C-Span hosted a discussion with Susanne Bonamici (D–Oregon) and Glenn Thompson (R–Pa) on the topic of career and technical education in the USA.

Representative Thompson expressed his concern that in the past, the US had excellent non-professional educational opportunities, but that for some reason went by the wayside over the years.  As one who also remembers the successful program called welfare to work, one remembers the replacement of success by President Reagan by the “Trickle-Down” process, is the reason we have transferred notions of education to high-debt/low opportunity professional fools.  We watch some of these high-debt/low opportunity fools in professions, shooting themselves in the foot.  But she does have the honor of waving her “degree from institutions of higher learning” while explaining her superiority due to said capitalist hierarchical Establishment indoctrination.

But of course the Reagan sycophants won’t remember whence our successful educational systems pre-Trickle-Down..  In other words, “running government like a business” has become organized crime.

And by the way, the more nearly one associates with capitalistic hierarchical Establishment and identifies with said elite, the tighter one can expect the chains.  It’s everyone’s life to choose whether that which is important is appearance or integrity.  One finds one can’t often own both.  Freedom and liberty matter; don’t sell them short.

Another overlooked and avoided reality is the connection between reproductive rights for women and economic justice.  Why do we avoid this crucial connection?  The system of capitalism thrives when women are held as quasi-servants and reproductive machines.  That we continue to permit Establishment to propagandize differently is intellectually dishonest.

Washington Journal: Rep. Glenn Thompson & Rep. Suzanne Bonamici Discuss Career & Technical Education  —


Washington Journal

Reps. Glenn Thompson and Suzanne Bonamici on Career and Technical Education

Representatives Glenn Thompson (R-PA) and Suzanne Bonamici (D-OR), co-chairs of the Career and Technical Education Caucus, talked about the importance of technical skills programs for the U.S. economy and workforce.

Suzanne Bonamici |

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Democracy is about choices.  For those who point out that the US is a Constitutional Republic and not a democracy, remember the PRC is also a Republic, and we label them as communists.  Tomato…..tomoto…….

Choose democracy or lose liberty.

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