The Gaza catastrophe and genocide seems to be the physical manifestation against We The People, of whatever nation, as is inflicted economically and byway of deteriorating lifestyle onto We The People in “The West” who are enjoined to wear these values like trash.

Expressed quite plainly another view can be found in “An Asian Theology of Liberation” by Aloysius Pieris.  Consider an excerpt–“Enter first the neocolonialist Christ in the person of the missionary with the jeep.  Western “civilization” now yields place to Western “development”as the medium of Christ’s saving presence.  I even remember it being called pre-evangelization.  How could other religions relieve the poor in their plight if those religions themselves are the partial cause of people’s underdevelopment, and if technology and progress are unique Christian achievements destined to free the non-Christian masses from their superstitious traditions?   That the non=Christian worldview could provide a sander philosophy of development, or that, in the process of “modernization”, the evangelical values of other religions and cultures were being immolated on the altar of mammon, were still the opinions of a dissenting minority”.–end of excerpt—

Not having been brought up in a Christian church, I had to look up the word mammon.  One suspects those brought up in the Christian church will also need to do the same.  

Some people refer to the system of “Western Values” that is capitalistic-hierarchical-Establishment promotion that buoys The Military Industrial Complex as patriarchy.  One has actually heard female “Representatives of The People” exhibiting joyous enthusiasm, speak of the ongoing system of exploitation of international local communities such as we see among Palestinians, as healthy for the American Military Industrial Complex, which surely it is.  That is the corruption that is so accepted in patriarchy as to be actually named and apparently using as a campaign platform.  

The Southern Tier of NYS, in the view of some people, is particularly patriarchal.  One has defined the system of politics often enough not to need to reiterate.  But our crony ‘ole boy network is expanding into transparency as crony endorse each other into office. 

The result is lovely old immigrant neighborhoods in Broome County including Eastern Europeans, Italians, Irish, African-Americans from the South, most currently Asian and Middle Eastern and sans-immigration Indigenous communities that are ubiquitous and many, have been dissected and rendered mute and lifeless, in order to make room for the capitalistic wealth transfer of the riches of the region away from local communities and into the wallets of far-flung oligarchs who maintain laws that harm local communities for the power and greed of said oligarchs.

Just now we have a particularly virulent ole’boy patriarchal network is attempting to endorse away an diversity- NYS Senator to install a crony.  This is legal, but thanks to Citizens United, it doesn’t represent Free Speech.

A deeply involved Broome County Sheriff probably won his electoral bid due to this system, at the expense of an experienced and dedicated Broome County Deputy who seemed intent on law enforcement rather than politics, and included the integrity of diversity as a female.

The promise of increased safety in the neighborhoods, upon election of our crony ‘ole boy network, is still illusive.

In the Southern Tier of NYS, the 100-year-old immigrant diaspora has been equally as cynically dealt a raw hand in the name of a sports facility that drains wealth away from the locals, after having dissected cozy and peaceful neighborhoods with urban renewal and the highway system.  Consequently and predictably crime and corruption is our local economic base.  – Plus, residents in Philadelphia’s Chinatown oppose a new sports arena.

–end of Phila vs sports syndicate info–

Organized diversity has been called racist by some in the patriarchal crony ‘ole boy racket.  One is ecstatic to watch competent black women in politics: As much so as competent, non-crony white women in politics.  The Southern Tier is attempting extrication from the Dark Ages of economic theory, that doesn’t  coincide with reality.  

Washington Journal: Melanie Campbell Discusses Campaign 2024 & Role of Voters of Color



Washington Journal 02/18/2024 | Event |

Washington Journal

Melanie Campbell Discusses Campaign 2024 & Role of Voters of Color

National Coalition on Black Civic Participation President & CEO Melanie Campbell discusses Campaign 2024 and the role of voters of color.

–end of melaniecampbell info–

The discussion from the guest raised the lack of enthusiasm for Biden; and C-Span included a talk from Jim Clyburn that raised the notion of the Clyburn endorsement of a quasi-secluded-in-his-basement Biden in 2020.  Clyburn may have lost his shine, as should members of the crony ‘ole boy network, in promoting political candidates.  Hopefully constituents have stopped drinking the Jiml Kool-Aid.

Washington Journal: Isaac Willour Discusses Campaign 2024


Washington Journal

Isaac Willour Discusses Campaign 2024

Journalist Isaac Willour discusses Campaign 2024 and how young voters of color engage with the major political parties and the electoral process.–end of willour info—-

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