As a child of the ’60’s, one has little to no confidence in militarized law enforcement.  While most of us “studied” The Teapot Dome Affair in school, the depth and breadth of that scandal probably was glossed over so as to wall the essence away from student understanding.

Mention as to the essence of The Teapot Dome Affair, is of ongoing colonization.  Some people would refer to this as hierarchical capitalism on a continuum into organized crime.

Without offering answers, these historical events of cause and effect should be understood in order to logically deal with thorny topics.   —

Stay Free with Russell Brand: The DC Favor Factory

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In the 1920s, the richest people per capita in the world were members of the Osage Indian Nation in Oklahoma. After oil was discovered beneath their land, the Osage rode in chauffeured automobiles, built mansions, and sent their children to study in Europe.

Then, one by one, they began to be killed off. One Osage woman, Mollie Burkhart, watched as her family was murdered. Her older sister was shot. Her mother was then slowly poisoned. And it was just the beginning, as more Osage began to die under mysterious circumstances.

In this last remnant of the Wild West—where oilmen like J. P. Getty made their fortunes and where desperadoes such as Al Spencer, “the Phantom Terror,” roamed – virtually anyone who dared to investigate the killings were themselves murdered. As the death toll surpassed more than twenty-four Osage, the newly created F.B.I. took up the case, in what became one of the organization’s first major homicide investigations. But the bureau was then notoriously corrupt and initially bungled the case. Eventually the young director, J. Edgar Hoover, turned to a former Texas Ranger named Tom White to try to unravel the mystery. White put together an undercover team, including one of the only Native American agents in the bureau. They infiltrated the region, struggling to adopt the latest modern techniques of detection. Together with the Osage they began to expose one of the most sinister conspiracies in American history.

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Money currently predominates in notions of The American Dream; and money is a large component in corruption.  Ideals of democracy are sold to local-community members as “Western values”, when more nearly corruption is the foundation.   –

This bill makes various changes related to the ethical standards, financial disclosure requirements, and recusal requirements that apply to Supreme Court Justices.

Among the changes, the bill requires the Supreme Court to

  • adopt a code of conduct for Justices and establish procedures to receive and investigate complaints of judicial misconduct;
  • adopt rules governing the disclosure of gifts, travel, and income received by the Justices and law clerks that are at least as rigorous as the House and Senate disclosure rules; and
  • establish procedural rules requiring each party or amicus to disclose any gift, income, or reimbursement provided to Justices.

Additionally, the bill

  • expands the circumstances under which a Justice or judge must be disqualified; and
  • requires the Supreme Court and the Judicial Conference to establish procedural rules for prohibiting the filing of or striking an amicus brief that would result in the disqualification of a Justice, judge, or magistrate judge.

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The Supreme Court decision that mandated from a seat of questionable authority, that money is Speech, has decimated Free Speech.  Consequently we are saddled with politicians who are beholden to big-money interests and care little to nothing about We The People.  The 3-Branches are about self-enriching.  This seems to be dictatorship.

Clarence Thomas is prominent in the news and legitimately so.  He was ensconced in a role beyond his moral ability; and done so by a system that was also functioning in a system of cronyism.  Injustice toward half the US population is taken for granted.  Evidence of such behavior may be a lodestar of expectations from such players.  A system of injustice set in motion by those who use injustice as a stepping stone possibly leads to an unjust society.  —

“Finally, the Coast Guard kept these investigations from Congress for years, which may have delayed needed legislative action. We need to make improvements to ensure that this failure to notify Congress does not happen again, and you can be sure that this Committee will be conducting rigorous oversight to ensure these improvements are made.

“We owe our brave Coast Guard men and women a workplace free from sexual assault and harassment, so that they can focus on their critical work of saving lives, intercepting drugs, and defending our maritime border, which is more important than ever. 

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If we’re shocked….SHOCKED….about reports of ignoring injustice in the Coast Guard that mirrors what many of us watched in the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings when Anita Hill was treated unfairly, another bit of trivia is involvement of politicians who themselves haven’t needed to ‘splain their own alleged behavior.   —

This is a story you can’t get from the mainstream media

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For those who didn’t view the Clarence Thomas hearings, a staunch supporter was Joe Biden.

Two instances of hypocrisy were laughable on MSNBC on Friday.  In one, the young lovely interviewed an author of a book about the obvious denial that has buoyed global warming.  The lovely was studiously engaged in the high-minded explanation of how deadly has been said denial.  She then immediately switched to a “feel good” story about how AI would enable airlines to better bob-and-weave through climate catastrophes, enabling the happy traveler to avoid inconvenience.

The next hour brought the story of the writer’s strike and specifically in Burbank, California.  The interviewer spoke with the mayor of Burbank, who explained his consternation in requiring to deal with both the out-of-town moguls who were screwing the workers, and the entertainment-industry workers, many of whom were his constituents residing in Burbank.  The young lovely in this case quickly bowed out of the interview when the mayor of Burbank worried about the siphoning of wealth away from the local community and into the pockets of out-of-town moguls.

