One agrees that leaders need to be monitored in a democratic Constitutional Republic by We The People.  One also intuits that so many expressions of sound leadership by Molinaro begin to seem like a smokescreen behind which he builds and indoctrinates We The People into acceptance of dictatorship.

 By this one mentions disturbing compliance to MAGA style governance.  Molinaro’s unexplained presumption of attempting to pass a bill that would censor peaceful protests that don’t coincide with his particular view of policy, especially when those peaceful protesters are anti-war and anti-apartheid.  His bill would label those protesting a genocidal Israeli government funded by US taxpayers who predominantly oppose said Israeli and American genocidal policy, as anti semiitic.

Rep. Molinaro says Cuomo should face consequences for mandating nursing homes treat COVID-19 patients

This isn’t about beating up on the former governor,” Molinaro told 12 News. “This is about ensuring after a global pandemic and economic shutdown, we learn from mistakes made and that we hold people accountable for intentional decisions that lead to the loss of life or the risk of livelihood.”

—end of molinaro/cuomo info—-

To even label as anti semitic those using Free Speech, more logically should  which anti-war activists be prosecuted under a more general description of Hate Speech.  This would protect those working toward anti-war policy, which includes not only non Jewish protesters, but also the Jewish protests who stand shoulder together with their Palestinians sisters and brothers……bless youth.

One not only supports questioning of the odd behavior of Cuomo during the Covid epidemic, but less odd than that of the orange savior, but demands explanation from NYS Rep. Molinaro on his disturbingly odd legislation to censor and prosecute those who are activists for policy differing from his own.

And one also recognizes and calls out his participation in an ol’ boy crony network that resembles a Pyramid Scheme.  This also is not a healthy expression of democracy.


U.S. House Speaker Mike Johnson’s visit to Binghamton Thursday in support of Republican Rep. Marc Molinaro drew protests.

Johnson was in town for the statewide Republican convention earlier in the day, later making a quick stop at the Broome County Sheriff’s Office.

In part, his visit was aimed at supporting Molinaro’s reelection bid in a seat that could shape the future of power in the GOP.

Protestors took issue with the move.

“Molinaro is a rubber stamp for this guy. Invites him in our backyard here in Binghamton. It’s unacceptable. And Molinaro shows with his votes. He’s not for the people of the 19th District,” said Ravo Root, community organizer for Citizen Action of New York.

Molinaro, speaking in support of the visit, said this could bring a new federal focus to the Southern Tier.

–end spectrum info—-

Another topic of ubiquitous news reporting today is again focused on women’s reproductive rights.  One hasn’t heard anything from NYS Rep. Molinaro as to how he would vote on these topics, which are crucial to more than half of his constituents.  His constituents must have this information about his policies to make an informed decision for the election this year.  To take assumptions as FACTS about our politicians have gone too far, and so we have a quasi-dictatorship that replaces our democratic Constitutional Republic.

An example of indoctrination of We The Public by cynical and self-interested bureaucrats and politicians must be challenged.

As a Broome County and NYS trained mediator volunteer for 10 years with Accord in Binghamton, NY, we received a large number of cases of divorcing with children families who passed to us due to a Broome County court system overload.  The overload of the court system is worry-some, but it did raise interesting questions.

One question was the reason for the automatic outreach by divorcing couples, to the court system.  These honest families, of which counted many, should be capable of working out and honoring decisions made on their own, and perhaps with the assistance of a mediator if necessary.  Mediators are like wall paper and simply facilitate in the discussion if needed.

In contrast the court system takes on a more officious and preremptory position and is their place.  Is there actually a law mandating bureaucratic control of the children’s family in a divorce?  One doesn’t know, but to what end?   Many divorces involving children are so hostile that the courts should get involved, some are not.  One believes that unless one partner decides that danger would mandate court involvement, a sane couple with concern for their own children could conceivably work their lives out themselves.

This brings one to the the sanity within Native American people, where autonomy is presumed and supported.  For example  women understood the need for family planning, and waited for no one to mandate they were incapable of running their own lives.  One isn’t an expert on the topic, but one has heard that Native American women understood the herbs required to abort when necessary.  They also understood the herbs that were birth control. 

The wisdom of the matriarchal Native Americans was to understand the requirement of fitting naturally and with the ability to honor the environment within which families would be raised, that is distinctly different from the madness brought to the American shores by colonists, capitalists, and self-interested foreigners.  The madness has continued to the point of human extinction due to Climate Change, or at least unaffordable home insurance rates.

One requires comments from political candidates such as NYS Rep. Molinaro, on his approach to these snarly issues that aren’t necessary mandated by the orange savior….heaven forbid.  The real heaven, not the fool’s gold heaven of capitalistic hierarchical Establishment.

Also, the type of lifestyle by the Native Americans seem to  have precluded the need for ubiquitous incarceration.  Do they know something we have yet to learn?  Are our politicians and bureaucrats capable of learning.


Use of various herbs, made into tea and drunk by women to prevent pregnancy was common just about everywhere before the invention of condoms and hormonal birth control.

Herbs used by Native Americans in North America include:

—end of birthcontrol info–

And then patriarchal “Western Values” types took over—-

Native Americans, government authorities, and reproductive politics

Even the lower estimate—one quarter of Native women—is a whopping statistic. The sterilizations, subsidized by the federal government and often undertaken without consent or under great duress, marked the culmination of a long history of efforts by federal and local authorities to manage the reproductive lives of Native families, explains Brianna Theobald, an assistant professor of history at the University of Rochester, in her new book, Reproduction on the Reservation: Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Colonialism in the Long Twentieth Century (University of North Carolina Press).

–end of sterilization info–

Whatever could be the reason for the control that seems mindlessly necessary in the world of patriarchy.  Why do they so fear women’s issues, and how do we deal with these monsters of control?

First we require that political candidates explain themselves before we honor them with our vote.  And yes,  it is too bad for criminality in patriarchy which is a requirement to retain their unearned ability to control, that they “gave to women the right to vote”.  But that was a momentary restraint from violation of human rights that we shouldn’t take for granted.

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