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If women fail to notice the extent life is out of balance toward patriarchy, why should patriarchy?  Blissful chauvinism works for hierarchical Establishment.
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A remembrance of Pat Schroeder on CBS Nightly report yesterday mentioned that she was appointed to a Commission but needed to share the seat with a male associate due to her status as 1/2 a person in that time and place.  Some women remember those days.  We may return to them.  Meanwhile too often it feels like the women who endured those places and times are expected to “just get over it”.  And so a road to a return to that time is paved. read more


To use the jargon of “The West”, one refers to masculine and feminine.  This is most emphatically not to imply it is about men and women, it is only colloquial to speak to the audience.  One can as easily refer to yin and yang or cause and effect.  And so, fewer people would be able to relate.  Balance is hopeful and would benefit everyone. read more