Climate Change And Solidarity

Solidarity will suggest that people who understand the importance of an environment that isn’t exploited for industrial profiteering, would not be limited by race or gender.  This is a matter of principle and sanity.  If we destroy our planet, life will become intolerable, especially for future generations.–
Their mission is painfully anthropocentric, never mind that the very lands it aims to extend were stolen from Indigenous tribes who are now denied access. Missions such as these create a near-impenetrable ideological barrier through which environmentalists of non-Christian cultures cannot pass.For one, White constituents do not live with the same generational trauma that people of color do.
–end of yesmag info—Again, the last sentence is indicative conditioning by a White Supremacist-capitalistic-hierarchical Establishment and patriarchal system of US education that seeks to produce dedicated consumers and compliant workers for capitalists; and who may have received notions of history from the entertainment INDUSTRY.
Imagine that anthropomorphism is a manner of chauvinism.  Some people recognize all others as our relatives, and this includes sentient beings in general.  When a person with such a view attempts to explain to a capitalistic hierarchical Establishment self-imagined “friend of nature”, communication becomes muddled and diluted due to lack of understanding.  
For example, as much as one respects the character who dresses up in field costume, grabs his binoculars, and goes out to….for example…..bird watch, when this hobby is pursued for personal enjoyment, it is not quite the same as living in oneness with other creatures that are recognized as equal in the eyes of The Creator.


This includes industries that exploit animals in many forms, including circuses, puppy mills, dog fighting, horse racing, factory farming and such.  In other words, the exploitation implicit in predatory capitalism, which is the system under which the USA labors currently, 
Use of causes by politicians to further their careers and power is a strategy of capitalistic hierarchical Establishment.  
As a NYS resident, one has been aware of the environmental movement in the anti-fracking advocacy.  Many organizations have also been drawn to this advocacy that resulted in the NYS fracking ban.  Some of these organizations are hierarchical and capitalistic, and have ties with big-money interests.  These organizations were not instrumental in winning the NYS anti-fracking ban due to the integrity of the grassroots anti-fracking advocates who never sold out to big-money interests.  The struggle was won through applied integrity by individuals.
NYS grassroots anti-fracking advocates also heard from big-money environmental organization supporters, the reason to “leave it in the hands of the experts”—-–But the former VP has not gone as far as other Democrats, including those he ran against in the primary. He has called the Green New Deal—an ambitious, disruptive overhaul of the nation’s economy—a framework for what he wants to do. But he has notably stopped short of endorsing its text. And, more recently, he has publicly declared his opposition to an outright ban on fracking. 
–end of portside info–Obama was in support of an “all of the above” energy policy.  In other words, frack whatever you wish.
In fact, some of these so-called environmental groups connected to big-money funding, expressed positions of pro-fracking in the beginning.  This was not an option for NYS grassroots anti-fracking advocates.
Climate Change that has become too obvious to ignore, draws attention of other big-money-connected groups and individuals.  These big-money-connected individuals and groups see the economic benefit of hooking their wagon to the star of environmentalists who have done the heavy lifting.
This is similar the difference of those who see anthropomorphism as respecting our fellow creatures, and those who use nature and animals for entertainment.
In other corners, condescending in consideration of our fellow creatures is an affront to all of fellow creature, people, and The Creator.  
Several recent instances of suggestion that environmentalists don’t include indigenous views, seems to turn this into a racial issue.  Racism, like sexism, is political.
Some environmentalists, such as the big-money-connected organizations who attempted and failed to own the NYS grassroots anti-fracking advocacy, may also be on a tract other than justice and protection of works of The Creator.  This tract may be clawing up the Pyramid Scheme of capitalism.
This election cycle has been a grandstand of obfuscation and abuse of sexism and racism to broaden Democratic Base or Republican Base.  The environment is a crucial topic in upcoming years due to Climate Change, environmental degradation, and exploitation of all of human resources (people) and natural resources (environment) for the abuse by patriarchy.
Many organizations that predate the current Climate Change, may include so-called environmentalists, but also embrace equality, autonomy, and justice.  These values aren’t valued in a capitalistic hierarchical system.  If politicians insinuate race and environment are joined as a matter of FACT, this is an indication of misinformation under which they may labor.  Consider such groups as follows in transition us—-–What: This online series is co-hosted by the Inner Resilience Network and the Transition US Social Justice Working Group, and is intended to build a foundation for healthy collaborations and regenerative culture in our work around climate justice. This month’s Building Bridges series will feature speakers from OLCERI, the Oglala Lakota Cultural and Economic Revitalization Initiative, a project on the Pine Ridge Reservation to focus on food, economic and cultural healing and soverignity. Join this talk to learn about this exciting project and learn about how you might be able to help.

