A value of C-Span is the bits of information that is heard, that otherwise would have gone by the wayside.  Mr. Boston offers seemingly straightforward views about leading America in a better direction, that isn’t just about 2024, but has been the work of We The People from the beginning of our democratic Republic.  One is aware of the character of President Adams, but was not aware that he passed a law that didn’t tolerate critique of himself.  Such commentary could land one in the jail of the time.  Along came Jefferson who, understanding his personality doesn’t surprise one, did away with that dictatorial law.  Does anyone really believe the orange savior would do the same about censorship?–

MAY 19, 2024 | PART OF WASHINGTON JOURNAL 05/19/2024

Washington Journal

Talmage Boston on his Book, How the Best Did It

Author Talmage Boston discusses his book, “How the Best Did It: Leadership Lessons From Our Top Presidents.”

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Come  along NYS Representative Molinaro in 2024 to prove there is nothing new under the sun, just our personal ignorance on the topic.  NYS Representative Molinaro has presumed to legislate the political protest by We The People, by deciding for us that criticism of the genocidal Israel government, will be labeled as anti-semitism and open to prosecution by the US government under the auspices of Molinaro.  And so we are placed upon the slippery slope to dictatorship in keeping with the sycophancy to the orange savior.

Molinaro Introduces Bipartisan Bill To Crack Down On Antisemitism On College Campuses–Rep. Molinaro’s bipartisan bill will force colleges and universities receiving federal funding to sign an annual statement acknowledging that discrimination of any form is a violation of law and results in the loss of federal funds. It will also require schools to report every antisemitic incident on campus to the Department of Education and explain what was done to resolve it.  end of molinaro info–

Molinaro seems to refer to the anti-war protests at Cornell University and SUNY B, in which Jewish students protested the genocidal Israel government violence against women and children in Gaza.  These peaceful protests by the students were mirrored by calm approaches by campus leaders rather than an apparent “law and order” approach of hair-on-fire overreaction by calling in law enforcement by said leaders.–

The Thursday meeting will be at the Broome County Sheriff’s Office and is said to feature sheriff’s deputies, neighboring law enforcement, other first responders and families. 

Johnson’s trip comes as Molinaro seeks reelection in the 19th Congressional District. Broome County is the most-populous county there and could play a large role in in the upcoming election. Molinaro is being challenged by Democrat Josh Riley, who is from Endicott, a village just outside Binghamton. Molinaro flipped the seat in 2022, defeating Riley by about 4,500 votes. –end of mikejohnsontriptoSouthernTier info–Considering the Congressional journey to support the orange savior on trial, who is implicated in the anti-law enforcement 1/6 fiasco, that seems to undermine law enforcement, one wonders at the motivation of Southern Tier local bureaucrats and politicians in their flaming double talk.And We The People also deserve a Molinaro explanation of his law against Free Speech unless said Speech upholds his personal political meandering.

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