With a US government that seems to have no qualms about violating the rights of We The People pertaining to polluting oil production and natural rights, doesn’t it make sense in this time of military danger to nationalize Saudi-owned oil refineries in Port Author, Texas.Port Arthur, Texas: American Sacrifice Zone– Some local officials excuse the stench given off by those emissions as the smell of money, but the residents of Carver Terrace reap no economic rewards from the refineries.

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Motiva to take ownership of Flint Hills chemical plant in November: sources  – Motiva, the U.S. refining arm of Saudi Aramco, plans to operate the chemical plant while it builds three giant petrochemical units within its Port Arthur complex as part of an $18 billion expansion of operations along the U.S. Gulf Coast, the sources said.

–end of reuters info–  – Recently, Kushner told a Harvard University audience that he thought Gaza’s beach coastline was “very valuable,” essentially advocating for Israel ethnic cleansing the land to develop it. If he continues in this vein, he might have to deal with more direct protests, like the ones that crashed his awards ceremony at an Anti-Defamation League event last month.

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Netanyahu still believes he is the state

On Oct. 6, 2023, Israel was tearing itself at the seams over Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s misguided attempt to eviscerate the Israeli judiciary, known to critics as the Judicial Coup. Netanyahu proposed far-ranging changes to the judicial selection process and the scope of the Supreme Court’s powers of judicial review.

The changes were not minor reforms, but a radical revamp that would have made the Israeli judiciary subservient to the government. In Israel’s parliamentary system, the legislative and executive are basically the same, since the executive — i.e. the governing coalition — requires a majority in the Knesset.

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Corruption in the US government feels similar.  Our Supreme Court functions in its own interest, as do our politicians.

A few uninformed opinions about the following 2 links.  In feather-headed American acceptance of “running government like a business”, it feels like Americans have for years accepted and tolerated a corporate-ghost governance.  It feels like we have had corporate control purchased via Citizens United, which is a decision handed down by an illegitimate Supreme Court, with justices put in place by US oligarchs.  So why have our Representatives of The People been complicit in this racket?  One suggest that corporate interest concerned with exposure of collaboration with foreign oligarchs (Kushner/Saudi/Trump) have vilified FISA while using the pseudocarp-governmental snooping of Representatives of the People, and blackmailing Representatives of The People into loyalty to corporate/politician control.  And so, for example, after a pleasant afternoon spent with Trump on his golf course, a Representative of The People displays lifelong loyalty to said Trump/Kushner/Saudi’s.  But that’s just one person’s view.  Investigate for yourself rather than blind acceptance of a reality show actor or supporting Enquirer.

Link 1–

ut I want to remind people, as you said, what exactly this bill is, why we’re talking about it. Section 702 is something that allows intelligence agencies to collect the communications of non-American suspects overseas.

Now, this must be approved each time by a FISA court. Now, as they do this, if they also encounter communications with Americans, they can use those communications. The FBI does use them. So there isn’t technically a warrant for those communications, and that is the problem that some of these members have.

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Link 2–Relationship between Trump, Enquirer goes beyond headlines – Campaign finance laws generally prohibit corporations from cooperating with a campaign to affect an election, though media organizations are exempted from that restriction so long as they’re performing a journalistic function. AMI’s problem, said campaign finance expert Richard Hasen, is that Cohen’s prosecutors don’t appear to think hush money payments qualify as journalism.

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And in the Southern Tier of NYS, we have curious similarity of would-be leaders to mirroring this interesting governing style.

Speaker Johnson meets with local law enforcement

Binghamton today to raise money for Congressman Marc Molinaro and meet with members of regional law enforcement.

Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Mike Johnson of Louisiana met with local police to thank them for their efforts and pledge his support.

Numerous local police chiefs, including sheriffs from as far away as Columbia County, participated in the meet and greet hosted by Broome County Sheriff Fred Akshar.

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Some of our locals could have their own baggage, if voters care to investigate.

A personal opine is that this is patriarchy at its most dismal.  This is a reason one looks to women, some of whom can also be White-Supremacy/patriarchy bound, in more positions of leadership.

Chances avail that at least some women and minority members, for that matter, will have policy interests other than self-protection and self-promotion.  Such policies could include universal health care, classical education rather than education as induction into capitalism, livable wages, attention to quality of life for families, and food prices that won’t drive humanity into starvation.

Also the time is long overdue when women are viewed as human beings and patriarchy stops violating human rights.

Judging by the Southern Tier model, the US could become a nation riddled with baseball stadiums but with diminishing availability to local grocery stores.

And so as we “run government like a business”, proponents of this system who challenge governmental spy agencies that may look into Saudi/Trump/Kishner connections, are quite content with a corporate-sponsored spy agency that could be imagined in The Enquirer and David Pecker, promoting a pseudo-Presidential reality-show personality Trump.

Down the rabbit hole we go.

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