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Gentrification doesn’t impact only black communities, but is significant in rural regions where industrialization-for-energy-products have undermined long-standing and well-established communities.  In FACT, the process isn’t only about industrialization, but has catered to campaign-donor interests who are often located outside of the region, over the interests of local communities.  But the black community is an excellent place to start in rectification. read more


The reminder of the old film called Soylent Green arose while hearing a commercial intended to sell fruit and vegetable related nutrition vitamins using the phrase (paraphrase)  –get nutrients of fruits and vegetables without expensive trips to the grocery store.   read more


B-2 isn’t B-52 or F-22, but all in all, does this feel too much like boys with toys?
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Media reports to the public what media wants the public to believe.  Does anyone still believe the USA enjoys a Free Press rather than a corporate-owned-state-influenced media?  Combine this view with hierarchical capitalism in which Speech is confused with money, Add on the unusual approach to democracy defined as “running government like a business” that feels similar to organized crime on a continuum of which end the USA may be approaching, and questions may come to mind. read more


Do you wish to buy virtual diabetes?—-

Do you wish to buy virtual diabetes?—-
https://twitter.com/LeeCamp/status/1536740640763043843?cn=ZmxleGlibGVfcmVjcw%3D%3D&refsrc=email             –The metaverse is even worse than you think! read more


The current definition of progress in terms of privilege, greed, and exploitation along with use of technology included to further delude and deflect seem to be a model for barbarity.  The apparent unwillingness of hierarchy to recognize a definition of progress in terms of peace, good health and equality seems to be fatal human flaw in survival.  Bellicosity in hierarchy needs to be recognized as turpitude rather than strength, if humanity and nature are to thrive or even survive. read more


We have allowed predators to set the definition of progress in terms of greed, competition, exploitation, and aggression.  Progress could be defined in terms of peace, good health, and equality.  While we’re at it, we could consider the function of money may be obsolete.  You can’t eat money, nor can you breathe money. read more