C-Span asked the question this morning, “can the government get inflation under control”.   A better question could be the reason the Trump Administration began the trajectory of snow-balling inflation. 

One would be happy to explain this view.

  Over a 45-year career in finance, routinely heard had been policies of attempting to balance what was once called the “trade deficit”, which when out of balance reflected a lagging US economy,  In past decades the US government corrected this anomaly by placing a tariff on imports, making prices higher for the products from foreign nations, and driving consumers to purchase American-made products.

US politicians, bought into office byway of the corruption of money in politics called Citizens United, and collaborating with commercial interests in, became manic in sending US manufacturing and high-paying jobs to foreign nations.  This seems to be the reason for 2 interesting developments. The first is US families driven into poverty-income jobs, and the second is to have created the supply chain debacle that is driving up prices.  Another issue is foreign control of products Americans need.

Trump talked about these problems but did nothing about them.  Trump did however link 2 decisions, one being the tax relief for wealthy Americans, along with the Trump Tariff.  To place a tariff on products required by lower-income consumers, when the manufacturing is done outside of the US borders by governmental mandate (globalization) effectively was an immediate and direct tax against low-income American households to pay for he Trump tax cut for the wealthy.  Should we talk about this?

Several oligarchs have been heard defending this action by saying a tariff can be used to “control geo-political issues”, which is total deflection. It is a direct and immediate tax on the products used by most Americans.  And the money goes to the US government.

That was an immediate start to inflation.  This isn’t about Republicans or Democrats.  Biden can remove the tariff instantly.

Biden says “it isn’t written that we can’t have manufacturing in the US”  No s–t Sherlock….your Obama/Biden Administration was hysterical in support of TPP.  This trade agreement promoted globalization and included language that undermined local-community civil, human, and environmental rights to promote commercial rights for multi-national corporations.  But in 2022, this can indeed be addressed.

And anyway, it would seem inflation is now used in place of price gouging.

As Trump’s daughter’s husband once said, (paraphrase) — the American people are the customers of the government.  That sounds a bit fascist.

We need a realistic perspective of what we act like.

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