One has immersed oneself in study of historical Christianity due to ignorance on the topic, and wishing to enlighten oneself.  The reason is that one seems to live in what is tending toward a Christian theocracy.  The take away from historical reading including said info being straight as possible from the horses’ mouths (Josephus and such) supports the following personal views—

*Jesus was immersed in Jewish culture

*The language of Jesus was not Greek or Latin

*The nature of Christianity seems to be to inculcate said teachings upon Gentiles

*Many Gentiles didn’t speak Aramaic, the language, they say, of Jesus

*Historical info suggests those who were contemporary with Jesus, are those who wrote portions of the gospel, and did so with the thought in mind to translate into concepts and language understandable to Gentiles, who generally were not Jewish

*The first language translated to, seemed to be Greek, later Latin in the hands of Roman Catholics, then into other languages

The Greek seems to be that which is currently called Orthodox and the Catholic, using one’s own interpretation, seems to be the refinement into institutionalized religion.

To recall these ideas and the history upon which said ideas originate, may be important in reference to, for example, the Russian-Ukrainian War.  Without background knowledge of the history of Eastern Europe one wouldn’t be aware that tension between Roman Catholicism and Orthodoxy permeates through power struggles of the region, as may be the case worldwide.

As little as one was aware of the intricacies of Christianity that motivated said research, one also is befuddled with the history of Eastern Europe.  Underlying the obvious turmoil seems to be similar Orthodox/Catholic tension that seemed to have be exploited by hierarchy.  

A quite comprehensive history can be found in https://www.europenowjournal.org/2022/05/04/the-gates-of-europe-a-history-of-ukraine-by-serhii-plokhy/      –Just over a year ago, the eminent historian of Ukraine, Serhii Plokhy, published a revised version of his 2015 book, The Gates of Europe. In the context of Russia’s unprovoked war against Ukraine launched in February, Plokhi’s introductory words resound even more forcefully: “Ukrainians probably have just as much right to brag about their role in changing the world as Scots and other nationalities about which books have been written asserting their claim to have shaped the course of human history.”

–end of gates of Europe info–

This seems to be a book that supports Ukraine, but the history of Eastern Europe is so complex as to raise reasonably questioning views.  A nation interfering in the future of others seems dismally uneducated upon our own history of, for example, colonization of the Americas and slavery, that we may assume that most Americans know even less about the Eastern European history about which the USA is currently officiating behind the curtain of NATO.  Shouldn’t we be more curious about that which we tinker.

Or alternatively perhaps censorship of views from Eastern Europe shouldn’t be censored.

https://www.rt.com/russia/569146-100-years-of-soviet-union/?utm_source=browser&utm_medium=push_notifications&utm_campaign=push_notifications  —

Exactly 100 years ago, on December 30, 1922, the largest country in world history was created. At the First All-Union Congress of Soviets, representatives of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (RSFSR), the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (SSR) and Belarusian SSR, and the Transcaucasian Federation all signed  Declaration and Treaty on the Formation of the USSR.

The huge country left an ambiguous legacy, and most of the Bolsheviks’ promises were never fulfilled.–end of rt info–

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIsVvyAeJFE       —

A deep dive into history on the topic of the difference between Orthodox views and Catholic views may suggest principles that ripple through politics.  This isn’t to suggest theocracy especially, but it does suggest inculcation of institutionalized religious hierarchical Establishment that may be imperceptible but may be crucial to understand conflict that destroys local communities.  This also raises the question WWJD?

And back in he USA—

On the topic of a massacre on December 29, 1890—-

https://www.facebook.com/rema.loeb/posts/pfbid0wurqB5FqNAZJGJx3hLas18ihDvAW77mCDiQYnRpoE2ef7Qkmi3PHX9Jh3Q9Z2NExl –. Azíliya na Wóčekíye .

–end of remaloeb info with gratitude for her awareness—-

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhwcbxpY2bs —

Assange’s Father John Shipton & Lee Camp: Saving Julian!

