First we might wish to understand those we determine are “the other”.

C-Span hosted interesting comments today.     —


Washington Journal

Dave Levinthal on Congress and Ethics Violations

Dave Levinthal talked about his reporting on congressional ethics and financial conflicts of interest.–end of c-span info–

9:05AM–guest Dave Levinthal from The Raw Story–paraphrase—spoke to the anomaly of Citizens United and campaign donations. 

(If money in politics that buys politicians…aka bribery… the lectern from which US politicians preach to the rest of the world, veracity must be tentative at best.)

9:10AM–caller–paraphrase–Who oversees the ethics of legislators?

(The overseeing is the responsibility of voters if voters weren’t bedazzled by their team-sport participation in Team Red and Team Blue, as comprises the guise  of the Democratic/Republican duopoly, which seems to be the American version of the 1-Party system that is the Capitalist Party, similar to that of the Former USSR that is the Communist Party.)

In other words, political characters in the USA seem to function as dictators above the law that they make.

9:25AM–caller–paraphrase–We have term limits; it’s called voting.

Some people see the Primary electoral system in which Team Blue or Team Red chooses the candidate regardless of the wishes of voters, as the prelude to an equally silly General election campaign orchestrated by Team Red media or Team Blue media.

With a growing recognition of this system, an ongoing state of war seems to be the deflection required for control voters.         —

The lost words  –In 2007 the Oxford Junior Dictionary removed the word acorn from its print edition. Also the words blackberry, otter, willow, bluebell, and newt. Fifty such ‘nature words’ were eliminated and replaced by words like broadband, MP3 player, and chatroom.

The enchanted boyGardening to save half the worldA girl in the garden of EdenPlant blindness—The inability to register plants in one’s environment or to see the importance of the plant world are two of the symptoms of plant blindness. One study found that Americans can identify over 1,000 corporate logos on sight, but fewer than 10 plants.

–end of souloftheearth info–

From organicconsumers  —    —


DC Protest Against the War


Americans Want Food Subsidies for People, Not GMO Feed for Factory Farms


The Collapse and Rebirth of the Peace Movement


The Organic Sector Must Respond to the Public Desire for Regeneration


No Legal Basis for US to Dispute Mexico’s GMO Corn Ban


America is a Failed State Run by Psychopaths

end of organicconsumers info–    —

Oh SH*T, Something TERRIFYING Is Happening

–end of russellbrand info–

From MRonline  —               —

Poisoning America for profit: A brief history of Norfolk Southern’s greed

Sanders calls for cutting U.S. ‘billions’ to Israel over ‘racist’ moves

Russia and China draw ‘red lines’ on their borders; U.S. draws them on the other side of the Planet

U.S. sends troops to Taiwan after general threatens war with China by 2025

Corrupt Mexican drug czar “had a very close relationship for many years with U.S. intelligence,” says Mexican security analyst

–end of mronline info–

From popularresistance  —           —

How The Press Misled The Public On Russiagate

Western Leaders Privately Say Ukraine Can’t Win The War

US Funneled Billions To Ukraine While Cutting Health And Education

Anti-war Protesters In Europe Demand West Stop Arming Ukraine

A Trip To Cuba

Electric Utilities Created One Of The ‘Largest’ Propaganda Campaigns In US

Converging Debt Crises

–end of popularresistance info–

Our ideas about “the other” can be very subjective.  —              —

I’ve always known this in my heart but wonder why people are so up in arms about ‘eating ze bugs’ when they already do. It’s just a case of not making the connection I guess.

–end of billhuston tweet, included with appreciation—-    —

Jimmy Dore RAGES Against War Machine At DC Peace Rally

–end of jimmydore info–

The Green Party is indeed divided on the topic of arming Ukraine.  The Green Party offers an opportunity to attempt differing views that are ostensibly censored in the USA of 2023.         —

#GreenSocialist Notes, Episode 113

–end of howiehawkins info–

Casual expression about “our enemy” Russia are open to discussion.  For example–

*A referral to the Orthodox religion in Russia that was associated with the Tsar (Establishment regardless of character holding the position) was also the religion of a preponderance of the Russian population

*Since the Russian leader being spoken of was Putin, reference to Orthodox religion and the Tsar seemed irrelevant

*Putin was KGB which was decidedly a part of communist USSR, and that seemed to officially negate the above connection to the Tsar

*Reference to Russian bureaucratic Establishment prejudice against what have been called “indigenous Siberians” is FACTual without being clear

*In the USA, Indigenous people were also treated badly but by imperialist colonizers invading the homeland of Native people

*In Russia, Indigenous Siberian tribes were and probably are mistreated by Russia bureaucratic Establishment, but to presuppose that Russian bureaucratic Establishment is anything other than Indigenous is incorrect

*American chauvinism seems to see power as non-Indigenous, when the point in Russian action may be hyper-protection of their personal Indigenous rights

In other words, that bureaucratic Establishment in the USA is predominately non-Indigenous, does not mean that Russians in their own homeland aren’t Indigenous.  This is an absurdity to so believe, and raises questions about the depth of American view of others, which may be a mile wide and an inch deep.