When: September 20, 2020 – 3:00pm – 5:00pm PT
–end of transitionus info——————————Although this video is about indigenous values and permaculture, permaculture is well-understood among many people—-——

Permaculture and the Sacred: A Conversation with Starhawk

In this weekend of well-deserved honor toward Ruth Bader-Ginsburg, may one suggest acknowledgment of integrity is equally appreciated pre-death, and can be found in Starhawk and other such supporters of permaculture.
While anthropomorphism may touch upon the issue of occupation/colonization in style, it also expands for the ability of anyone who can so consider, the idea of presumption of ownership of any of nature, people, emotions, or morality.–As the Country Burns, Biden’s Climate Plan Comes Up Short | by Birrion Sondahl
Just today one heard Biden suggest his support for the Green New Deal, while he continues to reiterate “I will not ban fracking”.  Must we tolerate in Biden, as in Trump, such double talk?
We The People would be better served if we remembered it is about personal integrity, not race or gender, that determines quality.  

Not advocating for or against these ideas, but rather offering as ballast; take from it what you wish—-Received from Organic Consumers—-Getting to the bottom of COVID-19’s origins hasn’t been easy, thanks to a whole lot of “global gaslighting of the media—and, by proxy, the public,” according to the reporter for Boston Magazine, who wrote:“There’s long been a sense that if the public and politicians really knew about the dangerous pathogen research being conducted in many laboratories, they’d be outraged. Denying the possibility of a catastrophic incident like this, then, could be seen as a form of career preservation [for scientists]. ‘For the substantial subset of virologists who perform gain-of-function research,’ Richard Ebright, a Rutgers microbiologist and another founding member of the Cambridge Working Group, told me, ‘avoiding restrictions on research funding, avoiding implementation of appropriate biosafety standards, and avoiding implementation of appropriate research oversight are powerful motivators. Antonio Regalado, biomedicine editor of MIT Technology Review, put it more bluntly. If it turned out COVID-19 came from a lab, he tweeted, ‘it would shatter the scientific edifice top to bottom.’”Fortunately, some scientists aren’t afraid to speak truth to power. One of those is Alina Chan, a molecular biologist at the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT.
–end of organicconsumers info–—-PETITION—    On that question, there should be no debate: It’s time to end the reckless genetic engineering and weaponizing of pathogenic viruses and organisms, carried out under the guise of “biomedicine” and “biodefense,” by demanding an immediate and total global ban all gain-of-function research.SIGN THE PETITION: Demand an Immediate Global Ban on Gain-of-Function ‘Biomedical’ and ‘Biodefense Research!           end of Petition info–Sign if you wish…….
—————————End of info from Organic Consumers —————————————

Again these topics are beyond the control of most of the public, but to know the position of Establishment D&R duopoly politicians seems important as we vote for President but more importantly, when we vote down-ticket—-–We don’t have all the answers, but we have one answer among many: A serious New York Democratic candidate needs to step up and announce a 2022 primary challenge to Sen. Chuck Schumer — who already has a record of helping fast-track Donald Trump’s judicial appointments.That primary challenge needs to be announced right now — and it needs to be clear that the primary challenge will be a referendum on Schumer’s record on Trump judges.–end of sirota.substack info–To build a movement to challenge the monopoly of the D/R duopoly is precisely the work of Green Party Presidential candidate Howie Hawkins and running mate Angela Walker.  If our entertainment-obsessed electorate can move past the cable channel news Show propaganda that an election is similar to a team sport such as basketball, where a winner happens and all is over, we can move on to participating in the ongoing responsibility of our democratic (small d) Constitutional republic.  This is what Green Party members understand.From a basement in NYS——––Ballot Victory! Texas Greens Candidates with Howie & AngelaJoe Biden is building a platform to enrich the wealthy rather than fairness for working people, because he is a capitalist, and hierarchy is his motivation.  Which word isn’t understood?  Even Michael Moore is a tough nut to crack, who continues to go back to the poisoned well———————-“It’s actually worse than Hillary,” Moore said. “At least there was a ground game, even though she didn’t show up. There were Hillary offices in many towns, there were door-to-door campaigns.”–end of thehill info–Received from the local Green Party in the Southern Tier—
The full report can be downloaded at a link through this website:
From the Conclusion of the full report:
“Although many hospitals do face increasing costs, such as growing employment and personnel costs, increased needs for investments in electronic health records, and other technologies, the results of this study show that some hospitals are still able to charge much lower prices than other hospitals.”—end of Green Party info—-
Obamacare is a transfer of cash from the 100% to the 1% as pertains to health care.  Obamacare isn’t a comprehensive health care policy, and it encourages higher pricing of health care services, often with no requisite increase in remuneration to health care providers who are in direct contact with patients.
This is an inflationary and predatory system, and one can’t imagine many of We The People can’t acknowledge this FACT.  Yet the Democratic and Republican duopoly promote precisely this system.  We can’t afford the luxury of our capitalistic hierarchical Establishment any longer.  They are pretty to look at, but totally functionally impotent.—————Ask Howie & Angela #24  —  Rachel Maddow says Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker are Republican opps?  Well, in 2016 Jill Stein was castigated by cable channel MSM as Russian opps, so its getting milder in bigotry….perhaps. 
The role of social movements is to make demands.  So reminds Howie Hawkins.  So why are current Republican/Democratic social movements silent?  Perhaps because there is no social movement.

