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C-Span presented the following discussion and well worth hearing.  As for Liz Cheney, I hold her in high regard for integrity but in low esteem for policy.  Trickle Down has worked well for the Cheney’s, but is a corrupt economic policy as regards free markets, in one person’s opinion. Especially partnered with Citizens United and www.alec.org, it is a system to transfer the wealth of the nation from to the top of the Pyramid Scheme.  But that’s as applies to the economy and the Reagan notions.  As applies to the integrity of Liz Cheney, this seems to pertain to democracy, and is a system, if voters are awake, that can challenge Trickle Down Theories even while those supporting democracy are proponents for Trickle Down..  And so one can imagine voting for Liz Cheney as compared to, for example, voting for a Duopoly-owned President mouthing admirable policies but lacking integrity. read more