–end of lee camp info—

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIsVvyAeJFE                —


–end of russellbrand info–

If history is as censored as may be current events, should questions be asked about the system within which we live?

****As one who would be perfectly contented to retain the Senate if they adhered to Oaths of Office more than to Citizens United campaign donations, one is interested in a topic raised as to the reason we maintain the US Senate—-

 This is a reminder of how much we don’t know.  This brings one around to Howie Hawkins, who continues to impress with original thought.  We also could acknowledge Hawkins often speaks to censored information.
One such topic about which one would never have even considered, is whether the USA needs The Senate.  Apparently The Senate is little other than expensive window dressing, promoting hierarchical interests, and too often placed in positions of power by big-money via Citizens United.  But the public gets to fund this curiosity of pompous supremacy.  Who knew?
The Democratic Branch of the Republican/Democratic Duopoly are especially functional in voter suppression—–https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNbdkuU1edw          —#GreenSocialist Notes #76
Howie Hawkins brings up the concept of whether the USA needs the Senate.  Apparently according to some people, the Senate isn’t necessary.  This brings up the blockage from the Senate of many bills that would benefit We The People.  Combined with Citizens United that promotes big-money interest choice of Senators, in which laws are passed that benefit big-money interest rather than We The People, and that We The People support economically, the members of the Senate, this seems a good topic for discussion.
The US Constitution doesn’t seem to sanction elections run by political Parties, and to permit control of political debates by political Parties seems equally corrupt.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQ7kn2-GEmM       —

Ross Perot in 1992 on NAFTA and the “Giant Sucking Sound”

Centralization is the lifeblood of the R&D duopoly.  It’s the way to enforce capitalism onto workers in 2022.———————–We can do better———-

That “we are a 2-Party system” is a fabrication of the Republican/Democratic duopoly and spread by MSM.  In FACT the majority of voters aren’t either registered Democratic or Republican.  The censorship about this info must be envied by bureaucrats of the Former USSR and their simplistic style of 1-Party elections.  

Regardless of which character sits in the Oval Office, We The People have work to do to maintain principles of our democratic (small d) Constitutional republic.  Several items to challenge—*We need the integrity of ranked-choice voting so voters won’t feel compelled to “hold your nose and vote”*Censored debates must be stopped.  The Democratic/Republican duopoly pretends to legitimate debates in what is nothing other than another campaign show.  Independent debates run by uninterested sponsors such as The League of Women Voters, must be restored.  (Access www.debates.org to understand the extent of duopoly control).  The so-called Debate Commission is a corporation to promote the Democratic corporation and Republican corporation, not to inform We The People*Challenge and stop gerrymandering that is a trick especially of the Republican branch of the duopoly.*Stop voter suppression by political Parties, and especially confront and stop Party suppression, which is the over-arching approach to voter suppression.  Party suppression seems to have been the responsibility of the Democratic corporation*Promote by law ranked-choice voting, so we won’t be told again, by D&R duopoly, to “hold your nose and vote”
If these issues are handled, our next elections can be honorable. 
*******************************************************************https://news.gallup.com/poll/15370/party-affiliation.aspx—-Political Party affiliation of voters.
    https://www.lwv.org/newsroom/press-releases/league-refuses-help-perpetrate-fraud–LEAGUE REFUSES TO “HELP PERPETRATE A FRAUD”

WITHDRAWS SUPPORT FROM FINAL PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE–end of lwv info–Murray Bookchin, who founded social ecology, a theory that strongly influenced early Green Socialist thought, strongly advocated the discussion and study group as the first step of any revolutionary movement. A group of individuals meets to expand their knowledge of radical thought and form a radical intellectual community; through the give and take of discussion, can eventually form ideas for next steps in organizing and political activity. According to Bookchin, study groups help create solidarity and a shared language — with a shared coherent vision — for building a mass, organizing, political movement!

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