Politicians need to answer to the public.  Thanks to Citizens United, buying of legislators by capitalistic hierarchy has become routine and accepted by We The People.  Ask you Representative the reason they have instituted a corrupt system.  Citizens United has ensured big-money campaign contributions


This has given us a fiefdom; as predictably on a continue capitalism has reached it’s end game of organized crime.  Some peopl who have thoughtlessly advocated a system of “running government like a business” has enriched both politicians and Supreme Court Justices, and who knows how many other bureaucrats. 

This may be a reason one has heard both Mike Johnson and NYS Rep. Molinaro pridefully announce eabout their lowly childhood upbringing;  we could use an explanation of how they became currently rich and powerful. 

A landslide in Wyoming deepens the disparities between the ultra-wealthy and local workers

Billionaires and investors have been pushing home prices in Jackson, Wyoming, into the stratosphere for years, forcing workers to live further and further away from their jobs.

Already burdened by long commutes, people who work at hospitals, outfitters and landscaping companies now face an indefinite road closure that is upending their lives yet is unlikely to impact their wealthy clients.–end of landslide info–

Another explanation as to political policy from your legislation that should be explained to voters before votes are cast were juxtaposed on C-Span this morning. It is important for lawmakers to explain their consideration on the 2 subjects in tandem of a woman’s reproductive rights and nuclear proliferation.

Support by too many politicians and bureaucrats support The Military Industrial Complex in American never-ending military involvement around the globe that kills millions of children and surely promotes Climate Change.  At the same time they sanctimoniously pretend their interest in pro-life positions.  This is a silly oxymoron paid for by big-money campaign donations.

A curiously confused bill by NYS Rep. Molinaro is his law that will violate Free Speech rights of peaceful protesters and currently motivating to his childishly worded law, anti-war college-campus protesters.  This seems to be a backdoor method of censorship.  To label as anti semitic both Jewish and Palestinian students as anti semitic if they protest American support for the genocidal Israeli government is simply chilling.  Whatever could be going through his mind, if anything?

Meanwhile we have not heard expressed the position of NYS Rep Molinaro about a woman’s reproductive rights.  Again, this is a backdoor method of positioning for control of women; and this has always been mechanics of patriarchy toward those who refuse to be enablers.  NYS Rep. Molinaro seems to be a sheepish enabler trf his orange savior, and gains points for enforcing laws that demand that everyone else be enablers.

House Speaker Mike Johnson to travel to Binghamton for event with Rep. Molinaro

House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., will travel to Binghamton Thursday for an event with Republican U.S. Rep. Marc Molinaro focused on law enforcement funding and public safety. 

The Thursday meeting will be at the Broome County Sheriff’s Office and is said to feature sheriff’s deputies, neighboring law enforcement, other first responders and families. 

Johnson’s trip comes as Molinaro seeks reelection in the 19th Congressional District. Broome County is the most-populous county there and could play a large role in in the upcoming election. Molinaro is being challenged by Democrat Josh Riley, who is from Endicott, a village just outside Binghamton. Molinaro flipped the seat in 2022, defeating Riley by about 4,500 votes.

—-end of spectrum info–

Some in local law enforcement run a confusing policy of pro-gun, crack down on honest citizens, cater to big-money donors…and this doesn’t translate into governance as much as into organized crime, one surmises.

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