–

MSM and the public airwaves have been abused by hierarchy over years to domesticate the public.  That isn’t the function of a democratic Constitutional Republic and may be a reason a growing voice is arises asserting “we are not a democracy”.  Remember that government doesn’t do democracy, people do, as heard on a Bill Moyers Show.  The next hierarchical rhetoric will be that human rights do not apply, because they are outside of the scope of the US Constitution.  Natural rights begin where the US Constitution stops.  The US Constitution is the paltry attempt to articulate human rights, which are far more illustrious than any Constitution can be.  Democracy rides on these humble but noble shoulders.

This is the reason this constituent of NYS Rep. Molinaro is outspoken about his backhanded attempt to squelch Free Speech by the bill including the labeling of others as anti semitic, anyone who expresses criticism toward genocidal Israeli governance, as though the Israeli government is representative of Judaism. 

This bait-and-switch by NYS Rep. Molinaro requires the reality show mentality he must promote considering his support for MAGA and its orange savior.

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