In the inane gluttony embraced by so many Americans that has transformed a democratic Republic into an oligarchy in which human resources (people) are abused as easily as are natural resources (the environment) for profit, “running government like a business” is showing its criminality.

New whistleblower claims put Boeing’s quality control under more scrutiny  –

“I literally saw people jumping on the pieces of the airplane to get them to align, basically by jumping up and down your deforming parts so that the holes align temporarily and you can hit a piece with a mallet so that you can go into the hole. And that’s not how you build an airplane,” Salehpour told reporters.

Boeing refuted Salehpour’s claims in a statement released Wednesday.

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C-Span carried the House debates that included on 4/12/2024, Joe Neguse-D-Colorado explaining 4 Conservative bills that would promote the rights of household appliances.  This is at the same time that Conservatives are shutting down reproductive rights for women.

The long road away from liberty and justice for all include the struggle against human rights violations for women along with surreal strengthening of the rights of corporations.  This is indicative of what can ultimately only be imagined as fascism with a strong dose of misogyny that may be a definition of patriarchy.

Women have traditionally been exploited in order to support patriarchy.  Patriarchy can be violent and aggressive, and the priorities of patriarchy are different from that of many women, but not more important.  

A first step toward autonomy could be for women to speak up for our priorities such as universal health care, livable wages, and reproductive rights, in place of the ladylike compliance to the priorities of patriarchy.  One needs an explanation from patriarchy as to the reason for their presumption of Supreme rights for themselves.  This doesn’t feel like leadership among these arrogant characters.

One appreciates that Representative Joe Neguse-D-Colorado, mentioned the absurd bill to promote the rights of household appliances.  He didn’t say so, but this is at the same time of attacks against the equality of women.  Watch what they do, very closely.  Again Representtive Neguse, at 8:56AM, mentions in derision the Refrigerator Freedom Act.  One demands similar concern for Women’s Freedom Acts.  Miller-Meeks’ Refrigerator Freedom Act Passes Out of the Energy and Commerce Committee

The Founders FACTually speaking imagined corporations as servants of We The People.  This has slowly transformed over the years, probably thanks to campaign donations from corporations.  –

The concentration of wealth and influence held by corporations in the US is clear evidence of a serious structural distortion in our economy and political system. Apart from the inequities produced by high levels of income and wealth disparity (which have reached levels not seen since the Gilded Age), centralized economic powerinevitably leads to centralized political power, which weakens and subverts the basic democratic norms and structures that were designed to better address the concerns of ordinary citizens. Among otherthings, centralized economic power has allowed corporations to finance candidates through direct expenditures and campaign contributions that are sympathetic to theirinterests, giving them an outsized influence relative to the average citize

In pursuit of ever greater profits, corporations can further threaten both local government and government agencies

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By breaking away from Great Britain and forming a new system of government, the Founding generation transformed the institutional basis of their young nation’s economy. No longer rigidly tied to Britain’s empire or laws, Americans wer

Anti-corporate Angst In 1796, a British wit defined a corporation as “an infamous relic of the ancient feudal system; a tyrannical, exclusive monopoly, generally consisting of gluttons, idiots, and oppressors; brutes in a human form.”43 Harsh words indeed but by no means out of line with the sentiments of learned British scholars.44 “One great cheque to industry in England,” brilliant political economist David Hume was said to have asserted, “was the erecting of corporations, an abuse which is not yet entirely corrected.”45 University of Glasgow professor Adam Smith also disdained most corporations, which he believed caused two major problems, internal agency conflicts and monopoly.46 

free to build upon their colonial and British heritages and to adapt the best features of the Old World to the unique circumstances of the new. They strove to imitate what worked well, improve what did not, develop what remained inchoate, and jettison what failed miserably. The multi-faceted economic transformation they engineered spawned the world’s largest, richest, and most dynamic economy.1

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Ability of individual sole proprietors to thrive in 2024 i

s stymied by corporate privilege.  

Especially indicative of such prejudice feels represented in appliance-protection acts as juxtaposed against reproductive rights for women.  This is almost a laughable ’50’s patriarchal ploy.

One looks forward to a time when Representatives have been voted into position of authority by We The People, who will take seriously their Oaths of Office to uphold principles of a democratic Constitutional Republic instead of “running government like a business”, which on a continuum is organized crime.

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