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Sore thumbs of hierarchical patriarchy that seem to stick out energized by lack of awareness of personal ego are the perfect deflection byway of negative attention generated by said unawareness, for hierarchical patriarchy that undermines human rights and natural rights for profit. read more


Are we capable of breaking away from capitalistic dictatorship in order to enjoy the benefits of AI?  So far one is skeptical. read more


This summer we seem to have reached a tipping point about effects of global warming on humanity and nature that would permit denial as an obviously inane view.  And so Establishment has assumed a policy of mitigation as to the impact, rather than dealing with the underlying anomalies of lifestyle that contributed to the global warming.  This seems to be a policy that indulges big-money campaign donors who profit by the harmful policies that contribute to global warming, and is based on dependence of lawmakers on the largess of Citizens United, to their personal well being.  This leaves out attention to the needs of We The People. read more


May Day is an American holiday.  Who knew?

https://www.rbth.com/lifestyle/330314-may-first-in-russia     –May 1 became International Labor Day after the tragedy at Haymarket Square in Chicago, Illinois, USA. In early May 1886, demonstrations were held in Chicago and other US cities demanding an eight-hour working day. It might seem a no-brainer today, but in the late 19th century many tycoons did not believe that workers had the right to sleep. read more


Denial must be the official mindset to forget North America is colonized.  The result seems to have been destruction of nature and and acceptance of Climate Change.  The latest “breaking news”?  Little Rock, Arkansas. read more


Congress has concerns about abuse of the US public by the commercial entity known as TikTok, that is affiliated with China.  Hmm….concern for the US public; better late than never. read more


Pesky genetic memory reminds that we are human and nature is our home. May genetics suggest spirituality?  Ancestor worship may be a quai-derogatory description of that which is too complex to explain in a few words. read more


The irresponsible and authoritarian refrain over several decades has been to “run government like a business”.  Aside from the obvious FACT that this is organized crime, this is a system that mirrors principles of communism and capitalism.   read more


Capitalistic hierarchical Establishment has been deft in their sleight of hand of separating the topic of economics upon which capitalism is founded, away from so-labeled culture-wars topics in which portions of the public specified by hierarchy must act contrary to their own economic interests that in this system, is the basis for survival.  This implies the system is more fascist than organized crime.  Organized crime seems impervious to the behavior of its human resources (people), while fascism can institutionalize levels of behavior.  This brings up dictatorship as the end result of fascism.  This also implies that portions of the public must act contrary to their own interests, or break the law.  One could almost recognize indenturing in this system. read more