Startling and sad news about modern-day life is surfacing.  In one person’s mind, this exists uncomfortably with hubris noticed among so many youngsters who view themselves as more technologically sophisticated than their ancestors which is probably FACTual, but to what end?

Cancer rates rising in young people due to ‘accelerated aging,’ new study finds: ‘Highly troubling’– “The realization that cancer, and now aging, are becoming significant issues for younger demographics over the past decades was unexpected.”

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One suspects a similar self-involvement that upholds the hubris of patriarchy and white supremacy to be the foundation for the derision of our ancestors from modern-day technologically-advanced self-labeled sophisticated era.

One has heard said derision toward ancestors who, during a solar eclipse, ran outside en mass, banging on pots and shouting in what must be wonder, awe, and yes, probably recognition of the vital importance of the star of the Earth called the sun.

One was enthused to find such a large number of Americans to be emotionally as touched by the solar eclipse as would have been our ancestors of 100, 1,000, or more years ago, in the outdoor gatherings and loud elucidations of wonder.and awe of our star the sun.

Within technologically sophisticated types, seem to be a blind spot about our own place in that which is much bigger.  For example, disregard for nature due to preoccupation with technology may be a contributor to Climate Change, and perhaps to youngsters whose biological age is outpacing their chronological age.

One watches with a touch of irritation, the derision toward, for example, explanations of attitudes of our ancestors toward the insight from tarot cards,  and drawing from nature a portion of the sense of inclusion of humanity.

This attitude may have underpinned the Burning Times.  – For the past thirty years or so, scholars — as well as many members of the Pagan and Wiccan communities — have debated the validity of the astronomical numbers of victims cited during the Burning Times. The problem with the early estimates of numbers is that, much like in war, the victor writes the history. In other words, the only documentation we have about the European witch hunts was written by the people who actually conducted those same witch hunts!

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Surely such notions buoyed the hubris and self-involvement of patriarchy and white supremacy, which are attitudes promoting capitalistic hierarchical Establishment.  Even in 2024, many people are becoming enlightened to the FACT that such systems may not be healthy for large swaths of We The People.

Just now one is watching on C-Span, Non-Union Workers Testify on Impact of Forced Arbitration—-

—-hearing abut Forced Arbitration—-

A witness testified that when she asked her prospective employer about the language of forced arbitration in her employment contract, she was told “don’t worry about it….It’s the way of the world”.  And so we are glibly watching violation of human, civil, and natural rights.  The same could be suggested of non-compete clauses.

And so goes the brain washing of We The People to the requirements of the elite.  Some people see them as dictators.  Running government like a business is like that.  

But the 4/8/2024 mass celebration of nature, our true home and relation, for one day at least, changed that.  And so the hierarchical sycophants had to snicker at the lack of sophistication of those with the soul to recognize and respond to this relationship.

We must recognize the extent to which racism is mired in this cesspool.  Maybe we can dislodge our feet from the muck and mire long enough to do so.

The solar eclipse celebration was surely coincidental to the same recognition and association of modern-day Americans with our “unsophisticated” ancestors.

Perhaps in time the arrogance of youth will wear off by those so technologically encumbered and burdened.

Are we made of stardust?  —

Most of the elements of our bodies were formed in stars over the course of billions of years and multiple star lifetimes.

However, it’s also possible that some of our hydrogen (which makes up roughly 9.5% of our bodies) and lithium, which our body contains in very tiny trace amounts, originated from the Big Bang.

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Science is an integral part of the study of nature.  Technology is a tool to investigate reality that is beyond technology.

In other words, with no sun, we would have no technology.  This is worthy of broadening discussions to consider.

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