Some people have mentioned the turpitude of big-money interests who provide influx of cash to local hierarchy, that typically bypasses the health and well-being of local community members.

Locally in the Southern Tier of NYS, one recognizes taxpayer support of a baseball stadium that has historically been under supported due to lack of interest, when a better use of taxpayer cash would be for low-income housing, health care, child care, and first-responder support.

Understanding the merits or lack thereof of the “Trickle Down Theory”, this is a worthy topic of discussion.  It is beginning in the Southern Tier of NYS.—-  –

Representatives and candidates of Binghamton’s Democratic Committee held a news conference at the proposed site of the development on the corner of Water and Henry Streets.
The resolution on the city’s website says that UB Family LLC will construct a new 486 space, five level parking garage, and approximately 120 market rate one- and two-bedroom housing units.
The Democrats say that the project is catering to out of town interests and that local taxpayers will end up having to pay the bill.

Binghamton City Council Member Aviva Friedman says, “They still voted on it without any modifications. And what I said at the meeting was, if you don’t fully support this, we have an opportunity to amend it, so it can be something that we do fully support, and nobody took me up on that offer.”

Binghamton Mayor Jared Kraham released a statement addressing the Democrats’ concerns saying that the development will bring in nearly $4.5 millions in revenue and provide $4.5 million in infrastructure improvements.

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A concern is that the Citizens United big-money campaign donations are speaking too loudly in elections.

Sabbysabs’s got it.  —

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Received from a fellow NYRAD traveler—-

A big reason we don’t like pipelines

VIDEO, PHOTOS: Chemical release causes massive fire to erupt at INEOS pipeline in Brazoria County, company says (

And a tragic one I missed back in February

—-end of nyrad info–  – A Catholic priest once knocked my father, a boarding school survivor, across the room for speaking Lakota in class. “They wanted us to forget who we were. The beatings were constant,” he said.

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As one who would be perfectly contented to retain the Senate if they adhered to Oaths of Office more than to Citizens United campaign donations, one is interested in a topic raised as to the reason we maintain the US Senate——–

 This is a reminder of how much we don’t know.  This brings one around to Howie Hawkins, who continues to impress with original thought.  We also could acknowledge Hawkins often speaks to censored information.
One such topic about which one would never have even considered, is whether the USA needs The Senate.  Apparently The Senate is little other than expensive window dressing, promoting hierarchical interests, and too often placed in positions of power by big-money via Citizens United.  But the public gets to fund this curiosity of pompous supremacy.  Who knew?
The Democratic Branch of the Republican/Democratic Duopoly are especially functional in voter suppression—–          —#GreenSocialist Notes #76
Howie Hawkins brings up the concept of whether the USA needs the Senate.  Apparently according to some people, the Senate isn’t necessary.  This brings up the blockage from the Senate of many bills that would benefit We The People.  Combined with Citizens United that promotes big-money interest choice of Senators, in which laws are passed that benefit big-money interest rather than We The People, and that We The People support economically, the members of the Senate, this seems a good topic for discussion.
The US Constitution doesn’t seem to sanction elections run by political Parties, and to permit control of political debates by political Parties seems equally corrupt.       —

Ross Perot in 1992 on NAFTA and the “Giant Sucking Sound”

Centralization is the lifeblood of the R&D duopoly.  It’s the way to enforce capitalism onto workers in 2022.———————–We can do better———-

That “we are a 2-Party system” is a fabrication of the Republican/Democratic duopoly and spread by MSM.  In FACT the majority of voters aren’t either registered Democratic or Republican.  The censorship about this info must be envied by bureaucrats of the Former USSR and their simplistic style of 1-Party elections.  

Regardless of which character sits in the Oval Office, We The People have work to do to maintain principles of our democratic (small d) Constitutional republic.  Several items to challenge—*We need the integrity of ranked-choice voting so voters won’t feel compelled to “hold your nose and vote”*Censored debates must be stopped.  The Democratic/Republican duopoly pretends to legitimate debates in what is nothing other than another campaign show.  Independent debates run by uninterested sponsors such as The League of Women Voters, must be restored.  (Access to understand the extent of duopoly control).  The so-called Debate Commission is a corporation to promote the Democratic corporation and Republican corporation, not to inform We The People*Challenge and stop gerrymandering that is a trick especially of the Republican branch of the duopoly.*Stop voter suppression by political Parties, and especially confront and stop Party suppression, which is the over-arching approach to voter suppression.  Party suppression seems to have been the responsibility of the Democratic corporation*Promote by law ranked-choice voting, so we won’t be told again, by D&R duopoly, to “hold your nose and vote”
If these issues are handled, our next elections can be honorable. 
*******************************************************************—-Political Party affiliation of voters.–LEAGUE REFUSES TO “HELP PERPETRATE A FRAUD”

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