Tavis Smiley brought up the memory of MLK, Jr. as being one of the excellent human beings produced by the USA.  For those privileged to have listened to his words in his time and place, one agrees. 

In particular is the peculiarity by which his message has been subsumed and transformed from what felt like socialism, to being a hero of capitalistic hierarchical Establishment.  Nothing could be farther from the truth, but the entire psyche of America has also been so subsumed in such nonsense and superficiality.

Washington Journal: Tavis Smiley Discusses Climate Justice Movement—–

June 17, 2024 | Part Of Washington Journal 06/17/2024

Washington Journal

Tavis Smiley on Climate Justice Movement

Talk show host and author Tavis Smiley talked about the climate justice movement and the Biden campaign’s outreach to black voters

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Coincidentally also aired is the John Hopkins discussion on C-Span about the link between transportation and Climate Change.  Mr. Smiley had spoken of the Climate Change inflicted particularly upon minority communities while honestly mentioning poor communities in this exploitation.  In the Southern Tier of NYS, a deeply immigrant-mixed populace has also been so exploited as superhighways have been mindlessly plowed through peaceful and well-established communities.

One agrees that minority communities have been especially targeted as being sacrificial; one would love a description of minority.

In the Southern Tier of NYS, we have a strong presence of an ‘ol-boy network that works to their own ends after fulfilling the wishes of their capitalistic and out- of town big-money campaign donors who have profited and become wealthy by exploiting away the resources of the Southern Tier of NYS.


June 17, 2024

Transportation Dept. Officials and Academics Discuss Climate Smart Transportation Policy

Officials from the U.S. Transportation Department join academics and policy advocates for a discussion on climate-related transportation policy during an event hosted by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore.

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Many people have charged hierarchical Establishment of pretending ignorance about the link between advocacy of mindless travel and Climate Change.  The superhighways and now air travel is responsible for the frenetic state of American citizens and environmental devastation.

A caller to C-Span again brought and was dismissed when he opined that sending so many rockets into space adds to the devastation.  Anyone with a touch of sanity must acknowledge the connection.  It is common sense.  One’s father who had no formal education mentioned this about 50 years ago when they first sent up rockets.  Frighteningly when one thinks of it, it was about 60 years ago….time flies.

These ignored opportunities to follow the bread crumbs bring up a few related ideas that are worthy of consideration, if we still have the ability to hold 2 thoughts in our minds together.

One is the excellent airing by Rev. Al on MSNBC on the topic of the Tulsa, Oklahoma Massacre of about 103 years ago.  This atrocity has still to be investigated, and is representative of hundreds or thousands of such happenings over the “civilization” of the USA.


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https://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/lawsuit-filed-survivors-1921-tulsa-race-massacre-111109305–n addition to the petition for rehearing, the attorneys called on the U.S. Department of Justice to open an investigation into the massacre under the Emmett Till Unsolved Civil Rights Crime Act of 2007. That law, named for Black teenager from Chicago who was abducted and lynched in Mississippi in 1955 for allegedly whistling at a white woman, allows for the reopening of cold cases of violent crimes against Black people committed before 1970.

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This request to the general public for the DOJ to reopen this cold case seems reasonable if not imperative because understanding that minority communities have been subject to exploitation and violence to promote White Supremacy, even more obvious types of atrocities have been used to maintain Supremacy.  If the USA had, 100 or 200 years ago, functioned on the premise of intellectual honesty and justice for all, Climate Change impact may not be killing Americans in 2024.

But this isn’t only about white-man exploitation.  White Supremacy can be the goal of anyone who have forgotten morality, which may include everyone in America at some point in our lives.

One feels no pleasure in recognizing that the capitalistic leanings of Rev. Al is one of those who seem to imply that MLK, Jr. also was more oriented toward equity than equality.  One doesn’t remember this as reality.  Rev. Al also seems inflamed with the idea that equality/equity involves a personal jet in every household pot, metaphorically speaking.  One believes the well-meaning Reverend/reporter is still working out his personality, which is the work of each of us.

Add to this the obvious reality of mindless travel that is a connection to Climate Change devastation that surely does harm mostly to minority communities, Rev. has some ‘splaining to do.

Disproving the value of equity over equality is the FACT that elite minority hierarchy poses as the norm among the community, back staging the largest portion of their set.

Possibility a great way to celebrate Juneteenth is to demand justice for the victims of the Tulsa Oklahoma Massacre by contacting the DOJ and your Representative.  And surely contact the Federal DOJ, while we still have one, to open an investigation.

And to move on to our NYS Representative Monlinaro, one urges his better angels to promote an investigation of the Tulsa, Oklahoma Massacre; that if a cold case, has the notoriety at this time and place, to perhaps be accomplished as it wasn’t 103 years ago.

An investigation would do less for the victims, obviously, and more to expose the groups responsible  who seem still to be laboring under the criminality even of that time and place, and with perhaps even more vehemence and self-interest.  Only consider Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who doesn’t even need his own private jet, but hitches a ride with rich friends.  Rev. Al has much to learn.  Admiration of MLK, Jr. and envy for equity must be an albatross.

And back to NYS Rep. Molinaro,  one finds hierarchically bent, the bill that would label as anti semiiticc campus anti-war protesters whether Jewish or Palestinian or anyone in between, because they criticize the genocidal Israel government, who appear to be his friend.

Confusion must be a stepping stone to success for these dudes.  In FACT it always has been.  WWJD?

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