From Voltaire in the 1700’s—Catholics have expiations called “penances”….(1700’s).

By the laws of the barbarians who destroyed the Roman Empire, crimes were expiated with money.  This was called compounding.  It cost 200 sous of that time to kill a priest, and 400 for killing a bishop; so a bishop was worth precisely 2 priests.

Having thus compounded with with men, one compounded with God, when confession was generally created.  Finally, Pope John XXII, who made money out of everything.prepared a a tariff of sins.

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The info goes on to include the cost of various sins, conveyed to the Roman Catholic Church in confessions.

Easy read and startlingly reflective of life in the USA in 2024.  It turns out monarchy is quite similar to capitalism.  A Liberal Arts education could enlighten about these realities.  Or, crack a book. 

The Portable Voltaire

Includes Part One of Candide ; three stories; selections from The Philosophical Dictionary, The Lisbon Earthquake , and other works; and thirty-five letters.

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And this, boys and girls, is a reason our capitalistic education system that trains into compliance, is so woefully hierarchical.  A Liberal Arts education that has been denigrated because it doesn’t ultimately give you a salary (another cynical joke on humanity) is of value.  Liberal Arts education may teach critical thinking rather than robot compliance.

Ending thought from Voltaire—The buyers and sellers were equally satisfied, so hardly anyone protested, until the troubled days of the reformation.  It must be admitted that an exact knowledge of all these imposts would be of great service to the history of the human mind.

And so one objects strenuously against legislation by NYS Representative Molinaro that would label as anti semitic, support of Palestinians from campus protesters; and one supposes anyone else.

And this, boys and girls, is the reason for respect of actual history and assuredly a Liberal Arts education that could so inform.   Of interest is the FACT that corporate-owned MSM that for decades they denigrated history and study of such.  They didn’t even want anyone to mention Hitler and The Nazi’s.

NYS’s Governor Hochul is warning NY’ers to be aware of air quality ratings due to particulates in the air.  This seems to predominantly be due to Canadian wildfires.  The topic of pollution has been minimized by capitalistic hierarchy, and curiously predominantly so-called Conservatives.  As MAGA types such as NYS Representative Molinaro crack down against women’s reproductive rights, they pay no attention to the pollution that harm the health of everyone, including children.

Toxic gas in Louisiana air far exceeds safe levels, EPA estimates, US study finds–“We expected to see ethylene oxide in this area,” said study leader Peter DeCarlo of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. “But we didn’t expect the levels that we saw, and they certainly were much, much higher” than levels estimated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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Our Supreme Court is loaded to do the bidding of their bribers who have become wealthy by poisoning We The People.  Climate Change is the result of the corruption of a capitalistic system rather than democracy.  Presumption that the Supreme Court is above the law, while they interpret said law against the rest of us, seems quite communistic.  One sees capitalism and communism to be opposite sides of the same coin.

The governing as applied in the time of Voltaire hasn’t changed.  This is still a medieval economy benefiting the elite to the exclusion of everyone else. 

Warnings from corporate-owned MSM that the public mustn’t consider history, which rhetoric that has been the refrain over decades, has produced citizens who bought the story that “we are exceptional”.  At the same time, the Middle Class has disappeared and Climate Change seems irreversible.

A Liberal Arts education has been denigrated, in which critical thought can be taught.  In place of a Liberal Arts education is an education that has indoctrinated millions of children into a hubris grounded in unfounded pride in holding a degree from institutions of higher learning that are worthless, and leaves the child with no common sense and abject ignorance about history.

And on the topic of hierarchy, the curiosity is the wholesale support for Trump by so many Conservative politicians.  Also curious is the continued friendship between Trump and Mr. Pecker.  Who doesn’t wonder if Mr. Pecker retains info about said politicians that retains continued relationship between all of Mr. Pecker, Trump, and seemingly besmittened politicians  This is a topic for discussion and consideration.

One of the last callers to Rep. Hank Johnson on C-Span asked the reason the justice system hasn’t gone after gangs.  This is a good question but may be answered by the idea that capitalism on a continuum becomes organized crime.  Pretense that organized crime hasn’t infiltrated government seems naive.

Washington Journal: Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) Discusses Hunter Biden Verdict & Garland Contempt Vote

One wonders the reason that political collaboration to subvert democracy isn’t as seriously challenged, for example by legislation promulgated by NYS Representative Molinaro that would label peaceful protesters as anti semitic those who are pro-Palestinian activists.  This apparently must include Jewish protesters who recognize a genocidal Israel government.

Speake Mike Johnson’s visit to Binghamton draws protests; Molinaro responds

U.S. House Speaker Mike Johnson’s visit to Binghamton Thursday in support of Republican Rep. Marc Molinaro drew protests.

Johnson was in town for the statewide Republican convention earlier in the day, later making a quick stop at the Broome County Sheriff’s Office.

In part, his visit was aimed at supporting Molinaro’s reelection bid in a seat that could shape the future of power in the GOP.

Protestors took issue with the move.

“Molinaro is a rubber stamp for this guy. Invites him in our backyard here in Binghamton. It’s unacceptable. And Molinaro shows with his votes. He’s not for the people of the 19th District,” said Ravo Root, community organizer for Citizen Action of New York.

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One notices a cronyism between MAGA politicians, the local DA, and some local law enforcement individuals.  Little to nothing is done about either gangs or organized crime that may include said collaboration.

With the legislation proposed by NYS Representative Molinaro law enforcement will be encouraged to crack down on the Free Speech of peaceful protesters rather than to notice the rampant organized crime that has become to obvious to ignore.  This is a topic for discussion, rather than to take the opinion of one person; but sunlight in dark corners is healthy.

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