For years grassroots environmental-health advocates have been demonized by capitalistic hierarchical Establishment in attempts to censor the message of consequences of predatory behavior toward nature.

We are currently feeling the physical effects in Climate Change, to the immature reaction to behavior, when it is based on profiteering.  
Capitalism has been the illegitimate system labeled as “ours” by hierarchical Establishment, which is vain pretension.  Our system is a democratic (small d)  Constitutional republic.  democracy and capitalism are incompatible.  The hubris is on display, of politicians to pretension to acting democratically is a Reality Show as the corruption of Citizens United along with the FACT of ALEC and the greed of players violates principles of our democratic (small d) Constitutional republic.
Reality isn’t a Show—–The lesson of Donald Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis is not that he deserved it — it is that you cannot ignore reality forever. The basic laws — of science, of medicine, of the economy, of humanity — always eventually express their will, whether we like it or not.This, of course, is a truism for all of us who live ordinary lives out here in the actual, real world — but it is a revelation for a Republican Party whose entire political identity is defined by scoffing at and mocking what GOP Karl Rove infamously called “the reality-based community.” Indeed, for decades, Republican leaders have operated as if you are a fool to think reality even matters — because in their view, nothing matters and new realities can just be manufactured.–end of dailyposter info–—The phrase was attributed by journalist Ron Suskind to an unnamed official in the George W. Bush administration who used it to denigrate a critic of the administration’s policies as someone who based their judgments on facts.[1] In a 2004 article appearing in the New York Times Magazine, Suskind wrote:The aide said that guys like me were ‘in what we call the reality-based community,’ which he defined as people who ‘believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality.’ […] ‘That’s not the way the world really works anymore,’ he continued. ‘We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors…and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do’.[2]International relations scholar Fred Halliday writes that the phrase reality-based community (in contrast to faith-based community) was used “for those who did not share [the Bush administration’s] international goals and aspirations”.[1] The source of the quotation was guessed to be Bush’s senior advisor Karl Rove,[3][4] although Rove has denied saying it.[5][better source needed]
—-end of derision of reality-based communities—-So we’re an empire now, and reality is what we say it is?  Something seems fishy in this presumptuous idea.  And yet this Religious Right style of expression is quite magical.  Accusations of magic from Religious Chauvinists are a reason for the burning of women in Europe centuries ago.  Climate Change is nature’s response to the magical thinking of our Religious Right.