A vote for Green Party Presidential candidate Howie Hawkins is to ensure that you honor your own voice—-

Green Party Candidate Howie Hawkins on Campaign 2020

Green Party presidential candidate Howie Hawkins discusses his 2020 campaign for the White House.—end of c-span interview with Howie Hawkins—-       Howie Hawkins expresses the view that Democratic voters or Republican voters will not propel the Green Party, but rather the enormous number of disenfranchised voters who never make it to the polls, in abject disgust of the system of exclusion and lies……………………last 10 words not Hawkins’  …(paraphrase0


2020 Feb 17-28303929
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2020 Jan 16-29304227
2020 Jan 2-15274527

—-end of party affiliation info—-
And many of the most non-Establishment voters are in the Green Party.
**************************************As a Green Party registered voter routinely, one re-registers every 4 years into the Democratic Party to be able to cast a vote in the Democratic Primary for Bernie Sanders.  One is positive one is not alone in doing so.Lost in the fog of political corruption over several decades, is the fact that the Presidential debates were once in the capable hands of the League of Women Voters—-—-Most objectionable to the League, Neuman said, were conditions in the agreement that gave the campaigns unprecedented control over the proceedings. Neuman called “outrageous” the campaigns’ demands that they control the selection of questioners, the composition of the audience, hall access for the press and other issues.”The campaigns’ agreement is a closed-door masterpiece,” Neuman said. “Never in the history of the League of Women Voters have two candidates’ organizations come to us with such stringent, unyielding and self-serving demands.”Neuman said she and the League regretted that the American people have had no real opportunities to judge the presidential nominees outside of campaign-controlled environments.—-end of lwv info—In other words, (paraphrase) patriarchy says, “we’ll handle it from here, little ladies”——After studying the election process in 1985, the bipartisan National Commission on Elections recommended “turning over the sponsorship of Presidential debates to the two major parties”. The CPD was established in 1987 by the chairmen of the Democratic and Republican Parties to “take control of the Presidential debates”. The commission was staffed by members from the two parties and chaired by the heads of the Democratic and Republican parties… (wikipedia)
—end of straty info——The Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) was established in 1987 to ensure, for the benefit of the American electorate, that general election debates between or among the leading candidates for the offices of President and Vice President of the United States are a permanent part of the electoral process. CPD’s primary purpose is to sponsor and produce the quadrennial general election debates and to undertake research and educational activities relating to the debates. The organization, which is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, 501(c)(3) corporation, sponsored all of the presidential debates in 1988199219962000200420082012, and 2016
—end of debates info—The Commission on Presidential Debates, replacing the League of Women Voters, controls who can debate and on which topics.  They call this educating the public, others may see this as brainwashing. The CPD would profit by hearing from We The People, as to concerns about censorship.  The censorship seems to have become so blatant, that petitions to the CPD have reached into the hundreds of thousands.  PETITION—–——–Thank you all for continuing to share and support this petition. Within the last couple of days, I have composed and sent an e-mail to the Commission on Presidential Debates. The message reads as follows:—-end of info—

Commission Leadership

Co-ChairsFrank J. Fahrenkopf, Jr.
Dorothy S. Ridings
Kenneth WollackHonorary Co-ChairsGerald R. Ford*
Jimmy Carter
Ronald Reagan*
George W. Bush
Barack ObamaCo-Chair EmeritusPaul G. Kirk, Jr.Board of DirectorsJohn C. Danforth
Charles Gibson
John GriffenYvonne Hao
Jane Harman
Antonia Hernandez
Reverend John I. JenkinsNewton N. Minow
Richard D. Parsons
Olympia SnoweExecutive DirectorJanet H. Brown* Deceased© COPYRIGHT 2020 THE COMMI—end of debates so-called leadership—-This also filters out any other than Democratic Establishment and Republican Establishment views.  This means We The People have nothing to say in our own governance.Consider the large number of voters who do not embrace the policies of either of the Democratic Establishment or Republican Establishment, and the fact that the Democratic Establishment and Republican Establishment have swindled the American electorate out of unbiased information directly from possible Presidential choices; often outside of the Capitalist Party D&R.  Since these disgusting events in the ’80’s, state-run/corporate-owned MSM has consistently indoctrinated We The People into accepting the falsehood that “we are a 2-Party system”.  This has had the effect of rending illegitimate, the deeply legitimate tradition of free, clean, and fair elections.  
In other words, politicians are now choosing their voters, rather than voters choosing their politicians.
Acting on the human frailty of ignorance combined with arrogance, and using as an example the Democratic Establishment, one recognizes what is called a Democratic Base that believes in their right to dictate to others, their voting choices.  —–

In Solidarity With People And Nature  —   ;; —     Green Black Caucus
A Resource  —

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