At the same time Russia is noted as being “our enemy”, some people still find value in hearing the self-definition from everyone.  A movie is just a movie, but judging from the view many people own about America based upon movies, to give the same respect of self-definition to others only seems right.     —

The Righteous: Smash hit movie tells the story of a Russian who saved hundreds of Jews from Nazi Germany’s holocaust

More than 2,000 descendants of people who were saved by Nikolay Kiselyov’s small guerrilla detachment live all over the world today

–end of rt info–

****As one who would be perfectly contented to retain the Senate if they adhered to Oaths of Office more than to Citizens United campaign donations, one is interested in a topic raised as to the reason we maintain the US Senate—-

 This is a reminder of how much we don’t know.  This brings one around to Howie Hawkins, who continues to impress with original thought.  We also could acknowledge Hawkins often speaks to censored information.
One such topic about which one would never have even considered, is whether the USA needs The Senate.  Apparently The Senate is little other than expensive window dressing, promoting hierarchical interests, and too often placed in positions of power by big-money via Citizens United.  But the public gets to fund this curiosity of pompous supremacy.  Who knew?
The Democratic Branch of the Republican/Democratic Duopoly are especially functional in voter suppression—–          —#GreenSocialist Notes #76
Howie Hawkins brings up the concept of whether the USA needs the Senate.  Apparently according to some people, the Senate isn’t necessary.  This brings up the blockage from the Senate of many bills that would benefit We The People.  Combined with Citizens United that promotes big-money interest choice of Senators, in which laws are passed that benefit big-money interest rather than We The People, and that We The People support economically, the members of the Senate, this seems a good topic for discussion.
The US Constitution doesn’t seem to sanction elections run by political Parties, and to permit control of political debates by political Parties seems equally corrupt.       —

Ross Perot in 1992 on NAFTA and the “Giant Sucking Sound”

Centralization is the lifeblood of the R&D duopoly.  It’s the way to enforce capitalism onto workers in 2022.———————–We can do better———-

That “we are a 2-Party system” is a fabrication of the Republican/Democratic duopoly and spread by MSM.  In FACT the majority of voters aren’t either registered Democratic or Republican.  The censorship about this info must be envied by bureaucrats of the Former USSR and their simplistic style of 1-Party elections.  

Regardless of which character sits in the Oval Office, We The People have work to do to maintain principles of our democratic (small d) Constitutional republic.  Several items to challenge—*We need the integrity of ranked-choice voting so voters won’t feel compelled to “hold your nose and vote”*Censored debates must be stopped.  The Democratic/Republican duopoly pretends to legitimate debates in what is nothing other than another campaign show.  Independent debates run by uninterested sponsors such as The League of Women Voters, must be restored.  (Access to understand the extent of duopoly control).  The so-called Debate Commission is a corporation to promote the Democratic corporation and Republican corporation, not to inform We The People*Challenge and stop gerrymandering that is a trick especially of the Republican branch of the duopoly.*Stop voter suppression by political Parties, and especially confront and stop Party suppression, which is the over-arching approach to voter suppression.  Party suppression seems to have been the responsibility of the Democratic corporation*Promote by law ranked-choice voting, so we won’t be told again, by D&R duopoly, to “hold your nose and vote”
If these issues are handled, our next elections can be honorable. 
*******************************************************************—-Political Party affiliation of voters.–LEAGUE REFUSES TO “HELP PERPETRATE A FRAUD”

WITHDRAWS SUPPORT FROM FINAL PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE–end of lwv info–Murray Bookchin, who founded social ecology, a theory that strongly influenced early Green Socialist thought, strongly advocated the discussion and study group as the first step of any revolutionary movement. A group of individuals meets to expand their knowledge of radical thought and form a radical intellectual community; through the give and take of discussion, can eventually form ideas for next steps in organizing and political activity. According to Bookchin, study groups help create solidarity and a shared language — with a shared coherent vision — for building a mass, organizing, political movement!

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