 people have much at stake concerning the Climate Change reality; but it mystifies that adults haven’t demanded protection of rights to life and liberty.  We are paying the price today to cover the risk generated by industrialization that disregards human, civil and environmental rights—–In January, a divided federal appeals court dismissed the Juliana youth lawsuit, but the youths have asked the full court to review that dismissal and a decision is still pending.Young people like the Juliana plaintiffs and communities across the country have turned to the courts in filing lawsuits demanding climate accountability. More than 20 municipalities and states are suing major oil and gas companies like ExxonMobil over the fossil fuel industry’s campaigns to discredit climate science, deceive the public on climate risks, and delay policy action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The young people suing the U.S. government in Juliana argued that the executive branch has promoted a fossil fuel energy system that contributes to dangerous climate change, putting their constitutional rights like rights to life and liberty at risk.–end of desmogblog info––DeSmog reporter Dana Drugmand recently chatted with author Lee van der Voo about this new book on the Juliana youth climate lawsuit. The interview, which has been edited slightly for brevity, explores why the book is so timely, how the Juliana lawsuit is part of a broader youth movement, and how the mainstream media “is in danger of being on the wrong side of history” when it comes to covering the climate crisis. 
—end of desmogblog info–
And directly from the source, read the thoughts of ourchildrenstrust—-–Nonetheless, here at Our Children’s Trust, we are undeterred. Young people – especially those in our most vulnerable communities – need us to stand with resolve and not settle for fear or despair. Justice WILL prevail. We WILL prevail. This year alone, critically, we filed an en banc petition in Juliana v. U.S., supported by numerous “friend of the court” amicus briefs, to advance the right of the Juliana youth plaintiffs to prove their case at trial and secure their constitutional climate rights. Also in 2020, our team began representing and supporting youth in new climate cases in Montana and Mexico and partnered with members of U.S. Congress to introduce a new concurrent congressional resolution recognizing Children’s Fundamental Rights and Climate Recovery. We’ve argued in court on behalf of youth plaintiffs in Florida and Washington, and are supporting attorneys and youth plaintiffs in La Rose v. Her Majesty the Queen as they went to court yesterday and today in Canada. We’ve supported youth petitioners taking legal action in North Carolina and Colorado, and prepared for decisions from the state supreme courts in Alaska and Oregon. And there is no slowing down: our team is working hard to build cases in new jurisdictions on behalf of youth harmed by the climate crisis.
–end of ourchildrenstrust info–
Aside from the FACT that our system of education teaches history that suits the worldview of capitalistic hierarchical Establishment, history was subverted in real time as culture was absorbed into the American Pyramid Scheme that abuses people to its own end.–—According to HuffPost, the first-of-its-kind commission would be asked to find ways to improve the public’s awareness and incorporate that into public education. That way, future generations of Americans would have a better understanding of the government’s former policy and how its consequences continue to affect Native Americans.”The Indian Boarding School Policy is a stain in America’s history, and it’s long overdue that justice is sought for victims of this policy who suffered unimaginable harm and thousands of Native families who remain impacted by this policy,” Warren said in a statement.—end of ecowatch info–
White Supremacy has been involved in exploitation of local communities over millennia—–When Christopher Columbus first set foot on the white sands of Guanahani island, he performed a ceremony to “take possession” of the land for the king and queen of Spain, acting under the international laws of Western Christendom. Although the story of Columbus’ “discovery” has taken on mythological proportions in most of the Western world, few people are aware that his act of “possession” was based on a religious doctrine now known in history as the Doctrine of Discovery. Even fewer people realize that today – five centuries later – the United States government still uses this archaic Judeo-Christian doctrine to deny the rights of Native American Indians.In other words, the Court affirmed that United States law was based on a fundamental rule of the “Law of Nations” – that it was permissible to virtually ignore the most basic rights of indigenous “heathens,” and to claim that the “unoccupied lands” of America rightfully belonged to discovering Christian European nations. Of course, it’s important to understand that, as Benjamin Munn Ziegler pointed out in The International Law of John Marshall, the term “unoccupied lands” referred to “the lands in America which, when discovered, were ‘occupied by Indians’ but ‘unoccupied’ by Christians.” [Ziegler:46]Ironically, the same year that the Johnson v. McIntosh decision was handed down, founding father James Madison wrote: “Religion is not in the purview of human government. Religion is essentially distinct from civil government, and exempt from its cognizance; a connection between them is injurious to both.”Most of us have been brought up to believe that the United States Constitution was designed to keep church and state apart. Unfortunately, with the Johnson decision, the Christian Doctrine of Discovery was not only written into U.S. law but also became the cornerstone of U.S. Indian policy over the next century.–end of nativeweb info–
The same– religious chauvinism didn’t originate in the USA.  This White Supremacy has been practiced across Europe and was especially prevalent in predatory behavior toward Natural Religions.  
Cognitively impaired could be a mollifying option if one chooses to serve the capitalistic hierarchical Establishment that made one so—–The impacts of heat exposure through deforestation “provide a troubling preview of what climate change will bring if we do not act quickly to mitigate emissions,” says co-author Nick Wolff, a climate change scientist at TNC.
–end of coolgreenscience info–—–Howie Hawkins responds to first Presidential debateA serious citizen attempting responsibility in election choice would recognize the gas lighting perpetrated against the electorate by the political Party coprorations Democratic/Republican duopoly.  Howie Hawkins clearly explains the information to which we should all be aware.
Reality Show has been the format for political conversation for years.  To cast a vote for any other than a politician capable of FACTual information and ideas seems incomprehensible.
Demand inclusion in debates of 3rd-Party Presidential candidates such as Howie Hawkins of the Green Party, in order to understand the difference between value and price.  You will hear a politician running for public office who has a strong grasp on reality, and policies that are in keeping with requirements of We The People, in Howie Hawkins—

A vote for Green Party Presidential candidate Howie Hawkins is to ensure that you honor your own voice—-

Green Party Candidate Howie Hawkins on Campaign 2020

Green Party presidential candidate Howie Hawkins discusses his 2020 campaign for the White House.—end of c-span interview with Howie Hawkins—-       Howie Hawkins expresses the view that Democratic voters or Republican voters will not propel the Green Party, but rather the enormous number of disenfranchised voters who never make it to the polls, in abject disgust of the system of exclusion and lies……………………last 10 words not Hawkins’  …(paraphrase0


