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On a MSM Team Red/Blue “show” last night, one heard a “reporter” announce that among “democracies”, the USA was a baby.  Not having verified but remembering info from years ago, it seems the USA has the oldest continuous government in the world.  This is to the benefit of the USA, if only politicians and bureaucrats could act accordingly. read more


The US public has been hearing endless descriptions of life in our nation, and the exceptional supremacy over lives of other people around the globe.  In FACT, the rest of the globe is often so informed of US exceptionalism.  MSM that represents the D&R duopoly are the mouthpiece for this information.  But more and more we begin to hear alternative views that seem legitimate when we consider there must be more than one view.  Consider a few other perspectives… read more


C-Span presented a political campaign commercial at about 7:21 AM in which the politician said he supported the CHIPS Act that brings manufacturing back to the USA.    So many politicians are jumping on the bandwagon of returning manufacturing to the USA without explaining the reason they desecrated manufacturing in the USA in the first place.  By the way these same politicians are still receiving big-donor campaign contributions byway of Citizens United that casts shadow on veracity and honesty. read more


On 12/12/2021 the following discussion was hosted on C-Span.  The guest expressed the FACT that inordinate amount of funding from the US government is transferred to the Pentagon when the funding could be used to promote the well-being of We The People.  A caller promptly phoned in to say Ms. Vlahos was “stating the obvious, in a manner that implied the obvious shouldn’t be spoken. read more