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2020 Jan 2-15274527

—-end of party affiliation info—-
And many of the most non-Establishment voters are in the Green Party.
**************************************As a Green Party registered voter routinely, one re-registers every 4 years into the Democratic Party to be able to cast a vote in the Democratic Primary for Bernie Sanders.  One is positive one is not alone in doing so.Lost in the fog of political corruption over several decades, is the fact that the Presidential debates were once in the capable hands of the League of Women Voters—-—-Most objectionable to the League, Neuman said, were conditions in the agreement that gave the campaigns unprecedented control over the proceedings. Neuman called “outrageous” the campaigns’ demands that they control the selection of questioners, the composition of the audience, hall access for the press and other issues.”The campaigns’ agreement is a closed-door masterpiece,” Neuman said. “Never in the history of the League of Women Voters have two candidates’ organizations come to us with such stringent, unyielding and self-serving demands.”Neuman said she and the League regretted that the American people have had no real opportunities to judge the presidential nominees outside of campaign-controlled environments.—-end of lwv info—In other words, (paraphrase) patriarchy says, “we’ll handle it from here, little ladies”——After studying the election process in 1985, the bipartisan National Commission on Elections recommended “turning over the sponsorship of Presidential debates to the two major parties”. The CPD was established in 1987 by the chairmen of the Democratic and Republican Parties to “take control of the Presidential debates”. The commission was staffed by members from the two parties and chaired by the heads of the Democratic and Republican parties… (wikipedia)
—end of straty info——The Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) was established in 1987 to ensure, for the benefit of the American electorate, that general election debates between or among the leading candidates for the offices of President and Vice President of the United States are a permanent part of the electoral process. CPD’s primary purpose is to sponsor and produce the quadrennial general election debates and to undertake research and educational activities relating to the debates. The organization, which is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, 501(c)(3) corporation, sponsored all of the presidential debates in 1988199219962000200420082012, and 2016
—end of debates info—The Commission on Presidential Debates, replacing the League of Women Voters, controls who can debate and on which topics.  They call this educating the public, others may see this as brainwashing. The CPD would profit by hearing from We The People, as to concerns about censorship.  The censorship seems to have become so blatant, that petitions to the CPD have reached into the hundreds of thousands.  PETITION—–——–Thank you all for continuing to share and support this petition. Within the last couple of days, I have composed and sent an e-mail to the Commission on Presidential Debates. The message reads as follows:—-end of info—

Commission Leadership

Co-ChairsFrank J. Fahrenkopf, Jr.
Dorothy S. Ridings
Kenneth WollackHonorary Co-ChairsGerald R. Ford*
Jimmy Carter
Ronald Reagan*
George W. Bush
Barack ObamaCo-Chair EmeritusPaul G. Kirk, Jr.Board of DirectorsJohn C. Danforth
Charles Gibson
John GriffenYvonne Hao
Jane Harman
Antonia Hernandez
Reverend John I. JenkinsNewton N. Minow
Richard D. Parsons
Olympia SnoweExecutive DirectorJanet H. Brown* Deceased© COPYRIGHT 2020 THE COMMI—end of debates so-called leadership—-This also filters out any other than Democratic Establishment and Republican Establishment views.  This means We The People have nothing to say in our own governance.Consider the large number of voters who do not embrace the policies of either of the Democratic Establishment or Republican Establishment, and the fact that the Democratic Establishment and Republican Establishment have swindled the American electorate out of unbiased information directly from possible Presidential choices; often outside of the Capitalist Party D&R.  Since these disgusting events in the ’80’s, state-run/corporate-owned MSM has consistently indoctrinated We The People into accepting the falsehood that “we are a 2-Party system”.  This has had the effect of rending illegitimate, the deeply legitimate tradition of free, clean, and fair elections.  
In other words, politicians are now choosing their voters, rather than voters choosing their politicians.
Acting on the human frailty of ignorance combined with arrogance, and using as an example the Democratic Establishment, one recognizes what is called a Democratic Base that believes in their right to dictate to others, their voting choices.  —–

In Solidarity With People And Nature  —   ;; —     Green Black Caucus
A Resource  —

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